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Everyone is making the same big mistake about electric cars

Compared to just a decade ago, we have a lot more choices when it comes to buying an electric car.<p>Short-range EVs such as the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 have been around for years, and long-range, mass-market EVs like the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model S have started to arrive.<p>Electric vehicles …

Electric Vehicles

When Does it Pay for Companies to Signal that they are "Green?"

<b>Regulator discretion</b><p>The paper explores both companies’ and regulators’ strategic actions. Previous literature has covered why companies self-regulate …

Clean Technology

Dave Stangis, CSO of Campbell's, on his New Book and the Future of Sustainability


Semiconductor breakthrough may be game-changer for organic solar cells

In an advance that could push cheap, ubiquitous solar power closer to reality, University of Michigan researchers have found a way to coax electrons …


Spreadsheets Have Some Serious Drawbacks, Especially for Environmental Initiatives

In the finance world, outside audits and reviews of accounting systems are a routine part of checks and balances.<p>But it’s less common in the field of …


5th annual climate survey aims to track changes in sustainability culture

The Sustainability Cultural Indicators Program is launching its fifth annual survey this week, collecting data from University of Michigan students, …


Issues Of The Environment: The State Of Researching Sustainable Vehicle Technologies

The North American International Auto Show is underway in Detroit, and automakers have used this to announce major developments in advancing cleaner …


Yay, Earth! Michigan Dining Recycling/Composting hits 100 percent

The University of Michigan’s MDining halls, Michigan Catering events and Michigan-led retail outlets now provide bins and resources for sustainable …


Cybersecurity in self-driving cars: U-M releases threat identification tool

Instead of taking you home from work, your self-driving car delivers you to a desolate road, where it pulls off on the shoulder and stops.

University of Michigan

Gauging the Workability of Carbon Credits in Morocco

<b>How does HAF work toward sustainability?</b><p>HAF works in both social and environmental sustainability. On the social side, they seek to provide …


Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability faculty, Tom Lyon Weighs in on Secretary Zinke’s Proposals for Offshore Drilling – Knowledge@Wharton

On January 4, 2018, The Department of the Interior issued a statement announcing U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke had proposed "the next …

Oil & Gas Industry

The fracking debate: The risks, benefits, and uncertainties of the shale revolution

0:00:02: Good afternoon, and welcome. My name is Catherine Hausman. I'm an assistant professor here in the Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy at …

Oil & Gas Industry

University of Michigan Collaborates with Detroit Economic Growth Corporation for 2018 Social Impact Challenge

ANN ARBOR, MI – JANUARY 2, 2018 — The seventh annual Social Impact Challenge (SIC) features a partnership between the University of Michigan (U-M) …