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17 Recipes to Make on Your Next Date Night (With the Fruit)

Dates? We've got 'em by the dozen.<p><b>Dates are often referred to</b> as nature's candy, and it's no wonder: We'd eat the sweet, chewy, and supremely snackable fruit by the handful any day. We love adding one or two pitted dates to our morning smoothies and have reinvented the cinnamon bun with zero …


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Slow-Cooker Classics

There are days when you want to lose yourself in the kitchen, enjoying the hours spent standing over the stove. And then there are all of the other days of the year. When your calendar is packed -- or when you simply want a satisfying supper -- let your slow cooker handle dinner duties. These easy …

17 Halloween Movies For Easily Scared People

Sometimes you just want to watch a Halloween movie and NOT have a heart attack.


Skillet Breakfast Recipe

Skillet Breakfast Recipe<p>Author:<p>Serves: 4<p>You can make your own homemade hashbrowns (I make mine in the ActiFry) for this …


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Sunday's Lunar Eclipse Has Got It All

Maybe you've become inured to all the superlatives that get attached to sky-watching events. But the one on Sunday really is worth a look — it's the first total eclipse that's also a supermoon and a blood moon in more than three decades.<p>As explains: "Supermoons occur when the moon reaches …

Lunar Eclipse

Amazing Facts About Chicken Recipes

Chicken is called the universal meat due to its universal acceptance across the world. For chicken lovers it is the food of life. For cooking a …

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20 Super Clever Upgrades To Make To Your Home

11. Slide out drawers in the kitchen provide easy access for spices and condiments.<p>more details <b>here…</b><p>12. Here is a grocery door between the garage and …

53 Roasted Vegetable Recipes to Jazz Up Any Dinner

Dinner sides in a snap? Enter, roasted vegetables. Here are our 53 favorite recipes for dinnertime or anytime.<p><b>Sides in a snap?</b> It's practically what roasted vegetables were made for. Chop 'em up (or leave 'em whole) and get that oven roaring, because these 53 recipes are about to earn permanent …


Tailgating Recipes That Are The Real MVPs

Your wings just got a touchdown.<p>Football season? More like hot wings season.<p>This fall is the perfect time to flex your snack and appetizer preparation skills. According to Pinterest, foods like pizza pinwheels and cheese and ham rolls are suddently super popular -- so trendy that "party roll" …

This Is the Single Best Tomato Soup You Will Ever Eat

<i>by guest blogger Paul Kita, food and nutrition editor at</i> Men's Health<p>The words "tomato soup" usually conjure the image of gloppy condensed tomato goo slopping out from a can. Sure, serve the shelf-stable stuff with grilled cheese and you have a nostalgia-invoking comfort meal. Admit, though, that …

31 Quick and Easy Recipes For Fall

You'll want to bookmark these easy weeknight recipes that embrace the cooler weather.<p><b>17 Simple Fall Weeknight Meals</b><p>Simple dinners that will soon become staple favorites. <b>See the recipes</b>.<p><b>Slow-Cooker Pulled Chicken</b><p>Just the recipe to transition from summer to fall. <b>Get the recipe</b>.<p><b>Veggie-Filled …

15 Bucket List Recipes for Fall

How many can you make?<p>Don’t mourn the end of summer—celebrate the start of fall by planning out all the seasonal parties you can host, tailgates you …

Healthy Casserole Recipes You Won't Believe Are Good for You

Let's start with this vibrant gratin, which can only be described as a vegetarian's dream dish. It's packed with antioxidants from the sweet potatoes and cauliflower and uses a lightened-up bechamel sauce. You read that right: This bechamel sauce uses olive oil instead of butter!


25 Genius Spaghetti Recipes You Should Know

It's noodle time.<p><i>Mei Chin contributed to this post. For more, visit Food52.</i>

Italian Food

The Cheeseburger Recipes You Shouldn't Live Without

So much ooey, gooey, glorious cheese.<p>In life there are burgers and then there are <i>cheeseburgers</i>, and though the only notable difference between the two is only a slice of cheese, it is a significant one nonetheless. One is good and makes us happy, but the other makes us feel all warm and fuzzy …

Breakfast potato boats stuffed with cheesy eggs — your morning just got so good!

Finally, you have a really good reason not to sleep in: these breakfast potato boats are the best breakfast invention since make-ahead bacon waffles. How could you go wrong when pairing tender baked potatoes with cheesy scrambled eggs? And when you set up a breakfast buffet to let everyone top …


10 Oktoberfest Recipes to Wash Down with Beer

Starting tomorrow, the world will get a little bit crazier: It's the beginning of Oktoberfest, that three-week-long celebration of, well, beer! (Why it starts in September, we don't know, but we're happy to start drinking beer and eating pretzels now.) Though you may not be in a raucous tent, …

8 Creamy Risotto Recipes That Are Actually Healthy

Though it’s typically packed with cheese and butter, there are ways to make healthy risotto without sacrificing its signature creaminess. Here, eight …

Vegetarian Enchiladas: Delicious and Healthy

How do you turn Vegetarian Enchiladas into an evening?<p>Why Vegetarian Enchiladas?<p>A few days ago I prepared dinner for a friend on her way to Cuba. …

Espresso Cola: Give Your Soda the Coffee Treatment It Deserves

Big-time caffeine and serious flavor: the Espresso Cola is the afternoon pick-me-up of our dreams.<p>There's caffeine and then there's the kind of big-time caffeine boost you'll get from topping off a bottle of Coca-Cola with two shots of espresso. But that's sort of the point, according to <b>Mike Haft</b> …


12 Little Known Laws of Happiness (That Will Change your Life)

<i>“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”<br>― Aristotle</i>Some people appear to be happy on the outside, but they struggle anxiously behind closed doors and …