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New Study Finds Link Between Breastfeeding, Always Knowing What’s Right For Everyone

BALTIMORE—A study published Tuesday by researchers at Johns Hopkins University has discovered a correlation between breastfeeding and unequivocally …

There's Health & Safety Gone Mad. Then There's This.

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Muhammad Ali Funniest CLIP EVER

Three bits of graffiti that are really clever and only makes sense after dark

There’s a fantastic trend of using shadows, statues and graffiti together to make stunning works of public art:<p>Here’s the best three:<p>1.<p>“It’s …

21 Tweets About Graduation We're Gonna Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

Here are some tweets you don’t need a degree to understand.<p>at my college graduation ceremony my dad was sitting in the stands and texted me a single …

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The "map of Europe by density of heavy metal bands" shows the UK really needs to catch up

It’s long been accepted that Scandinavian counties are the most metal in the world, but this map showing the number of metal bands per million …


We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map

Some statistics can be so unbelievable, or deal with concepts so vast, that it’s impossible to wrap our heads around them. The human mind can only do …

The 12 most painfully awkward scenes from Ricky Gervais' The Office

Ricky Gervais' comedy The Office is a masterclass in subversive comedy.<p>Unlike most comedies, where witty characters get themselves in all kinds of …

Windows was just a ‘nasty trick’ all along, says Gates

<b>THE entire Windows operating system has been a vindictive practical joke since its inception, Bill Gates has admitted.</b><p>Following criticism that …

North Yorkshire to be burned for fuel

<b>NORTH Yorkshire is to be set on fire so the rest of the UK can have a hot bath.</b><p>Permission to torch over 3,000 square miles of land was granted after …

Always worth checking your delivery box before setting out #deliveroo #fast #food

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