Techeneek Wood Carving

By Wood Carver | You never know what you will find under the surface.

Think these chaps have will gone to Glastonbury

Close up of the carving on the screen which is for sale @stpetershc @woodcarver_t @englishparish anyone know anyone who would like to buy???

Wood spirits Pear wood & Labunum

Timmy the timid mouse

Dragons eye 3 the largest of the three

No 2 dragons eye 4inch diameter

My latest Green Man after a couple of small modifications

Traditional green man Mahogany

@Madeleine_1115 Not quite 😊

Someone took a liking to the bench

@mrssmcope Some ones taken up residence on the bench

@lapetitepie Definitely don't do politics or misery unles of course your talking misericords 😊

@mrssmcope Good night Susan sleep well

The work starts here

@mrssmcope today's effort soon to climb someone else's bowl the odd carving on the right is the template of the bowl

@JenRhyssa28 thanks for the ❤️too The work starts here ?

Mahogany jewellery box brass inlay & laburnum inner

The inquisitive mouse 3

The inquisitive mouse 2

The inquisitive mouse 1

The latest fairy house

Another fairy cottage think I'm trying to create my own estate


Countryside scenes all carved in lime

Little house 4

Little house 3

Little house 2

Little house take 2

@mrssmcope No windows yet