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Memorize This One-Bowl Cake Recipe (Then Make It Your Own)

Who doesn’t need an easy little cake to nibble with a cup of tea?

You can frost this one with chocolate or use it to make an easy layer cake, shortcake, or trifle... or splash with juice, syrup, or liqueurs and top with whipped cream and fruit. Or simply add flavorful seeds—poppy, toasted sesame, …


Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cake. | How Sweet It Is

by Jessica on February 7, 2016 0

Here’s the big question.

Are you a chocolate or vanilla person?

I just can’t decide. Annoyingly, as usual.

Which …


Little French Fudge Cakes

If you can melt chocolate and stir, you can make these cakes, and no commercial mix has chocolate as good as this. Quality chocolate is like …


The Best, Most Reliable Valentine's Day Cookie

My worst Valentine’s Day happened in second grade. This was the age when we still passed out valentines to the entire class, everyone coming away with fistfuls of cards and boxes of powdery-sweet conversation hearts.

I spent a week carefully crafting my valentines. My mother, a proponent of homemade …


pretzel parker house rolls

There are kitchen discoveries that lead to nothing but trouble. The first time I caramelized sugar, I knew I was ruined. Why would anyone want to eat …


An irresistible chocolate s'mores cookie

In the dead of winter, s'mores aren't a popular choice for dessert. The snow is coming and visions of campfires and sunburned skin and toasted …

Chinese Peanut Cookies

Chinese Peanut Cookies

Author: Daily Cooking Quest

Cuisine: Chinese

Prep time: 1 hour

Cook time: 25 mins

Total time: 1 hour 25 mins

Serves: …


Try These Hong Kong-Style Egg Tarts And Try Not To Melt

Just absolutely stunningly beautiful.

What are you waiting for…. get into it!

Here’s what you will need:

Yields: Making 16 egg tarts of a tart pan.

For the custard filling:
* 4 medium eggs, beaten (reserve 2 tablespoons for your pastry dough)
* 3/4 cup hot water
* 6 Tbsp. sugar
* 1/8 teaspoon salt (pinch …


Brûléed Lemon Tart


How to Make Red Velvet Brookies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, people. You know what that means? It’s time to treat yo’ self (or your boo)! Our Red Velvet Brookies are the perfect dessert to whip up this February… whether you’re spending V-Day solo or with your S.O. Read on the for the step-by-step recipe!

Red Velvet Ingredients:


my favorite brownies

I understand that when a website but 5 11/12 years old boasts not one or two but eleven brownie recipes that it’s possible, perhaps, or at least worth …


"Cloud Bread" Is the Latest Food Trend Exploding on Pinterest

In a recent trend taking over Pinterest (pins and likes have spiked by 73 percent within the last year, according to She Knows), cloud bread is quickly becoming a favorite among carb-addicts everywhere.

Unlike most breads, this one is low-carb and gluten-free. That might not sound too appetizing at …


salted peanut butter cookies

I have never been particularly interested in recipes — or, if we’re being completely tactlessly honest, people — defined by what they are not, which …


Why Bone Broth is So Good for Us

Broths and stocks have been part of almost every culture’s culinary tradition for centuries; from Vietnamese pho to Italian brodo to American chicken …


Patience pays off when it comes to the best yeast rolls

I was one of those kids who loved camp! I loved being away. I loved all of the activities. And I loved the food!

Well, at least I loved the homemade yeast rolls that graced the table at every meal. I ate them in pairs, hot out of the oven, their tops salty with butter and the aroma so heady that I …


Homemade Frappuccino!

Guess what? I have something to tell you! It’s very important. Are you ready? Here goes.

Today is National Coffee Day!

No really. It is. And while …

Almond and Orange Florentines

Not a traditional Florentine, this lacelike biscuit is the kind you just can't leave alone. Although its crisp lightness is quite extraordinary, you …


Lisa is Bossy: Colorful cookies

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, yesterday. Remember these? I made them again yesterday. SO pretty!!

I’m going to briefly veer away from my Costa …


Mille-Crepe Tiramisu Birthday Cake

There's a good chance you've tasted a dessert influenced by Francisco Migoya, even if you've never been to his kitchen. As a professor at the …


dark chocolate coconut macaroons

2014 has been mostly about the chocolate thus far, which is the kind of thing that happens when you outsource what-to-cook-next decisions to my …


ugly but good cookies

I am, as ever, a sucker for a recipe with a great name. Bring me your grunts, your bundts, your fools, slumps and sonkers. Take me across the pond …


any time you need 'em slice-and-bake chocolate chip cookies

For a long time, I thought the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe had ruined me for good. Based on a recipe from famed chocolatier Jaques …


Coconut Matcha Chia Pudding


Homemade Baking Powder Recipe Recipe

Made times


Recipe by: Cindy L Warriner

"My mom came to visit one summer, and we decided to bake cookies. Since I had just moved into my new home, I …

Recipes - Egg Tarts


280g Plain Flour
• 2 tbsp Icing Sugar
• 2 Egg Yolk
• 1 Egg White
• 150g Salted Butter


150g Castor Sugar or fine sugar
• 150g Hot Water
• 4 Whole Eggs
• 250ml …


This Apple Trick Will Wow Your Whole Family

Hasselback apples are a real (delicious!) thing.

We start getting giddy about fall by mid-August — when we first spot new pumpkin-spiced foods hitting shelves. A month later, we're suffering from full-on fever (don't send help; we're all good), and now we're knee-deep in apple mania.

We're baking them …


The 15 Top Pins on Our Pinterest Boards This Year

Clever kitchen storage tips, delicious drink recipes and dreamy room inspiration are among the list.

Life is beautiful — and that's never more evident than on Pinterest every day. Our boards have been filled with tons of vibrant spaces, organizations, delicious dishes and the world's dreamiest …

Interior Design

Here Are 16 Truly Useful Tools For Beginner Cooks

PLUS recipes to get you started.

1. A large whisk for batters and a baby whisk for salad dressings.

Why: You might ask, “Why do I need a whisk when I can just use a fork?” Good question. A fork just doesn’t work as well as a whisk when you’re making a smooth batter, or whipping cream, or basically …


Video: How to Make Amazing Pistachio Macarons

To make traditional macaron cookies, you combine equal parts ground-up almonds and powdered sugar to create the mixture known as tant pour tant. For a fun new riff on a confectionary classic—and a fun new cooking challenge for you—we swap in pistachios here instead. The recipe also deviates from …


Pink Peppermint Bark Macarons

This is a huge day!

Because I successfully made macarons without

1. having a myocardial infarction

2. getting divorced

3. throwing my <insert kitchen …