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These Hidden Hands - "Glasir (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)"

The Fuck-Aroung Gang | Vinyl Set

Explosions In The Sky: Full Concert | NPR Music Front Row

Elmer Fudd Hunting Batman Through the Streets of Gotham is Terrifying and Amazing

Each of DC and Warner Bros.’ <i>Justice League/Looney Tunes</i> crossovers have struck a delicate balance between slapstick comedy and classic superhero …


Reaching the Stars: Is Human Hibernation Really Possible?

Traveling to Deep Space<p>We’ve spent a few articles on Universe Today talking about just how difficult it’s going to be to travel to other stars. …

Space Travel

How a Chicago Program Cut Violent Arrests in Half

Former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy thinks emotional well-being can help reduce gun deaths.<p>On an average day, 93 Americans are killed with guns—more than in any other developed country. National reforms, such as closing loopholes around background checks, might help curb that, former Surgeon …


Max Richter In Concert: Reimagining Vivaldi


Fall Window


How Rock Venues Became Sacred Spaces

Art can lead to spiritual transformation. If you’ve ever been to the Rubin or studied Himalayan artworks, you know that mandala paintings are often …

Extended Classic: Cosmic Queries - The Science of Love


Tukad Cepung Waterfall

View of the storm

Chaos Makes the Multiverse Unnecessary - Issue 49: The Absurd

Scientists look around the universe and see amazing structure. There are objects and processes of fantastic complexity. Every action in our universe …



POLARITY | Ambient side_mix

POLARITY | Techno side_mix

Things of Beauty Burn (From "Mysterium")

What the Republicans’ Senate Health-Care Bill Means for America

<i>On Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled their bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. Below, New Yorker writers offer some initial reactions to the news.</i><p>The Senate bill is really three separate proposals. In the private-insurance market, it amounts to what Larry Levitt, a health-care expert at …

Health Care

Waiting for the bus

Light from Heaven

Sea of Tranquility

Somewhere in Unicorn Land ...

Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ Is The Best Album Of The Last 20 Years

I am going to mount an argument that <i>OK Computer</i> by Radiohead is the best album of the last 20 years. However, I know that success or failure in this arena depends a lot on you, the reader. These are highly polarized times, after all, in which our minds are already made up on a variety of issues, …


20 inspirational pieces of advice for writers on National Writing Day

June 21st is National Writing Day, a celebration of writing creatively that aims to encourage people of all ages to 'put pen to paper, unleash their imagination and make their voices heard'.<p>A number of events marking the occasion are being held across the UK, details of which can be found on the …


Stephen Hawking: "I Am Convinced That Humans Need to Leave Earth"

Another Giant Leap<p>Back in May, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking made yet another doomsday prediction. He said that humanity has 100 years left on …

Stephen Hawking


Two Elephants Quickly Spring Into Action to Rescue a Baby Elephant From Drowning

When a tiny baby elephant unexpectedly fell into the water during a poolside stroll at the Seoul Grand Park Zoo, the calf’s frantic adult walking …