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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review: as a picture

<i>The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds</i> is one hell of a risk.<p>More than two decades after <i>The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past</i> was widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, Nintendo is doing the unthinkable with a direct sequel. There are no nebulous allusions to hidden …


Thanksgiving in Mongolia

My favorite game when I was a child was Mummy and Explorer. My father and I would trade off roles: one of us had to lie very still with eyes closed and arms crossed over the chest, and the other had to complain, “I’ve been searching these pyramids for so many years. When will I ever find the tomb …


Kanye West Knows You Think He Sounded Nuts on Kimmel

Here are three stories.<p>I'm 9 or 10 and my mother and I are on a cross-country road trip when we decide to stop for breakfast at a small diner in …

Kanye West

And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

The 55 miles from Campbell to San Francisco make for one of the nicest commutes anywhere. The journey mostly zips along the Junipero Serra Freeway, a grand and remarkably empty highway that abuts the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is one of the best places in Silicon Valley to spot a …


All Is Fair in Love and Twitter

Right in the center of South Park, a large, grassy oval near San Francisco’s financial district, there is a rinky-dink playground with slides, ladders and firefighter poles, all dented and dinged, connected by gritty brown pylons. Yet for many in Silicon Valley, this playground is hallowed ground. …


I Am Canadian, A Reply to Bell’s Open Letter

Dear Mr. Cope,<p>Amongst your many traits as CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), tenacity, enthusiasm for your trade, and perseverance top the list. …


So where's the 5-inch iPhone?

Rumors of a bigger iPhone, though not as persistent as rumors of a less-expensive iPhone, have persisted for a couple of years now. While rumors of …


Creativity and Commerce - Magazine - Art in America

The relationship between creativity and commerce has always been vexed—perhaps never more so than today. Few would deny that the art world has grown …

Date With A Glasshole: Google Glass Dating 101, A Report From The Field

I am a pioneer (ahem, <i>Explorer</i>) tasked with testing the developer edition of Google Glass, arguably technology’s biggest quantum leap forward since the advent of the tablet. The start of Google I/O today will no doubt bring a critical mass of Glass wearers into San Francisco, making its social …

Douglas Rushkoff