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Family-Friendly Countries That Welcome Expats With Children

New colleagues, new neighbors, new customs and often a language one doesn’t speak: The challenges of moving to another country can be huge. And the adjustment can be even bigger when children are involved.


Expat ‘To-Do’ List: Financial Tips For Your Big Move Abroad

When compiling the to-do list for your big move abroad, don’t forget about what financial planner Ted Jenkin, a panelist on The Wall Street Journal’s Experts blog, says are among the biggest financial issues: banking, credit and taxes.

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Average Expat in US Has a High Salary But Has Difficulty Coping with Paperwork

The average expat in the United States has an income 60 % higher than the average American, according to a new study, but they find paperwork hard at …

Expats Discover Credit Scores Don’t Travel Well

Some find keeping U.S. credit cards helps, but lack of international standards hinders larger purchases<p>There is one valuable that even highly paid U.S. expatriates struggle to carry with them when they move overseas: their credit score.<p>People accustomed to high credit limits and premium financial …

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Six Financial Issues Expats Need to Know Before Accepting an Assignment

MANISHA THAKOR: You’ve worked hard, very hard, to get that coveted overseas promotion. You are about to embark upon the biggest professional challenge of your career, at least to date.


Women Urged to Seek Expat Experience to Develop Leadership

​​<p>​Caroline Kersten (left) and Sapna Welsh, partners at Leverage HR.<p>Global HR consultants Caroline Kersten and Sapna Welsh enthusiastically encourage …

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Ask an Expert: 5 Tips for Expat Business Meetings

Ask the Experts: WSJ Expat asked Bente Sternberg and Carl Sternberg, Southeast Asia-based consultants, to advise expat managers as they prepare for their first host-country business meetings.

The reluctant expat - what if you don't want to move overseas?

Share this!<p>What if you don’t want to move overseas?<p><b>Not all overseas relocations are a welcome and exciting experience. Sometimes the news of a</b> …

7 avoidable moving mistakes

Check out these seven common, and avoidable, moving mistakes to ensure you have a successful relocation.

Tax Season & IRS Cutbacks Bring More Headaches for Expats

That line about death and taxes? Both are still unavoidable, even for the 7.6 million American citizens abroad. But now the inevitability is a little more complicated.

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How to Budget for Relocation

The costs of exiting one property and settling into a new home can accumulate quickly. Review these tips before making a move.<p>Moving is expensive, no …

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying & Selling Foreign Property as a U.S. Expat: Ask an Expert

Whether U.S. expats are looking to buy overseas property as an investment, vacation home, rental or residence, taxes should always be top of mind. Regardless of the potential return on investment, beauty, or the property’s fit into your expat lifestyle dream, consider these tax do’s & don’ts to …


H-1B Visa Cap: The Imminent Threat to US Tech Innovation

America is the Mecca for tech innovators worldwide, but it won’t stay this way if Congress doesn’t loosen the cap on H-1B visas. Immigration …


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Relocating for Work? Here's What You Need to Know

When you land a position in a new city, state or even country, there are two things you must <i>immediately</i> do:<p>1. Have a beer (or two or three) with …

The 50 Most Expensive Cities For Expats

The ranking, released by global consulting firm ECA International, is intended to help companies calculate living expenses for employees who are sent to work abroad. But it also offers an interesting insight into the cost of living for anyone thinking of moving to a new country.<p>The top 10 remained …

US tops UK relocation list

The US has remained the number one destination for relocations from the UK, as well as the predominant origin country for people moving to the UK, …

US expatriates’ taxing questions | Financial Times

It is a diverse list: one of the world’s greatest soul singers; a best-selling author, a professional basketball player, architects, artists, …


Twice As Many Expatriates Leaving China Than Arriving, Moving Company Says

For years, China was a promised land for expanding multinationals and manufacturers, drawing hordes of expatriate employees eager to capitalize on the country’s billion-plus consumers. Could those days be over?<p>A new study by UniGroup Relocation, which moves over 260,000 families per year worldwide …

If you’re a foreigner working in India, this new law might make you a little uncomfortable

One of the biggest promises that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made before the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections was that he would bring back black money …

The 20 best places to live overseas

There are a lot of conflicting factors: job opportunities, salary considerations, quality of life, safety, and childcare are just a few. HSBC has made the decision a whole lot easier with its latest annual Expat Explorer survey.<p>The survey ranks the best places to go based on experience, economics, …

Expats in Hong Kong: A Guide to Food, Fun, Real Estate & More

Welcome to WSJ Expat’s mini-guide to Hong Kong—our compendium of WSJ articles about living, eating and working in the Asian haven for expats and global nomads.

A ‘Look-See’ Tip List: What to Do on the Visit Before the Big Expat Move

For aspiring global nomads inclined to test the overseas waters before jumping in, we compiled handy tips for having a productive exploratory visit prior to expatriation.

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The Rise of the ‘Expat-preneur’

On a weeknight in Singapore, I found myself in a speakeasy bar sipping cocktails with some of the city’s top startups and investors. As local and expat entrepreneurs mingled, I was struck by how comfortable the expats were in this foreign startup environment and how many had successfully built …


Top 5 Reasons Employees Accept Expatriate Assignments

Last updated on February 15th, 2014 at 09:47 am<p>Ever find yourself in the situation where you are trying to design an attractive international …

Seven Simple Steps To Finding A Job Abroad

When I decided to move to Lebanon, I took the millennial approach and Googled every possible piece of advice on the internet about how to find a job abroad. Most of the articles I found gave blanket advice that could be applied to any situation like “Use Social Media to Connect with New People You …

How far will your Expat salary stretch?

Last week the Telegraph reported on a resource which helps potential expats work out exactly what annual salary they’ll need to command in their new …