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On almost every indicator, Germany’s south is doing better than its north

GERMANY'S north and south have always been different. One half was mostly outside the Roman Empire, the other mostly inside it. The characteristic …


Donald Trump's $20 Trillion Problem

Donald Trump

InterView - Attitude is everything - Film By Nithesh

Hare Krishnas

Jeff Bezos's Initial Focus on Books Constitutes the Greatest Execution of a Beachhead Marketing Strategy Ever

Emerging entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from Bezos's approach.<p>Jeff Bezos recently briefly overtook Bill Gates to become the richest man in America. It’s a reminder, much like Amazon’s most recent $13.7-billion acquisition of Whole Foods, of the remarkable power of the company that Bezos …

Jeff Bezos

Real-life career videos, advice and information to inspire your career

Real stories to inspire your career<p>From accountants to zookeepers, get a first-hand view<br>of jobs and ideas for your future.<p>Start thinking about your …

Creative Industries

How Germany responds to “blood and soil” politics

TO VIEW the footage of crowds in Charlottesville yelling Nazi slogans and flying Swastika banners is troubling anywhere. But do so from Berlin is …

Blood and Soil

Want to get ahead at work? Sit next to the office swot

Researchers have shown that sitting next to the most productive people, or those who do the best work, can improve how you do your job. Unfortunately, ‘toxic’ colleagues are just as influential …<p><b>Name:</b> The office swot.<p><b>Appearance:</b> Busy.<p><b>Location:</b> As close as possible.<p><b>As close as possible to what?</b> To …

The Workplace

The Verge Back to School Guide 2017

The death of the internal combustion engine

“HUMAN inventiveness…has still not found a mechanical process to replace horses as the propulsion for vehicles,” lamented <i>Le Petit Journal</i>, a French …

Electric Vehicles

Podcasts are getting better faster than audiobooks are getting cheaper

August 8th, 2017<p>Frustrated with myself over how few books I’ve read this year, last week I broke down and signed up for a trial membership to Audible.com. A friend of mine had told me it was his secret to reading more books, and when I complained that I didn’t have the time to wade through some …


Two Chinese tourists are arrested for making a Hitler salute in Germany

IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse for breaking it. Over the weekend two Chinese tourists were arrested in Germany for photographing themselves making …


Our autonomous future: How driverless cars will be the first robots we learn to trust

In this in-depth report, learn why self-driving cars are inevitable, what the industry is doing about safety, and what it will take to get autonomous …

Tesla Model S

The breakdown: hydrogen on the horizon

<b>What's going on?</b><p>There have been important breakthroughs in the drive for hydrogen-powered cars this month.<p>The South Australian Government announced …

Alternative Fuel

The car is dead, long live the car, thanks to Tesla

Established carmakers may scoff at Elon Musk’s firm, but like Apple and the iPhone, it heralds a massive shake-up of the auto industry<p>Two interesting things happened last week. One was Tesla’s delivery of the first batch of its Model 3, the company’s first “affordable” car. (If you think $35,000, …

Elon Musk

'Faster, cheaper, cleaner': experts disagree about Elon Musk's Hyperloop claims

Elon Musk claims Hyperloop pods will be faster than trains, safer than cars and less damaging to the environment than aircraft. But is that likely to be true?<p>Elon Musk’s plans for magnetically-levitated pods are back in the news after South Korea signed an agreement to develop a full-scale …

Elon Musk

Blockchain, explained

An MIT expert on why distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies have the potential to affect every industry.<p>By Zach Church | May 25, 2017<p><b>Why it …

Five ways to spot a business trend that will last

It can be tempting to invest in the latest technology, marketing strategy or fashionable product line, but how do you know which ones will fade away and which ones will make your bottom line flourish?<p>It’s not unusual for businesses to make huge investments based on the latest trend. Picking the …


From decks to moats: the complete guide to modern office jargon

Ready to get on all fours and become a change agent? Pivot to this snackable guide for a transformative experience<p>If you want to add value to your tell-mode paradigm in the competitive modern workplace, you need to keep up to date with the latest business jargon. Such language is widely …

New Zealand Rugby

More than 2,500 products subject to shrinkflation, says ONS

Personal Finance reporter<p><b>As many as 2,529 products have shrunk in size over the past five years, but are being sold for the same price, official figures show.</b><p>The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said it was not just chocolate bars that have been subject to so-called "shrinkflation".<p>It said …

Human Geography

A train that proclaims China’s global ambition

Among this year’s under-reported events was the opening of a new rail freight route. A locomotive, pulling wagons loaded with Chinese manufactures, …


I've been a Hollywood casting director for nearly 40 years — here are the 3 best pieces of job interview advice I can give you

After casting dozens of theatrical films and television shows over the course of my 38-year career, I've seen thousands of aspiring actors come through my door awaiting their big break.<p>Some are rehearsed, some are well prepared, and some haven't done the necessary work before coming in.<p>If you look …


What Everyone Must Know About Industry 4.0

First came steam and the first machines that mechanized some of the work our ancestors did. Next was electricity, the assembly line and the birth of mass production. The third era of industry came about with the advent of computers and the beginnings of automation, when robots and machines began to …

Industry 4.0

Building a Business - 2014


Lecture Collection | Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

Venture Capital

11 TED Talks that will make you smarter about business

Some of the most compelling TED Talks out there focus on business strategy.<p>Thought leaders from around the world discuss how to be a more effective leader, how to motivate yourself and your employees, and how to launch a successful business.<p>Each one challenges conventional notions about the way we …

TED Talks

Want to Be More Productive? Sit Next to Someone Who Is

To increase worker performance, employers often invest in a number of things, from rewards and incentives to education and training. These traditional approaches develop employees’ skills and enrich their work experience. But we discovered a surprisingly simple way to increase productivity, one …

The Workplace

9 of the most fascinating TED Talks about money

Money matters are complicated, and there's far more to finances than balancing a checkbook.<p>Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to turn to, from podcasts to books to personal finance gurus, that will teach you the basics and then some.<p>We've rounded up nine TED Talks — all between 10 and 20 …

TED Talks

How rude: The secret to smart interrupting

On a global conference call, everyone wants to get their point across. So how can you interrupt without being rude?<p>At the best of times, conference calls can be unwieldy, from the guy who fails to mute the flushing toilet, to the latecomers who join midway through and ask questions that have …