chloe and isabel by Ana Wholley

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BUSY BE I have been quite busy with my new jewelry business thus I haven’t written as much as I’d like. Commercial break:
Now back to regular writing… Busy is good, I needed this new adventure. It will inspire for sure new poetry and stories about my interaction with people. I just need some extra devoting time to give birth to my new career, set it all up… Plus writing is my faithful companion. It never abandons me, it is patient and sticks with me through thick and thin, high and low, better or worse, busy or lazy. I just have to leave you with a stanza or two at least about my moment, so I can reassure my writer friend she is never forgotten and perennial part of any road I take. Blinding aquamarine stones remind me of Caribbean clarity
What lies inside is truth, translated into a single classic pearl
Quartz in rosy tones speak of sweet womanly vanity
Shining as much as my inner romantic girl Busy be good to me, please
Not an obsessive bee rushing the honey as if time is tight
But as a grape picker in the vineyard with gentle ease
Feeling whole and helping other souls shine their light. ***
Thank you for reading.