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Nest’s Smart Thermostat Gets Updated With A Bigger, Brighter Screen

Back in June, Nest overhauled just about every product they make… save for one curious exception: the smart thermostat that most know them for best.

Two months later, Nest’s thermostat is getting an upgrade of its own.

So what’s new?

If you walked by the new version without having seen the previous …


She really does have my face: American woman meets her doppelganger

Those two woman above had never met, and they're pretty sure they're not related, but they look exactly like each other.

The latest uncanny meet-up from doppelganger site Twin Strangers saw Ambra, 23, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, travel to Spring, Texas, to meet 33-year-old Jennifer.

The pair …


The NRA Pissed Off the Wrong Nerd Genius

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg already had the gun lobby in his sights. Now Bill Gates is donating $1 million for universal background checks—and there’s more where that came from.

Somewhere in a large glass tower in Northern Virginia, there’s a guy who runs guns with a French name having a bad day. …


Don’t Panic, The Internet Won’t Rot Children’s Brains

Health and Medicine Photo credit: Dire predictions on the future of children’s brains are shocking, not least because of how flimsy the evidence is …


New Promo Art Featuring Episode VII's Main Villain Has Been Released



In less than four months Star Wars fans around the globe will finally be returning to a galaxy far, far away. Fans and critics …


Apple May Be Taking On Netflix and Amazon

Here's the latest rumor out of Cupertino

Apple has been meeting with Hollywood executives about producing original content like Netflix and Amazon do, Variety reports.

Apple is planning to begin hiring for the project “in the coming months,” with operations slated to get underway within a year, …


Twitter publishes targets for a 'more diverse' workforce in 2016

Twitter has outlined its ambitions to boost the proportion of women and underrepresented minorities in its workforce, publishing targets for “a more diverse Twitter” in 2016.

The social network is aiming to increase the percentage of women on its payroll to 35% that year, as well as ensuring that …

African Americans

Scientists Discover Enormous Sea Scorpion

Plants and Animals Photo credit: An artist's impression of the sea scorpion. Patrick Lynch - Yale University.Millions of years ago, something …


Google’s New Logo Is Its Biggest Update In 16 Years

Google has a new logo that ditches the old serif look, and reacts to you in all contexts.

You will very soon notice that Google has a new logo that’s sleeker, brighter, and for the first time, animated. And then, you probably won’t notice it at all.

It’s been a long time since the Google we know has …


Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth

A few years ago in a lab in Panama, Klaus Winter tried to conjure the future. A plant physiologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, he …


What Would Asia Look Like If All The Earth's Ice Melted?

As estimates of the speed of global warming increase and our polar ice caps melt at an alarming rate, sea levels could rise by at least 90 …


Ocean enthusiasts just discovered a two-headed sea creature, and it's mesmerizing.

In today's installment of fascinating marine biology news, something unusual has been discovered in the ocean. And it has two heads.

It's called a


5 strange dishes from the Titanic's last lunch menu

Among the items that were salvaged from the Titanic's doomed maiden voyage is a lunch menu from the ship's last day before it struck an iceberg and sank in 1912. The menu, due to be auctioned off on Sept. 30, was saved by a rescued passenger.

The 100-year-old artifact sheds light on the typical …


How The Ankylosaur Got Its Tail

Plants and Animals Photo credit: Ziapelta, an ankylosaur with a fully developed tail club. Sydney MohrAnkylosaurs were heavily armored herbivorous …

North Carolina State University

Apple said to be exploring making its own movies and TV shows

Original content could be a valuable addition to a much-hinted-at Web-based subscription TV service.

Apple may soon find itself playing the role of …


Watch This Guy Fly In A 54-Propeller Super Drone

Flying drones are all the rage right now. The latest DJI Phantom is smoking hot. But sitting in your very own one and flying it? That’s uncharted territory…until now.

Check out this dude in the UK hovering above the earth in a contraption with “54 counter-rotation propellers and six grouped control …


Android Wear is now compatible with the iPhone

The rumors have finally come to fruition: Android Wear is now compatible with iOS.

Most of the features you’d expect from Android Wear appear to be available on the iOS iteration: Simply install the Wear app and pair your phone with the watch to be able access notifications for things like calls and …

iOS Apps

Apple TV 4: Gaming and Siri will be major focuses, expect Bluetooth game controllers + enhanced wireless

New Apple TV will look similar, but thicker (image via Michael Steeber)

Although iOS devices and the App Store have transformed the handheld gaming market, the first three Apple TV generations did not attempt to challenge Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s Wii, or Sony’s PlayStation game consoles for …


Apple and Cisco team up to give iOS a biz boost

As part of its ongoing effort to penetrate the enterprise market, Apple announced today that it is partnering with Cisco to create fast lanes for iOS business users that use Cisco networking hardware.

Apple revealed the new partnership this morning, detailing how Cisco’s enterprise environments will …

Cisco Systems

Google’s Self-Driving Car Tests Continue In Austin (And Don’t Worry, It Can Handle Deer)

Google announced in July that it’d be taking its self-driving car test on the road…to beautiful Austin. It has done just that, and the company looks to be expanding the tests it’s doing as well. Texas is the fifth state to legalize the self-driving technology.

According to Google, the tests are now …


Google is working to make 4K video less of a data hog

Ultra HD 4K video is still in its infancy, but there's no doubt the format will become increasingly popular in the next year or two. Huge players like YouTube and Netflix already support it, but delivering such high bandwidth video content remains a challenge. Google's trying to do its part to …


This Brazilian mayor was using WhatsApp to run her town remotely

Many of us conduct our work and personal lives largely via instant messaging these days, but the young mayor of Bom Jardim, a small town in northeastern Brazil, took it to the next level. Authorities there say Lidiane Leite ran the town for three years via the mobile app WhatsApp—while living a …


Google Life Sciences Company Has New Deal, Official Nemesis in Diabetes

Little has dribbled out of Alphabet, Google’s new holding company and moonshot umbrella, since its unveiling three weeks ago. But one of its businesses, Life Sciences, has kept busy and is willing to gab about it.

On Monday, the medical research lab, which spun out of Google X to become its own …


How Tall Is The World's Tallest Tree?

Plants and Animals Photo credit: Redwood Trees, Redwood National Park, California U.S. Sean Lema/ShutterstockThe world’s tallest tree is a coastal …


From smartphones to appliances, Europe's huge tech show has it all

The tech industry comes to Berlin this week to catch the latest gadgets of all types from Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, LG and more.

September always marks …


The Diamond Minecart becomes most popular YouTube channel

The most popular channel on YouTube now belongs to British gamer Daniel Middleton, whose Minecraft videos published as The Diamond Minecart were watched more than 402m times in July 2015 alone.

That was enough to make him the biggest channel on YouTube that month ahead of wrestling body WWE’s 399m …


Behave, foreigners! Kyoto issues etiquette guides for tourists

(CNN) — Kyotoites have had enough.

A surge in tourism in recent years has brought with it an outbreak of dirty toilets and misbehaving travelers.

The city of Kyoto is battling the problem in what might be seen as a typically Japanese way -- issuing polite guidelines amplified by adorable graphics to …

Travel Writing

The jaw-dropping promise — and brain-twisting challenge — of quantum computing

Computers have become so powerful that the idea they can’t just do, you know, everything is almost unfathomable. Yet many calculations are still too …

Quantum Computing

Minecraft creator has existential meltdown on Twitter, then gets stung by a jellyfish


We’ve seen Twitter freakouts before, but this is one for the books.

The creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, took to Twitter early Saturday with all sorts of torments and searching questions about his current life, and his former life as the creator and owner of one of the most important …