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What Would Happen If Earth Lost All Oxygen For Five Minutes?

Chemistry Photo credit: assistant/ShutterstockWhere would we be without oxygen?If the Earth lost all its oxygen for just five minutes, the results …


Scientists Analyzed Spiderweb DNA, and the Results are Super Creepy

Walking into a spiderweb just got creepy. Those sticky strands clinging to your hair and face? They’re smeared with traces of the spider’s last meal, …


This Beautiful App Lets You See the Cell Towers, Wifi Signals, and Satellites Around You

You’re aware that your cell service comes from cell towers. And that your mapping app is made possible by GPS satellites. And that wifi signals …


"Mouse" Spotted On Mars

First there were the "Clangers," then there were the "Biker Mice From Mars." Now, an amateur astronomer believes he may have spotted evidence of a …


Before silicon gets under your skin, get it etched on top with a Tech Tat

If you haven’t heard already, the future of wearables is going to get under your skin – literally. Implantable technology trackers may still be a …


10 Best-Kept Business Secrets in the World

Dr. Pepper is a blend of 23 different flavors — but good luck getting that list, because only 3 senior employees are given access to the list.

Sure, there are some rip-offs, but there's only one Dr. Pepper, making its recipe a very important business secret.

Fun fact YouTube channel All Time 10s …

Top 10

You can now Google your home to see if you should go solar

Google has put itself on the map by funding more than $2 billion in renewable energy projects.

Now the search giant wants to map the amount of sunlight your rooftop receives — and help you decide if it makes financial sense to go solar.

Dubbed Project Sunroof, the recently released online tool …


Alphabet wants its startups to behave like companies

A report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Alphabet wants its startup-like subsidiaries to behave more like financially accountable independent companies. Alphabet is the recently formed parent of Google, Google X, Fiber, Nest, and other companies previously under the "Google" banner. Under …

Alphabet, Inc.

3D printer for kids looks like a helmet, cheaper than an iPhone

While popular among designers, the commercial 3D printer space has, so far, failed to capture much mainstream attention and instead seems to occupy a distinctly tech and academic niche.

But one project hopes to change all that by introducing 3D printing to an entirely new, mostly untapped market for …


The Uber Will See You Now

Uber-delivered flu shots are just the beginning.

Someday, an Uber — not an ambulance — could appear at your door and whisk you to the hospital. Or to a doctor’s appointment. Or it could bring the doctor to wherever you are, whenever you want.

Uber doesn’t have immediate plans to do any of this, but …


Designed for compact portability, this travel chess set features 32 hand-polished stainless steel game pieces that stack together like a cylindrical puzzle. The leather game board rolls up into a tube & stashes inside.

Raw Studio Chess Set

Designed for compact portability, this travel chess set features 32 hand-polished stainless steel game pieces that stack together …

Google unveils Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run, faster Android emulator, and new GPU profiler

At the Android Dev Summit today, Google announced Android Studio 2.0, the second major version of its integrated development environment (IDE). Version 2.0 adds Instant Run, a faster Android emulator, and a new GPU profiler. The latest release isn’t yet ready for all developers, but you can get a …


Moroccan solar plant to bring energy to a million people

A giant plant using energy from the Sun to power a Moroccan city at night will open next month.

The solar thermal plant at Ouarzazate will harness the Sun's warmth to melt salt, which will hold its heat to generate energy in the evening.

The first phase will generate for three hours after dark; the …


Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline

Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat — the device that purports to use cold fusion to generate massive amounts of cheap, green energy — has been verified by …


What Is Going on with Google Chrome?

Over the past 3 months, Google Chrome has gotten increasingly worse.

Super slow page loading
• Sometimes non-existing connections (or no loading at …


For Our Consideration: A really long time ago, Marvel played fast and loose with Star Wars

Enter: Luke Skywalker!

In 1976 Roy Thomas was an 11 year veteran of Marvel Comics. He had been Stan Lee’s hand-picked successor to the position of editor-in-chief at the company when, in 1972, Lee began the long process of disentangling himself from the company’s day-to-day operations. Thomas held …

Science Fiction

Apple is releasing a round charging dock for the Apple Watch

Apple is planning to release a circular wireless charging dock for the Watch, according to iGeneration (via iDownloadBlog). The Watch is laid on top of the dock, connecting to the charging port on the back.

