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We Could Soon Prove If Life Began Outside The Solar System Or Not

Space Photo credit: Did life begin in interstellar oases (examples in green)? NASA/JPL/R. Hurt.The theory of panspermia is a controversial one, to …

James Webb Space Telescope

Light stopped completely for a minute inside a crystal: The basis of quantum memory

Scientists at the University of Darmstadt in Germany have stopped light for one minute. For one whole minute, light, which is usually the fastest …

Quantum Mechanics

The World's First Solar-Powered Sports Car Could Drive Forever

Technology Photo credit: Is The Immortus (illustrated) the future of driving? EVX Ventures.Can a road-legal car be powered by the Sun alone? One …

Autos (Australia)

What Would Happen If You Dropped A Nuclear Bomb Into A Volcano?

A volcano is a lava-filled boil on the surface of the Earth, just waiting to build up enough pressure to spew out ash and lava. A nuclear bomb is an …

Nuclear Weapons

These staggering graphics put the WWII death toll in perspective.

Trigger warning: Images of war.

The civilian and military deaths of World War II make it, to this day, the most deadly in the history of our world.

But …

Remembrance Day

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here's the tech news you need to know going into the weekend.

1. Google has responded to the EU's antitrust allegations. Google says that it doesn't feel its actions were anti-competitive.

2. Apple is holding an event on September 9 where it will likely reveal the iPhone 6S. It sent out …


NYC cabs will test app-based system to challenge Uber

Around 7,000 NYC cabs are currently beta testing a new e-hail app called Arro, which the industry hopes can help it get back the customers it's lost to Uber. Arro isn't the first hailing app for cabs -- it actually works quite similarly to Uber -- but the startup believes it can do better than its …

New York City

Two Indian Sisters Ordered to Be Raped by Village Council Beg Supreme Court for Help

They are being punished by the unelected council because their brother eloped with a married woman from a higher caste

A petition to save two sisters in India from being raped and publicly humiliated for their brother’s actions, a punishment handed down by an unofficial village council, has gathered …


Apple Is About To Lay Down Its TV Cards

Some of us have been waiting for Apple to drop its proverbial hammer on television for what seems like forever. A company with a strong sense of design, the ability to craft purposeful hardware and software and a penchant for cutting through the crap to deliver something you actually want to use …


NASA Is Fully Prepared to Watch the Oceans Swallow Earth

At this point, there is unanimous scientific consensus that sea levels are globally rising as a result of climate change. But how fast are oceans advancing? How much damage can rising sea levels do? And most importantly, what can we do to slow this literal tide?

This week NASA addressed its approach …


Robots, drones and heart-detectors: How disaster technology is saving lives

(CNN) — Robots with cameras, microphones and sensors searched for victims stranded in flooded homes and on rooftops. They assessed damage and sent back images from places rescuers couldn't get.

It was August 31, 2005, two days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. These robots were a crucial …


Samsung Leads In Patent War Chest Among Tech Giants For Cars Of The Future

Cars are quickly becoming the next big area for tech. Apple and Google are offering their own user interfaces for vehicle infotainment systems. Google has been working on autonomous vehicles for years, and now it appears Apple is testing out self-driving cars too.

But in terms of who has the biggest …


Apple exec Ian Rogers, the main brain behind Beats1 radio, departs

The tech giant loses the executive who built the Beats1 radio channel, the most lauded feature of the Apple Music subscription streaming-music …

Apple Music

Boeing shows off weapon for destroying drones with a freaking laser

Rouge drones, meet Boeing's Compact Laser Weapons System.

Boeing showed off its Compact Laser Weapons System this week. It's a portable laser weapon that can take drones out of the sky by directing a precise blast of heat energy. The weapon takes 15 minutes to set up and around 15 seconds to take …


Radar detects object believed to be missing Nazi gold train

A Polish official said Friday he has seen an image made by ground-penetrating radar that seemed to prove the discovery of an armored Nazi train missing in southwestern Poland since World War II.

