Techeneek Wood Carving

By Wood Carver | You never know what you will find under the surface.

Bees plus cotoneaster pruning =s this Mmm think I more bees 2 maybe

Three Freemason plaques I carved in the last 12 months

One of my favourite kingfisher shots.

The otters on the prowl again teak

Samples finally oak framed


Welcome to the website of the West Riding Woodcarvers' Association. We are a group of about 70 members who are all interested in carving and related …

Jewellery boxes entirely carved from one piece of wood with brass inlays these are mahogany No longer make boxes


@jostilinfl Good morning thanks, they just take so long to make


It was at this point I decided to stop making jewellery boxes this was a teak plank

Seal in walnut

Just wood

@AgnesKajdacsy Good morning Thank you

The Dragonfly carved in walnut

The all seeing fairy cottage of 👁 (carved in Ash)

@celesteeight88 This should explain it the pics are to scale both carvings though are the same depth 😊

A stoat carved in lime takes over the desk

Oak Green man 2018 (English Oak)

Gambian pouched Rat

The Gambian Pouched Rat beginning to end from lounge to Gambian desert rocky outcrop 2

Gambian pouch rat to music (Jo Satriani (cool)

Slices through a Laburnum branch polished the beauty is in the wood no need to do any more

The mountain goat with attitude from the beginning

The green man of Ewyas now long gone

One very grumpy goblin now left home probably still as grumpy as ever 😕

The new green man after polishing

The new green man before waxing