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Here’s How To Avoid Drawing A Blank In The Middle Of Your Presentation

These four techniques can keep the tumbleweeds from rolling through your brain while you’re in the spotlight.<p>You’re halfway through your talk, and so far it’s going great. You feel confident, and your audience seems to be responding. Then, out of nowhere, your mind goes blank. Crickets. …

Public Speaking

How Twitter could be 10X bigger, 100X more profitable, and 1000X more awesome

I’ve spent many years studying, writing about, building, and funding companies (such as Bottlenose, Klout, and The Daily Dot) in Twitter’s ecosystem.<p>Despite the media chatter, I am still bullish on Twitter – as should be any investor who understands the social network’s fundamentals and true …

10 Pricing Strategies That Can Drastically Improve Sales

This story originally appeared on Help Scout<p>Utilizing smart pricing strategies when selling products, services or subscriptions is a must to succeed in a competitive marketplace.<p>The worst thing you can do is to try to wing it when it comes to pricing. Many entrepreneurs and marketers make this …

Stanford University

Minimal Posters in Tribute to David Bowie

Macedonian graphic designer Gorgi Janevski created a series of posters in tribute to David Bowie and how he was always searching to be more than just …

David Bowie

Cinderella's Nikes designed by Ben White | London.

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10 Marketing Tactics to Plan for in 2016

With so many articles, guides, and research findings from companies about upcoming trends and best practices, it can be challenging for marketing leaders to sift through it all and determine what exactly their teams should really focus on. But as the CEO of a content marketing agency, I know that …


MORGAN STANLEY: GoPro's marketing has been a failure, and it has even bigger issues that are about to get worse

In a note to clients on Monday, Morgan Stanley cut its rating on shares of GoPro to "Underweight" from "Equal Weight," effectively telling clients that right now there's basically nothing to like about the company.<p>And the biggest problem? GoPros are hard to use, and customers aren't really buying …

Morgan Stanley

Leading a Digital Transformation? Learn to Code

Leaders ascend to their positions by mastering today’s (or even yesterday’s) business. Almost by definition, they don’t have first-hand experience with a disruptive shift in their market when they encounter it. A lack of intuition around the new and different can at best slow progress and at worst …


Boston Marathon 1967 - Organizers attempt to stop a woman from running the race

Uber Isn’t Causing New York City’s Traffic Slowdown

In a squabble with Uber last month, Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that the ride-sharing company’s growing fleet of cars was choking New York City’s roadways and impeding traffic. He proposed—and then abandoned, after it proved extraordinarily unpopular—a cap on the company’s expansion. Uber …


The 3 Generations Of Smart Cities

Inside the development of the technology driven city.<p>Smart cities are getting more and more attention in the media, from technology companies and entrepreneurs, and increasingly from both local governments and civil society. On one hand, smart cities hold the promise to potentially make the growing …

Smart Cities

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Thank You @Viradise [GIF]

Thanks to Andrew O'Neill (@Viradise) for inviting me. For my first shot... a little After Effects action.

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The Innovation of Loneliness