Local lore says a German train filled with gold, gems and armaments went missing around the city of …

Adolf Hitler

Life "Not As We Know It" Could Exist On Mars, Titan And Other Worlds

It is looking increasing unlikely that we are alone in the universe, but our current theories for extraterrestrial life are based on one key …

Mars Mission

These DIY Illusions Will Leave Your Friends Dumbstruck

This YouTube channel proves the art of the parlor trick is alive and well. Brusspup has reeled in almost two million subscribers with optical …


Has Stephen Hawking solved a huge black hole mystery?

Stephen Hawking may have just solved one of the most vexing mysteries in physics — the "information paradox."

Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts that the physical information about material gobbled up by a black hole is destroyed, but the laws of quantum mechanics stipulate that …


Whiskey Discovered in 121-Year-Old Time Capsule, But Would You Drink It?

Construction crews in Scotland just discovered a time capsule from 1894 containing what they think is a bottle of whiskey — leading the literally …

Time Capsules

Impossibly tiny horse chases owner, demands to be petted

This 3-day-old miniature horse knows that humans give out the best pats — and he is determined to have his ears scratched.

The little foal chases his owner around his pen, which is no easy feat for such a small fellow! Thankfully, he gets enough pats to satisfy him.

How is it possible that such a …


How Flossing Gave This Woman A Knee Infection

A woman arrived at the emergency room with pain and swelling around her knee replacement, which had been fitted five years previously. Doctors …

Assistive Technology

Google Hangouts finally has its own website

Google Hangouts is finally getting its own dedicated website:

It’s a full-fledged Web client, with access to all the same features you’ve come to expect from the service, including voice and audio calls. If you’ve used Hangouts on Gmail before, the interface will be largely …


Boaters mapping Pacific garbage to arrive in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Scientists and volunteers who have spent the last month gathering data on how much plastic garbage is floating in the Pacific Ocean will return to San Francisco and share preliminary findings.

Volunteer crews on 30 boats have been measuring the size and mapping the location of …

San Francisco Bay Area

Wormhole Illusion Causes Magnetic Field To Move Through Space Undetected

Physics Photo credit: An illustration of a wormhole in action. edobric/Shutterstock.Scientists have developed a magnetic system that mimics the …


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The rise of mind control

Ahundred electrodes are pressed tightly against my scalp and a mixture of salt water and baby shampoo is dripping down my back. The goings-on in my slightly agitated brain are represented by a baffling array of graphs on a screen in front of me. When I close my eyes and relax, the messy spikes and …

The Brain

Microbeads, the Tiny Orbs Threatening Our Water

Plastic is believed to be the main contaminant in the huge garbage gyres that pollute the oceans. Now researchers, led by Sherri Mason of the State University of New York at Fredonia, have found a stunning amount of plastic in the largest freshwater ecosystem on earth, the Great Lakes. And an …

News (Europe)

TSA inadvertently shows the dangers of master baggage keys

Security researchers have long warned of the dangers of using master-keyed locks -- if thieves get their hands on just one key, they compromise all of the compatible locks at the same time. And unfortunately, the US' Transportation Security Administration is learning this lesson the hard way. It …


Artist Banksy opens derelict 'Dismaland' theme park

LONDON (AP) — The elusive British graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled his latest project — a parody of a seaside theme park called "Dismaland" complete with a derelict castle, a dead Cinderella and a Grim Reaper in a bumper car.

The artist, best known for his subversive, stenciled street art, said …


10 apps that should be core smartphone features

There are mobile apps for taking notes, for keeping fit, for toilet-users to communicate … apps for just about everything. But some apps add such great functionality to a smartphone that sometimes I wonder whether they should be offered by manufacturers / operating systems “out of the box.”

So I …

Android Phones

The actual NASA technologies that Matt Damon will use in the space survival film “The Martian”

Those who criticized Christopher Nolan’s 2014 film Interstellar for being too unrealistic are in for a treat. In October, perhaps the most science-based science fiction space film ever will hit theaters: The Martian, based on the bestselling book of the same name by Andy Weir.

The Martian is written …

Space Science