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13 Things Anyone Who Loves A Highly Sensitive Person Should Know

When I was in kindergarten, a boy in my class tossed my favorite book over our elementary school fence. I remember crying profusely, not because I was sad to see it go, but because I was <i>so furious</i> that he was such a bully. It was probably one of the first times I expressed my sensitivity to my …

Cruel Medical Experiments On Slaves Were Widespread In The American South

Invasive surgeries and other shocking experiments were “commonplace” on slaves before the Civil War, according to a sweeping new survey of old medical journals.<p>Electric shocks, brain surgery, amputations — these are just some of the medical experiments widely performed on American slaves in the …

Photograph: Duncan Stingemore/BBC/Wall to Wall<p>Here’s author Rob Bradshaw with his family, as seen in the 1950s episode of Back in Time for Dinner!<p>276<p><p>460<p>Photograph: …


26 Books From Around The World You Need To Read Before You Die

Next stop: your local bookstore.

5 of the Smartest Animals | What the Stuff?!


12 Reasons Photographers Still Choose to Shoot Film over Digital

This year will mark forty years since the invention of the first functioning digital camera, and despite it being a measly 0.01 megapixels, it …


Giant Easter Island 'Hats' May Have Been Rolled Into Place

The distinctive headgear worn by some of the famous Easter Island statues may have been rolled up ramps to reach those high perches, a new study suggests.<p>A simple analysis of the physics suggests that rolling the headwear — bulky cylindrical shapes that look like Russian fur hats — would have been …


The Hidden Biology of Unlikely Animals

I have a new piece in the New Yorker’s Elements blog about our tendency to underestimate animals that are very different from us, such as sponges and ctenophores. Check it out.<p>Last month, in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution, a group of scientists published a tub-thumping defense of sponges …

This Woman Saved An Abandoned Puppy And Found A Best Friend Along The Way

"She's my everything."


14 Cuties Who Could Definitely Break The Internet

It was tough competition, but these cuties out-adorabled everyone on the Cute or Not app! Prepare your heart for a whole lot of cute.<p>Legally Mandated Warning: If your personal life philosophy prevents you from enjoying things that are (a) Adorable, (b) Cute, (c) Precious, (d) Huggable, or (e) All …

Yawning Kitten

19 business-etiquette rules every professional should know

In "The Essentials of Business Etiquette," Barbara Pachter writes about the rules people need to understand to conduct and present themselves appropriately in professional social settings.<p>Here are the most important tips on how to introduce yourself, how to dress, and what to order at restaurants, …


Brainy jobs can help when dementia starts early - Futurity

A more intellectually demanding job may be the key to living longer after developing young-onset dementia.

Yes, the Slaughter of the Armenians Was Genocide

The Turkish government may not want to admit it, but the murder and removal of millions of Armenians was genocide.<p>Genocide is not the murder of …

This Fitness Trainer Hit Back Against Her Critics With This Eye Opening ‘Perfect Body’ Video

In a response to bullying and negative comments online, fitness trainer Cassey Ho filmed a powerful short film which asks the question, what would you change about your body if given the chance?<p>Cassey Ho, who has her own health blog and YouTube channel Blogilates, is a popular fitness personality …


I read books by only minority authors for a year. It showed me just how white our reading world is.

In 2014, I decided that for the entire year, I would not read books written by white authors. My goal was to address the reading practices I developed growing up in Australia, where white authors have dominated the literary world. My high school reading list was filled with the “classics” — …

Meet The Inspirational, Adorable And Utterly Badass Skater Girls Of Kabul

They skate. They fall. They jump right back up again. These are skater girls of Kabul, ages five through 25, who partake in one of the most exhilarating, and often dangerous, sports in the world -- in a country where they're not allowed on bicycles.<p>These young women learned their skills at …

8 Artists Who Explore The Beauty Of The Aging Body

Wrinkles, lines, scars, spots. There are many ways time leaves its mark on the human body. Mainstream culture typically dreads the aging process and all its defining characteristics -- gray hair, sagging skin, translucent complexion. Of course, the transformation is not optional. And it doesn't …

California’s Homeless Find a Quiet Place

On a recent visit to the Sacramento library, the high number of homeless patrons I saw there surprised me.<p>Seeing them in that quiet space, consumed by traditional media, I was struck by the difference between them and most of society with its 24/7 connection to streaming digital media. I began this …

16 Cats Who Are The Queens Of Spring

Don't ever come between a cat and her blooms.


18 Pictures Of An Ecstatic Orphaned Sun Bear Returning To The Wild

If you need to see the face of pure joy, look no further than Kala the Sun Bear.

Never fully revealed, this malevolent creature is all the more horrific for its shadowy presence<p>HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is a slobbering, tentacled horror lurking on an island of impossible stone structures spat up from the bowels of the Pacific. Lovecraft wrote nearly 80 short stories between 1917 …


16 Awesome New Books To Read This Spring

Spring into reading a new book.

23 Animal Facts That Can Also Be Pick Up Lines

Might as well start calling yourself a Singing Dog, 'cause tonight Imma make you yodel.

16 Red Pandas Who Are Living Their Best Life

An inspiration to us all.<p>Thumbnail from Thinkstock.

Giant Pandas

Homeopathy is for suckers: What the medicine industry doesn’t want you to know

A new study out of Australia confirms what many doctors and skeptics have long suspected<p>Not too long ago, homeopathic formulas were only sold in health food stores. You might have seen them: Little blue vials with tiny little pills in them. You might have thought good things come in small packages. …

Suicides By Missouri Politicians Raise Questions About State Ethics

In Missouri, two political suicides have stunned the Republican Party. In February, state Auditor Tom Schweich, a leading candidate for the party's nomination for governor, shot himself. Then just last month, his press secretary, Spence Jackson, took his own life. The tragedies have sparked fresh …

13 Reasons Pallas' Cats Are Just Misunderstood Teenagers

Quit asking them why they're grumpy, you're embarrassing them in front of their friends.

28 Places Cats Would Rather Sleep Than Your Lap



Ghostly Faces Appear In Medieval 'Black Book of Carmarthen'

A legendary medieval book has revealed secret images that have been hiding in the margins for centuries -- including ghostly faces and long-lost poetry.<p>Written in 1250, the "Black Book of Carmarthen" is the oldest remaining medieval manuscript written solely in Welsh. It contains prophetic poems …