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How Da Vinci 'Augmented Reality'—More Than 500 Years Ago

We may think of Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist, but he was also a scientist. By incorporating anatomy, chemistry, and optics into his artistic process, Da Vinci created an augmented reality experience centuries before the concept even existed. This video details how Da Vinci made the Mona Lisa …

Augmented Reality

Digital Portfolios with Maker Ed

Practice the documentation process, explore digital portfolios tools, and create your own digital portfolio.<p>Read time: 30min.<br>• Project time: …

10 Tips for Creating a Fertile Environment for Kids’ Creativity and Growth

<i>The excerpt below is from the book “Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play” by Mitchel Resnick,</i> …


Using the Arts to Synthesize Student Understanding

Start With Research<p>If you’re uncomfortable with your partner's academic or arts subject, try studying the content. “Through researching, you can …

How the Power of Interest Drives Learning

In recent years researchers have begun to build a science of interest, investigating what interest is, how interest develops, what makes things …


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Can you save the arts, in our tech-focused world?

<b>Why arts may be the single most important topic you’ll study in school.</b><p><i>“Art makes us reconsider our place under the sun,” Lawrence Weiner</i><p>In recent …


10 Reasons to Teach Coding by @sylviaduckworth @mraspinall #edtech #edchat https://t.co/FKuowU80ud

11 Tips for Keeping up with Technology by @sylviaduckworth #edtech #edchat https://t.co/TYha2eiPDz

Helpful #growthmindset sketchnote by @sylviaduckworth #edchat #parenting https://t.co/yNS4aXYNLF

I made my classroom look like the real-world—and test scores soared

Think about the jobs in today’s economy — the ones we’re supposed to prepare students for after graduation. Are employees evaluated using bubble-in …


Three Brain Teasers to Spur Logical Thinking and Collaboration

There are lots of ways to stretch student thinking and get them talking to each other about ideas. One fun way is through riddles that require …

Critical Thinking

15 Actionable Strategies for Increasing Student Motivation and Engagement

By: Terri Eichholz. Although it seems paradoxical for teachers to extrinsically motivate students to intrinsically motivate themselves, here are 15 …


Arts Integration Allows Students to Engage Abstract Concepts in New Ways

In just a few years, art education has gone from the easiest thing to cut in a school budget to an increasingly utilized teaching technique to …


When Educators Make Space For Play and Passion, Students Develop Purpose

Harvard education specialist Tony Wagner has been advocating that we reinvent the education system to promote innovation for years. He’s clear that …


3 Things People Can Do In The Classroom That Robots Can't

How should schools best prepare kids to live and work in the second half of the 21st century?<p>In previous eras, the job of school was simple: Teach them math and reading skills. Have them learn some basic facts about the world.<p>Today the challenge is a lot different. Most people all over the world, …


22 Powerful Closure Activities

Too many university supervisors and administrators criticize the absence of lesson closure, a dubious assessment practice likely caused by the …


Want Your Children to Survive The Future?

Send Them to Art School<p>Can you imagine a world in which most jobs are obsolete?<p>If not, you are most likely in for a rude awakening in the coming …


Our top 5 sites for sourcing great images and photos on your iPad - Book Creator app

Looking for ideas for getting photos into your Book Creator books? We’ve got you covered.<p>Our last blog post was about understanding copyright and …

Creative Commons

Positive, Not Punitive, Classroom Management Tips

<i>This article is adapted from Larry's new book, Self-Driven Learning: Teaching Strategies for Student Motivation.</i><p>Let's start with a question I've been …


14 Bloom's Taxonomy Posters For Teachers


Digitally savvy students require new thinking in classroom instruction

Dive Brief:<p>Teachers can use innovative strategies in order to better engage students with blended learning and new tech approaches in the …


Great tools for teaching kids online safety

Shares 3<p>To celebrate Digital Citizenship Week (Oct 18-24) we’ve put together a great list of games, quizzes, and resources to help teach kids of all …

Internet Safety