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US tops UK relocation list

The US has remained the number one destination for relocations from the UK, as well as the predominant origin country for people moving to the UK, …

Global thought leaders explore latest mobility trends | Editorial

Sue Shortland reports the panel’s views on significant industry developments last year, current issues, and likely developments in the year ahead.The …

Survey Shows Top Three Global Relocation Challenges Keeping Business Executives Awake at Night — RISMedia

The three biggest challenges causing global relocation managers to lose sleep are controlling costs (named by 77% of respondents), housing (47%) and …

International assignments: Key issues to consider

What legal issues do you need to consider when it comes to sending employees overseas?<p>The number of employees working abroad is increasing. As it …

Why talent shortages are a risk to global business

Managing a global workforce is a growing challenge for businesses with numerous intersecting risk factors, not least of which is securing the …

Developing female leaders: Addressing gender bias in global mobility

In many global organisations, international experience is viewed as a pre-requisite for executive and leadership roles. With just one in four …

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