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Url: https://chasourcing.com/collection/2019-shou-mei-white-tea-from-fuding/ Description: Shou Mei White Tea, a treasured variety of white tea, originates from the picturesque Fujian province in China. Known for its unique blend of mature tea leaves and delicate buds, Shou Mei offers a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart from other white teas. The leaves are carefully harvested and naturally sun-dried, preserving their full-bodied, robust character. When brewed, Shou Mei produces a rich, amber infusion with a sweet, mellow taste and a hint of floral and fruity undertones. This tea provides a satisfying, complex experience, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a deeper, more flavorful white tea. Our Shou Mei White Tea is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality in every cup. The tea leaves undergo a gentle withering and drying process, allowing them to retain their natural essence and nutritional benefits. This careful handling results in a tea that is

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