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Google's Deep Mind AI has a new trick: taking a nap

Google has been pretty far ahead of the curve when it comes to its artificial intelligence research. The world was shocked when its AI beat a top human player at the game of Go. More recently the company taught AI to use imagination and make predictions. The latest trick in Google’s …

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Stanford Professor: How AI Develops A Mind of Its Own and What It Means

Artificial Intelligence

Your Brain Doesn't Contain Memories. It Is Memories

Recall your favorite memory: the big game you won; the moment you first saw your child's face; the day you realized you had fallen in love. It's not …

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Is anyone home? A way to find out if AI has become self-aware

(credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)<i>By Susan Schneider, PhD, and Edwin Turner, PhD</i> <br>Every moment of your waking life and whenever you dream, you have the …


The 3 question math quiz can predict if you believe in God

Researchers asked 179 Canadian college students to answer the following three math questions:<p>1. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs …


A.I. Experiments: Visualizing High-Dimensional Space

Why the "You" in an Afterlife Wouldn't Really Be You

<i>The Discovery</i> is a 2017 Netflix film in which Robert Redford plays a scientist who proves that the afterlife is real. “Once the body dies, some part …


10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need To Know About

This column is authored by content analyst and tech writer,The post 10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need To Know About appeared first on …

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Bias in machine learning, and how to stop it

AI and machine learning fuel the systems we use to communicate, work, and even travel. But bias seeps into the data in ways we don't always see. …


We are releasing Roboschool: open-source software for robot simulation, integrated with OpenAI Gym.Your browser does not support the video tag.<i>Three</i> …


I attend, therefore I am

You are only as strong as your powers of attention, and other uncomfortable truths about the self<i>By Carolyn Dicey Jennings</i>Read at Aeon


How to Build a Mind? This Theory May Guide Us Toward an Answer

<i>From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It's usually a piece</i> …

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How beauty might have evolved for pleasure, not function

Maybe it’s not all about natural selection<p>Evolutionary biology tells us this story: everything evolved to make us better at reproducing. Everything has a function — and decoration is no exception. The peacock’s elaborate tail seems useless, but actually it tells us how genetically superior the bird …

How video games help improve real-world AI

For decades, video games have been criticized for purportedly wasting time, stifling creativity, and even influencing violent behaviors. Now, it seems that video games have become an unlikely tool for AI researchers to improve their systems.<p>Seeing stop signs<p>Take, for example, Artur Filipowicz, an …

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Adapting Morphology to Multiple Tasks in Evolved Virtual Creatures


New Find May Explain How the Brain Creates Consciousness

A New Mapping Method<p>Throughout years of research, the question of consciousness has continued to baffled neuroscientists. Despite all of the …


Mysterious chimpanzee behaviour could prove they believe in God, according to scientists

New footage of ritual behaviour by chimpanzees, taken and analysed by researchers, shows they may be engaging in spiritual practices - and could even believe in God.<p>West African chimpanzees have been captured on camera throwing rocks into holes in trees and engaging in other bizarre behaviour, …


'AI brain scans' reveal what happens inside machine learning

Bristol-based Graphcore has used its AI processing units and software to create maps of what happens during a machine learning process

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Hate Trump supporters? Hate liberals? Here's why

Deep in the brain, your amygdala generates a knee-jerk response to political enemies and other threats. But experiments show the divide can be bridged<p>I was walking back to my room on the ninth floor of a hotel in Kuala Lumpur last October, and I happened to meet the guy in the room next door, …


Last updated: Aug 14, 2012<p>A 3D rendering of the C. elegans nervous system.<p><b>OpenWorm</b> is an attempt to build a complete cellular-level simulation of the …


[1606.00821] Towards a statistical mechanics of consciousness: maximization of number of connections is associated with conscious awareness

Quantitative Biology > Neurons and Cognition<p>Title: Towards a statistical mechanics of consciousness: maximization of number of connections is …

AI and the Ghost in the Machine

The concept of artificial intelligence dates back far before the advent of modern computers — even as far back as Greek mythology. Hephaestus, the …

Scientists Grow Mini Blood Vessels in Mini Brains

Hoffman-Kim lab/Brown University<p>Scientists at Brown University have created mini brains that grow mini blood vessels.<p>This finding, according to the …


A New Theory Explains How Consciousness Evolved

A neuroscientist on how we came to be aware of ourselves.<p>Ever since Charles Darwin published <i>On the Origin of Species</i> in 1859, evolution has been the grand unifying theory of biology. Yet one of our most important biological traits, consciousness, is rarely studied in the context of evolution. …


New Theory Explains How Consciousness Evolved -- It Arose as a Solution


This Bot Has Written More Wikipedia Articles Than Anybody

It's responsible for 8.5 percent of Wikipedia articles.<p>You might think writing 10,000 articles per day would be impossible. But not for a Swede named Sverker Johansson. He created a computer program that has written a total of 2.7 million articles, making Johansson the most prolific author, by far, …

When artificial intelligence judges a beauty contest, white people win

As humans cede more and more control to algorithms, whether in the courtroom or on social media, the way they are built becomes increasingly important. The foundation of machine learning is data gathered by humans, and without careful consideration, the machines learn the same biases of their …

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Artificial Intelligence Gained Consciousness in 1991

Why A.I. pioneer Jürgen Schmidhuber is convinced the ultimate breakthrough already happened.<p>For as long as humans have had consciousness — two or two …

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A Very Short History Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Shutterstock<p>1308 Catalan poet and theologian Ramon Llull publishes <i>Ars generalis ultima</i> (The Ultimate General Art), further perfecting his method of using paper-based mechanical means to create new knowledge from combinations of concepts.<p>1666 Mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz publishes</i> …

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