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Elliott Masie: Looking For Innovation? Try a Hackathon.

Unheard Wisdom

If we just listen in the spaces that we know, we will just hear what we’ve always heard: is your organisation brave enough to listen to the unheard …


3 Reasons Your Business Should Host a Hackathon

A non-hacker shares the virtues of "The Hacker Way."

5 Tips to Set Up a Surprisingly Productive Hackathon

While "hacking" is usually associated with technology, the idea of a hackathon can be applied to nearly any industry.<p>Many well-known tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft, are known to hold regular internal hackathon events. (Facebook's "like" button and chat feature were both …


Choose the Right Innovation Method at the Right Time

In the industries plagued by the most uncertainty, how do companies hold on to their ability to innovate? And how do they achieve, and keep, an innovation premium in the market?<p>We found that managers who help their firms create and maintain an innovation premium use a different set of tools than …

Hackathon Survival Guide

I love covering a good hackathon. There’s a lot to choose from around the UK with many creative, competitive and altruistic versions of a coding get-together where people make amazing things in a short amount of time.<p>One thing I do see at the end of these events though is a few people looking worn …


The power of hackathons | Krithika Yetchina | TEDxRedmond

LinkedIn Hackathon !

Healthcare hackathon attracts more participants

Bengalauru, July 5:<p>Jugaad-a-thon, a hackathon for the healthcare sector has seen participation double this year when compared to the last …

Digital Health

What Your Business Can Learn From Hackathons

With these 10 steps, learn the best way to solve your company's most complex problems.<p>Hackathon is an increasingly common catch-all phrase for something businesses have done for years-just faster, more focused, and (the best part) finite. Typically, programmers and designers get together around a …

How hackathons improve productivity

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the term ‘hackathon’ being bandied around, conjuring up images of developers hunched over laptops in the dead of night, pizza stains on their graphic tees, and surrounded by rolling hills of empty Red Bull cans.<p>The idea behind hackathons are that if you fill a room with …


Hot Pod: This American Life’s audio hackathon, the end of an indie podcast, and Audible’s new hire » Nieman Journalism Lab

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is Issue Forty-Two, circa September 22, 2015.<p><b>This American Life’s hackathon.</b> This past weekend, This American Life organized an audio-themed hackathon1 here in New York. The event brought together a bunch of developers, producers of both the …


7 lessons learned from organizing a hackathon

We have been running a successful business for several years now. Our company has a wonderful portfolio of successful clients, a growing team of highly talented people and a market position that strengthens every year.<p>However, from the start we have seen the same problems pop up in our market over …


Innovation through Hackathons

Accelerate change – hack your business! If you really want to innovate you have to hack your business. And what better way than to host a hackathon with employees and, potentially, customers or partners?<p>We’ve participated in and helped co-create hackathons for a number of our clients and also host …


Hack days and hackathons - Hacking out new ideas and breaking things better

Hack days and Hackathons are gaining popularity amongst business leaders. Technology chief at media agency MEC, Trevor Attridge,…


How hackathons are flipping R&D on its head

The word “hacker” to many still evokes some vaguely defined but surely transgressive subculture comprising hoodie-draped delinquents hell bent on breaking into your email. It’s the image popularized in the seminal 1990s film Hackers starring a young Angelina Jolie as the devil-may-care antihero …

Demystifying the hackathon

Hackathons aren’t just for start-ups. They can play a valuable role in accelerating the digital transformation of large organizations.<p><b>The “hackathon”</b> …


Google to host hackathon for the 'next phase' of Google Glass

The tech giant invites developers to give its upcoming Glassware Development Kit a whirl.<p>Google is inviting developers to come help it out with its next phase of<p>Google Glass. The tech giant sent out invitations to developers on Wednesday to join the company for a two-day hackathon aimed at the new …

Google Glass

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Sensors and Data Dominate the Cleveland Medical Hackathon

Nothing defies people’s expectations about Cleveland as a rustbelt city more than the fact that it is one of the nation’s top centers for healthcare and medical research. The world-famous Cleveland Clinic certainly contributes to this reputation, but University Hospitals and MetroHealth systems …