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Hong Kong: clashes escalate between pro-democracy protesters and police

Injuries on both sides as police force demonstrators to abandon barricaded position in one of city’s main thoroughfares<p>Thousands of pro-democracy protesters forced their way past police and poured on to a main road in Hong Kong late on Sunday night, escalating their direct action campaign.<p>But …

Hong Kong

UK politicians refused entry to Hong Kong

China bars House of Commons delegation as pro-democracy protesters confront police on streets of former colony<p>A committee of British MPs has been warned that they will be denied entry to Hong Kong if they try to go ahead with a planned visit to the former British colony.<p>Sir Richard Ottaway, the …

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Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Hong Kong protesters clash with police near financial district

Vietato l’ingresso in Cina agli studenti che hanno guidato la protesta di Hong Kong

Volevano andare a Pechino per incontrare i leader cinesi e fargli presente le loro richieste visto che le autorità di Hong Kong hanno dichiarato di …

Hong Kong democracy movement split in protest-weary city

Hong Kong police to start clearing protesters from Admiralty district

Statement urges occupiers to leave area around government buildings before planned clearance of streets on Tuesday<p>Hong Kong police have announced that they are preparing to start clearing pro-democracy protesters from part of the core zone of demonstrations on Tuesday.<p>In a statement released late …

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Hong Kong protesters dig in outside government HQ

Police reputation and morale at stake in Hong Kong protests | Reuters

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong police have been pushed and pulled in all directions during weeks of pro-democracy street protests, obeying orders to clear protest sites, allow protest sites to stay put, push back demonstrators and protect them from attack.<p>With no end to the standoff in sight, the …

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For Hong Kong youngsters, protests bring taste of freedom

View photos<p>More<p>A month on the streets has given young Hong Kong democracy protesters a taste of life outside the city's cramped shoebox apartments -- …

Hong Kong protesters to hold street vote

View photos<p>More<p>Hong Kong's democracy activists are planning a street vote to gauge protesters' views on conciliatory offers from the government, as …

Hong Kong protests: Can talks end stalemate?

<b>Hong Kong (CNN) —</b> Student leaders will meet with Hong Kong government representatives Tuesday, the first time the two sides have met since pro-democracy protesters took to the streets of the city more than three weeks ago.<p>But while the talks present the best chance for a peaceful resolution to the …

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Governo Hong Kong, protesta pilotata - Primopiano

Il capo del governo di Hong Kong CY Leung punta il dito contro il coinvolgimento di "forze straniere" nelle manifestazioni pro-democrazia che da …

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Hong Kong protesters battle police

Violent clashes have erupted again in a Hong Kong protest hot spot as activists confronted riot police despite the confirmation of talks between protest leaders and officials to be held early next week.<p>Demonstrators launched a fresh offensive in the early hours of Sunday in Mong Kok, charging metal …

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Hong Kong democracy street battles rage on despite imminent talks | Reuters

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Violent clashes erupted early on Sunday in a Hong Kong protest hotspot as unarmed pro-democracy activists once again confronted riot police despite the confirmation of talks between protest leaders and officials early this week.<p>Hong Kong's 28,000 strong police force have been …

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Hong Kong Police Attack on Pro-Democracy Activist Sparks Anger

HONG KONG - Hong Kong police battling activists for control of an underpass in the dead of night Wednesday sparked public anger after officers were seen kicking a handcuffed protester in the worst violence since pro-democracy street demonstrations began more than two weeks ago. Officers armed with …

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HK police to investigate 'beating'

<b>The Hong Kong police department is investigating reports that officers used excessive force against pro-democracy protesters.</b><p>Local TV showed images of officers beating a handcuffed protester on Wednesday in some of the worst clashes since the street demonstrations began.<p>The protester's lawyer told …

#BREAKING Hong Kong police start removing protest barricades: AFP

Hong Kong protests: Premier Li stresses social stability

<b>China's Premier Li Keqiang says he is sure social stability can be maintained in Hong Kong, as pro-democracy protests in the region entered a third week.</b><p>Mr Li made his comments during his trip to Germany, where he and Chancellor Angela Merkel signed trade agreements.<p>Thousands of protesters, …

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Hong Kong