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6 Old Grammar Rules That Are Finally Going Out of Style

The Internet loves a good argument. See: the 380+ comments on my piece on the Oxford comma debate, which devolved into everything from political jabs …


Why You Shouldn't Buy a "New" Book on Amazon


Australian Authors Start Online Marketplace

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has launched a digital marketplace, showcasing and selling the work of writers to publishers, agents, and …

Best Practices For Authors Who Want Their Book In Bookstores

One of the most thrilling experiences an author can have is walking into a bookstore and finding their book on the shelves. I’ve seen authors giddy in these moments when they find their book stacked alongside a title by an author they’ve long admired, when they walk into a local Barnes & Noble and …


16 science fiction, fantasy, and horror books to read this July

Space operas, superheroes, and fantasies<p>It’s July. I’m a little stunned at how fast 2017 has been passing us by. Half the year is gone already! A ton of really fantastic books have come out in those first six months, and if you’ve got vacation planned for this summer, it’ll be a good time to catch …

An Art Director Shares How Book Covers Are Made

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when the cover is insanely gorgeous, who can blame you? Definitely not Alyssa Nassner, an Associate Art Director at ABRAMS Kids. Her job requires creativity; browsing through bookstores; and working with editors, artists, and book sellers to …

Graphic Design

Scary interactive map shows how water levels will rise due to global warming

Have you ever wondered how global warming is slowly but gradually changing everything around us? Now there’s a nifty interactive map that will help you easily put things into perspective – or at least give you a better idea.<p>In an effort to raise awareness of the detrimental impact of global …

Climate Change

IBM sets new speech recognition accuracy record

IBM announced an important milestone in conversational speech recognition last year. The company managed to develop a system that achieves a 6.9 percent word error rate. Despite the success, IBM continued to work hard on its speech recognition technology and has recently achieved a new industry …

Machine Learning

AI takes the headaches out of transcribing voice recordings

Ask many interviewers about their least favorite part of the job and they'll almost always point to transcription. It can take <i>hours</i> to turn even a short chat into text, which is a serious pain for everyone from reporters to police interrogators. China tech giant Baidu may have a smarter approach: …

Artificial Intelligence

40 Places to Find a Critique Partner Who Will Help You Improve Your Writing

When you’re rewriting your manuscript and figuring out how to make your second draft even better than your first, sometimes it’s not enough to work …


How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book? — Data from the Reedsy Marketplace

One of the questions we get asked most often at Reedsy is “What’s the cost of self-publishing my book? How much should I budget for editing and cover …


Writing Building Blocks: Paragraph Breaks & Voice

One reason I leave comments open on most of my old posts is because writing advice doesn’t usually expire. The specifics of “how to write deep point …


Writing - Get in the Ring Motherfu$@er


What I Learned the Hard Way About Becoming a Full-time Writer

I used to think becoming a writer was just about writing a lot and waiting for your big break. It’s not.<p>If you want to get your writing noticed, if …


Are you making this mistake with your Facebook ads?

One of the biggest complaints I heard from the authors who completed my 2016 Book Marketing Challenges survey was how easy it is to <b>waste money on</b> …

Facebook Ads

How to Take Charge of Your Novel's Symbolism

On the monomythical hero’s journey, the hero is usually “marked” in some way– often with a symbol like a scar or with a special accessory, like a …

Harry Potter

Finding Your Character’s Weakness

So happy to welcome Jordan McCollum to the blog today, talking about something close to my heart–character strengths and weaknesses. Authors love …


Book Cover Design – By Joshua Jadon | Book cover design that sells.

Publication Design

Where to find Free Horror Stock Photography

By on March 21, 2016 • ( 2 Comments )<p>The post is designed for the graphic-hungry horror hounds out there. For my fellow bloggers, podcasters, and …


Self-Publishing Pooh-Pooh

How these Leeds businesswomen are booking the trend in online self-publishing

Self published novels are often scorned but two businesswomen tell Neil Hudson how they plan to tear up the rule book for aspiring authors.


Use the Five C’s of Copy Editing When Writing

Use the Five C’s of Copy Editing When Writing<p>Feb 03, 2014 by Janine Savage 3825 views No Comments<p>The Five C’s of Copy Editing—clear, correct, …


Lies, Manuscripts and Icebergs: How I’ve Written Two Novels

A post by Naomi Wood, Goldsmiths, University of London Writing is something of a lawless place. Lawless, because there’s no clear indication that …


Google experiments with e-books designed for your phone

E-books are just digital recreations of what you can get on paper. Wouldn't it be better if they took advantage of internet-connected mobile devices to tell new stories? Google, at least, wants to give this a shot. It just launched Editions At Play, an experiment in making e-books that rely on the …

Google Street View

Dropbox adds real-time collaboration for Office Online docs

Following the release of a Windows 10 app for tablets, Dropbox is expanding its Microsoft Office integration. The cloud-based repository allows multiple users to edit a file with Office Online with all of the updates synced in real time. This means you won't have to alert someone when you're making …


Who dunnit? Top tips for writing detective fiction

From red herrings to maguffins to double identities, Knightley and Son author Rohan Gavin shares the secrets of writing great detective stories<p>I love detective novels because, like a favourite dish, you always know what you’re going to get, but you never know quite how it’s going to be served up. …


Marketing Tools for Any Self-Publishing Authors

Once you’ve got an intention, move onto your audience. Who are they? Why will they care? Where do they currently get their information from?<p>If you don’t know who your audience is, consider this:<p>Why did you write the book?<br>• What do you want people to get from it?<br>• Why would those people be motivated to …


Opportunities for Writers: February and March 2016

Each month we aim provide a helpful round-up of writing competitions, fellowships, publication opportunities and more for writers at all stages of …

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