Techeneek Wood Carving

By Wood Carver | You never know what you will find under the surface.

Squeezed an hour in the workshop to escape shopping😊

Celtic Seahorse views

Celtic Seahorse


Had to make grandson a room sign too only he’s not into fairy cottages 😊

@Pat_Bryan63 @adryth @mrssmcope @seasidecol @TealHeather Sounds like a great weekend very rare I carve anything that large but I have in the past done these events. My sign looked like this 😊

Looks like these guys are settled in for the night putting the world to rights no doubt

The Mrs has completed 3 more pictures

After much handling of this piece at the exhibition in needed a repolish to bring it back to life

Old Celtic boar reworked

A small composition of carvings

Celtic boar carved in sweet chestnut

Hand carved Rose



Marquetry Indian


Carvings in the round

Relief caving of the sinking of the Amphion


Display 2


Music hand made instruments



Rose carved in brown oak

Hand carved Walking sticks

Fabulous carved Dragon

The last judgement closeup