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The Bodyweight Exercise That Will Make Your Muscles Scream

Not only do you build muscle, but you also enhance muscle recruitment, teaching your body to activate more fibers. The result: You can lift heavier weights down the road.<p>Watch the video to learn how to perform the extended-range-of-motion split squat.


DC Motor, How it works?


Japanese company plans to have working space elevator by 2050

Who does want to go to space? No less, in an elevator. While NASA's been working hard for years trying to find the necessary tools to do just that, other firms are doing the same across different parts of the world. Japanese construction company Obayashi, for instance, is one of those, and today it …

Cryopreservation: ‘I freeze people to cheat death’

Max More will have his brain frozen after he dies, and he’s not alone. Rose Eveleth asks him why he signed up – and how the strange procedure of cryopreserving bodies actually works.<p>In 1972 Max More saw a children’s science fiction television show called Time Slip that featured characters being …

What will it take to set up colonies in space?

An ambitious idea for creating giant orbiting homes in space is being resurrected by a think tank. If you think this sounds absurd, it’s worth noting this group predicted travelling to Moon 30 years before it happened.<p>Imagine a pristine landscape of fertile fields and forests nudging up against the …

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All Time Favorites<p>We put Shark Tank's bizarre and amazing products to the test<p>4:02<p>The tech 'Back to the Future' predicted for 2015 -- and what it missed<p>5:50<p>Emoji dos and don'ts<p>2:49<p>Super-creepy 3D-printed cape responds to onlookers (Tomorrow Daily 248)<p>7:53<p>Behind-the-scenes of Disneyland's 60th …


How This Tiny Plastic Box Could Help Humans Inhabit Other Planets [Video]

Launching even small experiments into space can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Most of the money goes toward a spaceship or rocket ride to beat Earth's gravity, but another big chunk is the experimental equipment. Just one 10-centimeter cube in which to cram experiments, for example, can set a …

Microsoft’s First 3-D Printing App Is Made For The Average Joe

Recognizing that 3-D printing is an esoteric concept, Microsoft has designed its first 3-D printing app for crafty moms, bright kids, and pretty much anyone but the typical maker.<p>Just a few months ago, Windows 8.1 became the first OS to support 3-D printing natively. That essentially meant …


10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

There’s a blog post that’s recently gone viral, written by a divorced man featuring some really sound advice about marriage (click here to read it). …

Check This Out: A 3-D Printer Made From E-Waste

West African inventor Kodjo Afate Gnikou made a $100 3-D printer from leftover parts scavenged from old scanners, computers and printers.<p>The circle of electronic life: useless printer scraps become a way to print scraps of other things! Resourceful 33-year-old inventor Kodjo Afate Gnikou, of the …

Neuroscience Struggles to Explain Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences (NDEs) have been reported through the ages by those who were near death—or thought they were—and then return.<p>Though these …

Does our perception of the Universe match its reality?

Centuries of human thought created our concept of the Universe we live in. But artist and futurist David McConville thinks our perception of it may be wrong.<p>Mankind has created the idea of the Universe - and it’s an idea that has shaped the way we think of our place in reality. But it is only a …

Wearables That Promise To Make Us Smarter. What's Next?

Do you wonder how we measure brain activity? Our brains communicate through the cell sending tiny electric signals to each other and the more signals …

The National Ignition Facility Just Got Way Closer To Fusion Power

In a major first, an experiment in the California lab got more energy out of its fuel than went into the fuel. We're one step closer to ignition, when the reaction becomes self-sustaining.<p>Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California …

If You Can Smell This, You May Not Have Alzheimer's

A new diagnostic test involves a dollop of peanut butter.<p>You may not have heard of "the peanut butter test," but it could become a fantastically low-cost and non-invasive way to test for Alzheimer's. After all, what's less invasive than asking someone to smell some delicious peanut butter?<p>"The …

Escape artist.

Smallest man in the world with the tallest man the the worlds’s shoe.

A hero walks among us


Disney used to be a scary place

Smoke circles

No gravity, no fucks

Show and cartel day at school

This was outside church today!

Daily Afternoon Chaos (40 Pictures)

Reach inside your computer

See-through screens that allow us to reach in, touch and interact with objects? Jinha Lee believes his 3D devices will break down boundaries and make our digital experiences feel more real.<p>For decades, computer designers have been trying to break down the barriers between people and the computer …

Space Travel

4D printing: buildings that can change over time

What if buildings could adapt their shape and form – without any other input from us? Architect Skylar Tibbits says 4D printing could make materials that build themselves.<p>The way we build our structures has become more and more sophisticated. But the materials we build them from are static, waiting …