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Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson. Artist. Kauai, Hawaii, USA. Cheryl Johnson's works are elegantly composed and delicately balanced, her work has a mesmerizing quality. Colors blend, shapes and line appear to morph in and out of focus, shifting like changing seasons. Subtle imagery whispers beneath the surface. Cheryl Johnson is is a Contemporary Abstract Expressionist painter of eminent artistic talent, creating richly layered canvases filled with calligraphic marks and animated by an unequaled material quality of color. She creates rich and profoundly original paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures that are alluring, spontaneous, and beautiful."Her art projects an air of optimism, lightness and joy and is infused with both a sense of uniqueness and universality." “I primarily choose to create abstract non-objective paintings because I find the creative process honest and satisfying. A single mark or line on a blank surface provides a starting point for an intuitive exploration.