The documentation for the Magnetic Charging Dock, as Apple calls it, suggests the device …

Apple News

This phone case contains an entire glucose testing kit for people with diabetes

If you have diabetes or know someone who does, you already know how much of a pain testing your blood sugar can be. AkibaH is trying to take some of …

Health Care Technology

Encrypted messaging app Telegram shuts down Islamic State propaganda channels

Messaging service says it was 'disturbed' at reports that terrorist group was using it and has blocked 78 accounts since Paris attacks

Telegram, an encrypted messaging app that has been recommended as a secure communications tool by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), has shut down …


Google And ASUS Launch The $85 Chromebit, A Chrome OS Desktop On An HDMI Stick

Earlier this year, Google and ASUS announced the Chromebit — a full Chrome OS-based computer on an HDMI stick. Today, the two companies are officially launching this new way of using Chrome OS on any screen with an HDMI port.

The $85 Chromebit is a 75 gram (or 2.6 ounces) stick that you can plug …

Google Chrome

Google aims to be ‘cloud company’ by 2020, predicts more revenue from cloud platform than ads

At today’s Structure event in San Francisco, Urs Hölze, Google’s senior vice president of technical infrastructure, predicts that within the next five years, Google’s Cloud Platform revenues could surpass its advertising revenue.

“The goal is for us to talk about Google as a cloud company by 2020,” …


The 'Tesla of scooters' just revealed its next big move

The Tesla of scooters is ready to go global.Almost a year since its launch, the Taiwanese startup Gogoro is planning to expand its electric scooter …


Microsoft open-sources Visual Studio Code, launches free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program

Microsoft today unleashed a torrent of news at its Connect(); 2015 developer event in New York City. The company open-sourced Visual Studio Code, launched a free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program, pushed out .NET Core 5 and ASP.NET 5 release candidates, unveiled Visual Studio cloud …

Microsoft Visual Studio

The $85 Asus Chromebit is a tiny HDMI stick running Chrome OS

Google and Asus today launched the Chromebit, an $85 HDMI stick that allows users to plug into any screen and run Chrome OS straight out of the box — assuming they also link up a USB or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. First unveiled in March, the Chromebit is the most affordable way to get Chrome …

Google Chrome

Tests reveal how Apple improved iPad Pro’s display, & why iPad mini 4 is still best overall

DisplayMate is out today with a comparison of iPad displays following the introduction of Apple’s new larger 12.9-inch iPad, and the results might surprise you.

While the larger display on the iPad Pro is one of the device’s standout features on Apple’s latest and greatest iPad, the iPad mini 4, …

iPad Mini

Gogoro, the ‘Tesla of Scooters,’ Picks Amsterdam as Second Test City

Gogoro has chosen Amsterdam, a city with crowded streets and a culture of biking, as the next city to try out its electric scooter technology.

The city of Amsterdam has been looking for ways to get additional four-wheeled vehicles off the road, making it a good fit for Gogoro, CEO Horace Luke told …


Report: Google Glass successor Project Aura bringing two screenless head-mounted devices

According to a report out of The Information today, Google is working on three devices under the umbrella of Project Aura: the next iteration of Glass (dubbed Enterprise Edition, which we extensively detailed earlier this year), and two screenless head-mounted devices that rely on audio.

The report …

Google Glass

Microsoft uses 'Minecraft' to teach your kid how to code

You can get kids to do a lot if you promise them Minecraft... just ask parents who've watched their children race through chores to get some building time. And Microsoft knows this, too. It just released a tutorial for that uses Minecraft to teach the basics of computer programming. Instead …


Microsoft delays tool that will bring Android apps to Windows

Microsoft has confirmed that a tool that lets Android apps easily run on Windows 10 is "not ready," according Windows Central and other sources. The software giant introduced the Windows Bridge for Android, dubbed "Project Astoria," earlier this year as part of a larger effort to help app-builders …


Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I don't even look at what the analysts say'

Apple CEO Tim Cook says in a new interview that he doesn't pay any attention to what analysts write about his company.

Cook visited Ireland last week and gave an interview to the Irish Independent about Apple's current suite of products and its presence in Ireland.

Adrian Weckler asked Cook about …

Tim Cook