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The Night When Miles Davis Opened for the Grateful Dead in 1970: Hear the Complete Recordings

What’s that, you ask? Did Miles Davis open for the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore West? In what world could such a thing happen? In the world of the …



Bustling, bubbly & Buddhist: The illustrations of Tomi Um

Tomi Um’s first editorial illustration was in the Shambhala Sun, in 2009. Since then, she's worked for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal …

Forget Perfect. Just Practice.

Rod Meade Sperry, in his Editorial for our "DIY Dharma" issue, offers some encouragement for keeping with practice.The post Forget Perfect. Just …

11 Best Uses of Bad Grammar from 'The Simpsons'

March 4th, the only date that is also a complete sentence (March forth!), is also National Grammar Day. Though the holiday was founded by the Society …


Why Is the US Still Spending Billions to Fund Mexico’s Corrupt Drug War?

Jesse Franzblau
Washington is providing equipment and training to compromised agencies—at the same time that it’s tracking their close ties to …


How Ferguson, Missouri, Uses Cops and the Courts to Prey on Its Residents

From: Zoë Carpenter
A “scathing” report from the Department of Justice traces discriminatory policing back to the city’s reliance on the fines that …


Crystal House (Improv) - ONE / ONE: Live from The Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO

Plumbing Edits 10/14

soul man

Little feet

My World - III

red evening

hyatt regency at embarcadero center

..... ( Street portrait )


La sublime flor silvestre

Romantic river

twin dreams

Man on Loch Chon.

La Isla

Winter Lotus


Above Hallstatter See

Stanwood Clouds

One day


Red and White

Purity Ring - Push Pull (Fei-Fei's Feided Remix)