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Edisonnoside - The Black Mirror


A new day !!

Living wood

Emerald Dunes

Phish Visits Band Members Houses During 'Makisupa Policeman' At Bethel 2011

Five years ago today Phish played the second of three shows that formed their only visit to Bethel Woods in Bethel, New York adjacent to the site …

‘Poverty is often looked at in isolation, but it is an American problem’

Last summer Matt Black left the Central Valley of California, where he lives, to travel 18,000 miles across the US on a road trip that took him through 30 states and 70 of the poorest towns in America. The startling image of a hand resting on a fence post against a barren backdrop was taken in the …


To Understand Your Past, Look to Your Future - Issue 36: Aging

You’re thinking about time all wrong, according to our best physical theories. In Einstein’s general theory of relativity, there’s no conceptual …

Albert Einstein

Death in Space, Two Second Animated Scenes Depicting Many Ways You Could Die in Space

UK animator Tom Lucas has created “Death in Space,” a fantastic collection of two second animated scenes that depict the many ways that one could …


a girl who carried a jar

AUDIOGLIDER – Subaquamarine - Teaser and inspirations | 06/05/2016

3.28 (Mixtape)

Sun Glitters - Waving Marinella

Polynation - Sufi Pt I (feat. Marlon Penn)

Set Your Intention & Rejoice in Your Day

Thupten Jinpa teaches us two great practices to start and end every day.The post Set Your Intention & Rejoice in Your Day appeared first on Lion's …



The light grid III

On the lower tier of the forest

How to Find Lasting Peace (Even in an Emotional Tornado)

<b>“You can find peace amidst the storms that threaten you.” ~Joseph B. Wirthlin</b><p>Does your mind ever feel like a tornado of whirling thoughts?<p>And when …

Modern Art Was Used As a Torture Technique in Prison Cells During the Spanish Civil War

We’ve all got those friends or family members who consider “modern art” a form of torture. Next time they complain about an exhibition you bring them …

Civil War


Silence Speaks...

Tierra Del fuego


Way in field

French Wonder

Some Familiar...

No Name As Yet

What Beatboxing and Opera Singing Look Like Inside an MRI Machine

Beatboxing, the practice of producing drum machine-like beats (especially TR-808-like beats) with one’s voice, has long since made the transition …