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How Many People Actually Use Their Fitbits?

Fitbit sells millions of devices a year — but it'll have to keep customers actually using its product if it wants to edge out the competition.<p>In its 200-page IPO filing Thursday, Fitbit confirmed its leading edge in the fitness-tracker industry: It sold nearly 11 million devices and generated …

The K-Cup In Crisis

Sales of Keurig brewers are falling. Is America's love affair with single-serve coffee winding down?<p>Keurig has a big problem. The maker of single-serve coffee machines and K-Cup pods isn't just seeing consumer demand for its brewers decline, it's seeing it fall at an accelerating rate. It's a sign …


Five Foolproof Strength Exercises

You’re in a slump, reading these words hunched over a keyboard or your smartphone. It’s habit that’s throwing your body out of whack and resulting in a musculoskeletal system that’s about as architecturally sound as that 1950s-era Springbar tent gramps left you.<p>“Our bodies adapt to the positions we …

Is There a Moral Way to Fix America's Kidney Shortage?

Legalizing the sales of organs would require a shift in public opinion—which might be more malleable than previously thought.<p>For those who need a transplant, the wait for an organ in America is growing longer: As Nobel economist Gary Becker lays out in a recent op-ed for <i>The Wall Street Journal</i>, …

Wall Street

Watch Graeme McDowell Give an Unsuspecting Golfer a Driving Lesson

Watch Graeme McDowell Give an Unsuspecting Golfer a Driving Lesson

Watch Breaking Bad Scores | Breaking 80: Lag Putting Game | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Breaking 80: Lag Putting Game<p>Nobody likes to practice putting, but Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jason Guss has a fun game to help improve your lag putting skills.<p>Released on 6/12/2014<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Jason Guss<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Fitness Friday: How to stop coming over the top

By Ron Kaspriske<p>"When you come over the top, you start the downswing by lunging at the ball with the upper body," she says. "The back shoulder leads the way and the arms are thrown out away from the body causing your swing path to cut across the ball. Ideally the lower body should initiate the …

Jason Birnbaum helps you improve your setup and sequencing

<b>By Matthew Rudy</b><p>Jason Birnbaum is a two-time honoree on Golf Digest's list of America's Best Young Teachers, and he still has the better part of a decade before he gets too old for the prestigious under-40 list. His elite-level junior golf camps attract some of the finest players in the Northeast …

Hank Haney's new drill will get you hitting draws in just five minutes: http://golfdig.st/Ng2xC3 He proved it with 60 slicers.

9 Ways To Lower Your Golf Handicap This Year

The Dead-Simple Esquire Fitness Program

A simple, if intimidating, workout plan created by Mark Merchant, co-owner of As One Fitness. Implement immediately. The GIFs should help.<p><i>Published in the April 2014 issue</i><p><b>Six days a week</b> for six weeks, you'll alternate between two series of exercises, increasing the amount of work you do each week. …

Fitness Friday: A fix for those fat and thin shots

<i>Note how Gary Woodland's right shoulder moves down toward the ball.</i><p>By Ron Kaspriske<p>A simple way to explain how the upper body should rotate during the swing is to imagine you've got your head inside a life-preserver ring that is resting on your shoulders as you set up to the golf ball. When you …

Learn To Coil For Power

Use my opposing-forces drill to add energy to your swing<p>Winding your upper torso during the backswing is essential for power and solid ball-striking. You don't need to make a huge turn off the ball or swing back until the shaft is parallel to the ground. The feel to strive for is that your upper …

Keep Your Ball Position Constant

You might have been told that your ball position should change depending on the club you're using. For shorter irons, many people contend that the ball should be played in the middle of the stance, but hitting longer clubs requires the ball position to be more forward. Their reasoning: Shafts vary …

5 Keys Tee To Green

How to get more out of your rounds<p>Scoring is a skill, like being a great driver or being automatic out of the sand.<p>It's about reading situations and picking the best shot, given the risks and where you are with your game. When I don't have my A-game, I try to be real patient. I'd rather be in the …

Fitness: Reboot Your Swing At The Turn

Hump Day Tip: How to punch under trees

Hump Day Tip: How to punch under trees

Fitness Friday: How to improve your coil

A key ingredient to hitting the ball farther is the ability to rotate your upper body away from the target during the backswing, while your lower body remains fairly stationary. In essence, you're coiling your upper torso by using your hips and legs as resistance (<i>like Nick Watney, right)</i>). Then, …

How to Make Easy Banana Bread - The Easiest Way

Fitness Friday: Warm up to the idea of a warm-up

Probably the two most frequently asked questions I get when people find out I'm the fitness editor for Golf Digest are: 1. Who are the nicest guys on the PGA Tour? 2. What kind of stretches should I do before I play?<p>The answer to No. 1 is that there are several really nice guys on tour, and I'd …

Watch Putting | Rickie Fowler: Putt Faster and Make More | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Rickie Fowler: Putt Faster and Make More<p>Your best putting days come when you're fearless. Rickie Fowler's advice? Don't hesitate. Here's how he keeps his routine to 15 seconds.<p>Released on 5/21/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Rickie Fowler<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Tips for Her: A simple guide to uneven lies

<i>Editor's note: Each week, Megan Padua, a teaching professional at Maidstone Club (East Hampton, N.Y.) and Belfair Plantation (Bluffton, S.C.), and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers, offers tips and advice for women golfers.</i><p><b>By Megan Padua</b><p>Uneven lies are tricky, mostly because it's difficult …

Nick Watney: Clean Up From 125 Yards And In

Watch Approach Shots | Nick Watney: Hitting Short Irons | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Nick Watney: Hitting Short Irons<p>Five-time PGA Tour winner, Nick Watney, on how to control your short irons and swing with a better rhythm.<p>Released on 4/29/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Nick Watney<p>Transcript<p>Embed

The Seven-Minute Workout Timer Guides You Through a Quick Workout

Last week we told you about the seven minute workout and showed you how to do each exercise. If you don't feel like setting up your own 30 second …


Watch Chipping & Pitching | Krista Dunton: Use The Bounce | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Krista Dunton: Use The Bounce<p>To hit effective pitch shots, you need to utilize the two most important features of a wedge: the bounce angle on the bottom of the sole and the high loft.<p>Released on 5/16/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Krista Dunton<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Billy Fitzgerald: How To Hit A Solid Pitch Shot

Alternate using this drill from Best Young Teacher Billy Fitzgerald, and your regular technique. In no time, you'll be pitching it closer and saving more pars.<p>Released on 5/16/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Billy Fitzgerald<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Watch The Best of Sean Foley | Set Up For Success In The Sand | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Set Up For Success In The Sand<p>Sean Foley's advice on the best way to hit a greenside bunker shot? Open your stance and swing along your toe line.<p>Released on 5/16/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Sean Foley<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Frank Lloyd Wright Wire

The <i>Journal</i> looks at the ups and down of owning a home designed by <b>Frank Lloyd Wright</b>—there are 20 of them listed for sale right now. Despite the architect's love of "free-flowing spaces, harmony with nature and walls of art glass," he also "favored small kitchens and closets—at odds with current …