By Charles Wardell | Connecting the world through genealogy! The WorldGenWeb Project was created more than 20 years ago in an effort to answer the growing needs of genealogists world-wide who were trying to research their ancestors online. Within months many countries had websites online, thanks in part to the early success of it's sister project, the USGenWeb Project.

Out on a limb: Rusyn Genealogy and Heritage Conference scheduled at King’s

If you’re a genealogist with Carpatho-Rusyn in your background, you won’t want to miss a big event coming up later this month.<p>The Eastern …


Norwegian Genealogy Workshop offered Sunday

Dave Johnson, board president of the Norsk Museum, will be the presenter at the Cleng Peerson Lodge Sons of Norway meeting at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. …


Jewish Genealogical Societies annual conference opens doors to history

What’s one of the most common reasons people attended the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies recent annual conference at the …


Kid-Friendly Genealogy Activities


Free genealogy family history photo search by surname

5 Ways To Search<p>Quick Search<p>Surname Search<p>Detailed Search<p>Mysteries<p>Keyword Search<p>Enter Any Word To Search Through The Database.<p>What Can You Do …


My mother passed for white for most of her life. Here’s what that taught me about racial identity.

For the majority of my life, I believed I was a white woman. I had no reason to question my race or my racial heritage. Why would I? I had only to …


Old newspaper ads cast light on Irish emigrants to US

A genealogy website is today publishing details of over 45,000 appeals for information on Irish people missing in North America over a 90-year period.<p>…


DNA and genealogy significance

James Jones, representing ArkLaTex DNA Interests, recently addressed the Village Genealogical Society regarding the impact DNA testing has on tracing …


Traveling Back in Time With Colorful Isochrone Maps

Journey-based charts from the past can help us track the progression of transportation technology.<p>In the early 1880s, the mapmaker Francis Galton …

3 Helpful Charts About Genealogy Software and Online Trees

It doesn’t take too long for those of us who love genealogy to realize we need tools to keep track of our family trees—the names, dates, places, how …


Marni Jameson’s At Home: Take care of family history by getting digitally organized

I have a confession. Remember when I wrote about downsizing my parents’ home, then wrote a book about it as if I had this all on lockdown? Well, I …


Are In-person Genealogy Events Dead?

There are rumblings on social media about the possible end of in-person genealogy events like conferences and seminars. With all of the blogs, …


Monday's Genealogy Society program concerns international research

Wabash Valley Genealogy Society’s program on Monday is designed to assist family historians and genealogists with the difficult task of international …


Ancestor Research Guide

With old, handwritten documents, long-blurred lines between fact and fiction, and websites asking for money, ancestor research can seem a daunting …



<b>About Fibiwiki</b><p>Fibiwiki is a wiki where you can share information useful to people researching ancestors in India. It not only contains guides to help …


A Country Guide to Google Search Engines

This is probably the single most important factor in finding your ancestors using Google.


The “Secret” Codes On Death Certificates That Can Tell You How Your Ancestors Died

Finding death certificates for our ancestors is a critically important part of family history research. These important records contain information …


How Archivists Describe Records

A quick post today on how archivists describe records,<br>which can help your genealogy research.<p>We all know professions have their own lingo, so …


Augustus Frederick Sherman | [Russian Cossack, Ellis Island, New York] | The Met

Between 1880 and 1910, the United States witnessed an incredible growth in annual immigration, which nearly doubled from 450,000 to 880,000 arrivals. …

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Magazine offers suggestions for increasing kids’ interest in genealogy

Genealogists often bemoan the fact that their children or other younger relatives are not interested in family history.<p>An article in the September …


Hong Kong's vanishing archives and the battle to preserve history

HONG KONG (Reuters) - For anyone digging into Hong Kong's history, the official archives might not be the place to look.<p>The office of the chief executive, Hong Kong's leader, failed to hand over any official records at all for eight of the 20 years since it came under Chinese rule in 1997, …

Hong Kong

3 Things to Ask a Genealogy Librarian

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a hesitation about asking a librarian anything. The reasons people give are often, “She looks busy” or “He’ll …


Discover online historical and genealogical newspaper articles, obituaries, local and international old newspapers archives at

Search Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archive Search Old Newspapers, Winnipeg, Manitoba newspaper archives from December 22, 1927 at …


DNA testing kits, TV help make genealogy a hot hobby

The era of DNA testing kits and massive amounts of information on the internet and TV has made genealogy a popular hobby, but local fans say it has been an addictive one for a long time.<p>"I think that interest has grown and a big contributing factor has been television shows on family history as …


“Who Do You Think You Are?” Returns to TV in Spring 2018!

Smokey Robinson examines family documents on “Who Do You Think You Are?”Been missing your genealogy TV fix lately? You’re in luck: TLC has renewed …


Motherwell show is the biggest history day in Scotland

History, and particularly local history, is often thought of as a dusty, obscure subject pursued by a handful of exclusively elderly enthusiasts.


GENEALOGY: 'King's Daughters' helped populate French colonies

In the mid-1600s, the population of the French settlements around the St. Lawrence River was stagnated. The area was populated by fur trappers and …


Have you a piper in your family tree?

Mention Scotland and what comes to mind? Plaid kilts, red hair and bagpipes.<p>Bagpipes, or the Gaelic “piob mhor” (the great pipe), have been a part of …


Here’s Why This Website That Lets Anyone Find Your Address, Phone Number and More Is Scaring People

<i>This article originally appeared on People.</i><p>A website that presents itself as a genealogy tracker is coming under fire for how startlingly easy it …