Techeneek Wood Carving

By Wood Carver | You never know what you will find under the surface.

Self portrait oak

Weekend doodle in Mhogany

The Yorkshire Rose had to make two

King of all he surveys

Sketch of Leo, pen & ink on pastel paper-loves attention so happy to pose!

A heart with a heart

@flutterbyfavs evening Susie thank you for your Rts & ❤️😊

Fighting lions

Fighting lions Lime

Self portrait in oak

@ksa58 Thank you it will be similar to this one 11.5 x 4.5 foot

@flutterbyfavs Hi Susie yes I've had a good day stewarding at Brighouse flower/carving exhibition & I also have cold 😕

The leopard relief from all sides & second attempt at Pyrography

Gnomes straight out of the branch

@Redbear56Liz 😂they have very nice gnomes to go to

@Redbear56Liz Corrrrect 😎 but don't cross the goblin apart from horrendous wind swears a lot😳

Early morning landscape #smoky

Today's effort Mahogany & Oak

The fairy door

Fairy door from this to its new home with this lovely owl

@woodcarver_t Just love the door Peter, we spotted the little door carved in the side too. Now in It's new home

A great set of small carvings by twitter friend @yukiwa66

@sheepish_spud @woodcarver_t I love Peter's work. I'm lucky enough to have a couple of pieces.

Bats in the belfry

Small carving from today oak

Bats in the belfry 2015 (Lime)

Izzy Eckerslike at home & now in his new home

The treasure chest after a bit of a clean up