Techeneek Wood Carving

By Wood Carver | You never know what you will find under the surface.

Yep more mice

Pink ivory wood one piece of wood with no stains used natural bees wax use to polish it

My Mrs has been painting again day dreaming by the looks of it (Lazy Days)

The first sleeping mouse with the 3rd then No2 then no 3 all different

Very old carved light pulls think these must be amongst my first

@lilliandarchie Evening thanks for the ❤️

New kid on the block with a taste for cherries

@Wattybird Thanks for the ❤️ Just checked to make sure looks like he's settled in here but thanks for your interest but he's for grabs DM if interested

The goat withe attitude

The goat with attitude

The mountain goat with attitude

The little fella is settling in nicely

The bear goes walkabout & left home

Ebony/Mahogany sleeping mice

@ThrosThrosThros @JustinFarrimond @Jecker @tigersprout @WanderingLeo @vixgra25 Ok 😱😎

@mrssmcope Hi Susan our two have just gone home so I've had a busy day been making a little village

The mushroom village complete Alder left & sycamore centre & right

My first smiley green man

The owl is part of a triptych

Olive wood book ends

The gate keeper Mahogany

Freemason relief Commission

Completed this Freemason relief today

Think these chaps will be going to Glastonbury to meet the others

Think these chaps have will gone to Glastonbury

Close up of the carving on the screen which is for sale @stpetershc @woodcarver_t @englishparish anyone know anyone who would like to buy???

Wood spirits Pear wood & Labunum

Timmy the timid mouse

Dragons eye 3 the largest of the three