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Elliott Masie: Looking For Innovation? Try a Hackathon.

Internal trivago Hackathon - November 2014

Innovation through Hackathons

Accelerate change – hack your business! If you really want to innovate you have to hack your business. And what better way than to host a hackathon with employees and, potentially, customers or partners?<p>We’ve participated in and helped co-create hackathons for a number of our clients and also host …

Patient Flow Hack - Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network Partners

The Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network in partnership with Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust (HEY), Hull CCG, NHS England and …

Digital Health

So here are the 3 initial hacks that #PFHack have agreed to work on tomorrow. Do you have any ideas? Please share! https://t.co/QPQZDSfHxB

#WOL- #PFHack https://t.co/NKdzbnKZrn

Pilot study uses Google Glass to facilitate interpretation of coronary angiograms

A cardiology group at the VA in Dallas tested the use of Google Glass to facilitate the interpretation of coronary angiograms.The post Pilot study …

Google Glass

Top 5 Ways To Create Conversions with Hangouts On Air

Shares 720<p>We have all heard plenty of reasons to use Google+ <b>Hangouts On Air</b> from the “It's the new podcast…” or “It's the replacement for GoTo …

Hull Patient Flow Hack 2015

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Hack Hull on Flipboard

By Carol Read | Curated content to support the event<p>Welcome to The Edge - The Edge<p>The Edge, a free social platform committed to finding, sharing, …

#PFHack exploring the data and patient experience through a real time exercise. People challenging the status quo https://t.co/5wr5ZPheEK

It's data Jim, but not as we know it! @kurtstat introduces #Flowopoly at #PFHack https://t.co/H4XrErWR6t

Prof Mohammed introduces system thinking "performance as a whole depends on how the parts fit together" #PFHack https://t.co/Dn01IUaXgS