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Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble

layer innocent nothing argue pottery winner cotton menu task slim merge maid<p>The sequence of words is meaningless: a random array strung together by an algorithm let loose in an English dictionary. What makes them valuable is that they’ve been generated exclusively for me, by a software tool called …


Watch Max Stöckl push his MTB to the limit on the iconic Streif

Quiz: Do you know what happened in the MTB world in 2017?

The 2017 MTB season was full of amazing action, but how much of it did you catch? The UCI Downhill season was full to the brim with nail-biting …


Which MTB helmet is the best buy for you?

Best Buy

Bill Gates is surprisingly strict about his kids' tech use — and it should be a red flag for the rest of us - SFGate

For all his success in designing world-changing technology, Bill Gates has set surprisingly strict rules for how his kids can use that technology, the billionaire philanthropist has said in multiple interviews.<p>"You're always looking at how it can be used in a great way — homework and staying in …

Bill Gates

16 Beards Of Enduro

It’s while staring at hundreds of riders through the long lens of a camera that you soon come to spot styles and trends as they emerge. We’ve noticed …

Behind the Veil of Faranak Partoazar

Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

A pencil is a little wonder-wand: a stick of wood that traces the tiniest motions of your hand as it moves across a surface. I am using one now, making weird little loops and slashes to write these words. As a tool, it is admirably sensitive. The lines it makes can be fat or thin, screams or …

United States

Watch: The Deadly Portal Trail... From Above

World famous Portal like you’ve never seen it before, from above… Riders Barkley Damuag, Andy Platt, Tom Perkins, Jared Stokes, Sam Robbins, and Todd …


How to Set Your Mountain Bike Seat Height... And Why It's So Important

In terms of bike fit, seat height is easily the most basic and perhaps the most important measurement to get right. With the correct seat height, …


Dylan Forbes Makes a Case for Shredits

"THE SHREDIT IS DEAD"<p>It seems as though it's every other day that I hear <i>"The Shredit is dead man!'</i> for some reason or the other. No matter how many …


Biking to Protect Guatemala’s Rainforest


Biking through a Guatemalan Jungle Preserve


Kids Gone Wild

No one would ever let Johan Laigaard run a kindergarten in Australia.<p>At the one he runs in Denmark, two boys swing large sticks over their heads as …


Top tips to keep you riding fast this winter

Western Riding

Is cyclocross the perfect winter biking pursuit?


Two dying memoirists wrote bestsellers about their final days. Then their spouses fell in love.

SAN MATEO, Calif. — The literary pairing was inevitable.<p>“When Breath Becomes Air,” Paul Kalanithi’s memoir of his final years as he faced lung cancer at age 37, was published posthumously, in 2016, to critical acclaim and commercial success. “The Bright Hour,” Nina Riggs’s memoir of her final years …


Train Your Brain to Get Through Difficult Runs

When the running gets tough, the tough get motivated.<p>One of the most common pieces of advice that I hear newbie runners tell each other is to “zone out” while on a run. Be it through music or simply letting go of your thoughts, as long as you’re not thinking about the fact that you're running, they …

The Brain

How to Survive the Most Frigid Winter Runs

The recent frigid temperatures hovering over the Northeast meant that my New Year’s Eve run was (as I noted on Twitter) a “three-sock run.” I was surprised to discover that quite a few people—even men—couldn’t figure out where the third sock would go. It was a reminder that dressing for winter …


Age Is Irrelevant When It Comes to Fitness

Last February, 59-year-old Ned Overend, aka “The Lung,” aka “Deadly Nedly,” won the first National Fatbike Championships, held in Ogden, Utah. Fat Bike Nats isn’t exactly the Tour de France, but it’s no charity ride, either. Overend had to compete against a field of much younger pros, including …


What Everyone Gets Wrong About Endurance Training

Over the past 15 years, there has been an explosion in fitness fads promoting all sorts of dubious concepts. Perhaps the worst of all is the idea that shorter, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can substitute for traditional long-duration aerobic base work in endurance athletes who are …


Gwin, Lacondeguy, and Höll Lead Out New Videos for YT

Valentina Höll is the iXS Rookies Champs Winner. She found her Young Talent when she was 11.<p>“It was always clear to me that I would get into biking. …


Truth Voice She Said 30 YT

New York Times

Escaping Into New York City on Mountain Bike

In cycling, as in life, it can be all too easy to compartmentalize. Road bike for the road, mountain bike for the trails; water for during the ride, beer for after the ride; and so forth. And while this approach makes sense most of the time, sometimes mixing it up is when the real fun begins.<p>Hey, …

Mountain Biking

This Is What Happens When You Throw A Lycra Clad XC Rider In To The World’s Most Famous Bike Park

This article originally appeared in Singletrack Issue 115.<p><b>Words & Photography David ‘Sanny’ Gould</b><p>What happens if you take a Lycra-wearing …

Frank Zappa

The Ultimate Southern Mountain Bike Road Trip - REI Co-op Journal

<b>Bikes, brew, and barbecue fill this 3-state, 4-day adventure through Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.</b><p><i>Road</i> and <i>trip</i>. Two words that, when combined, …

Road Trips

You’re Too Busy. You Need a ‘Shultz Hour.’

When George Shultz was secretary of state in the 1980s, he liked to carve out one hour each week for quiet reflection. He sat down in his office with a pad of paper and pen, closed the door and told his secretary to interrupt him only if one of two people called:<p>“My wife or the president,” Shultz …

Richard Thaler

12 Financial Goals For Each Month Of 2018

Implementing new financial practices at the beginning of the year is a great idea in theory. In practice, trying to overhaul your finances all at once might be too much. You don’t want to attack your finances with vigor on January 1 and then wear yourself out by January 10. Instead, you want to …

Personal Finance

Best Books 2017

<i>[This story has been optimized for offline reading on our apps. For a richer experience, you can find the full version of this story here. An Internet connection is required.]</i><p>Behave<p>The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst<p>$35<p>By: Robert M. Sapolsky<p>Penguin Press<p>If you ever thought that neuroscience …