Callaway Press Release: Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha Announced

By Callaway Golf | Tired of reading boring press releases? We're tired of writing them. Flip through this first ever press release magazine for a more dynamic look at all the content, imagery and press information around Callaway Golf's announcement of Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha. #BerthasBack

Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha Drivers - #BerthasBack - TV Commercial

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“This is the cover of the original Big Bertha launch kit from January, 1991. Contents included a hard copy of the press release, four color…”

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Gravity Core in the making. #<b>BerthasBack</b>

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Was amazed at how hard is was to get here. #<b>BerthasBack</b> #<b>YouCantArgueWithPysics</b>

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Honored and privileged to design these products with that name at this time in our history. Congrats to my R&D team. #<b>BERTHASBACK</b>

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Big Bertha Driver

NEW HYPER SPEED FACE<br>Why is our new Hyper Speed Face design so groundbreaking? Well, it’s lighter (as in 10% lighter), hotter, and more robust than …


Where Will Your Distance Come From?

Big Bertha Alpha Driver

GRAVITY CONTROL ADJUSTABILITY<br>Here’s the breakdown:<br>– For the first time ever, the Gravity Core lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch …

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The Big Bertha Alpha is the Company’s most flexible fitting platform ever. #<b>BerthasBack</b>

Big Bertha Driver Introduction - Callaway Talks

Big Bertha Alpha Driver Introduction - Callaway Talks

Big Bertha Driver Product Video

Big Bertha is back. And she’s a lot meaner. Faster, more robust, with our new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for maximum distance from a total …

Big Bertha Alpha Driver Product Video

The new Big Bertha Alpha Driver is hands down the most advanced driver anyone’s ever made – a total performance package of maximum distance. When you …

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.@<b>bonafideboller</b> Big Bertha Alpha head cover on the left, Big Bertha on the

Big Bertha Driver - Adjustable Perimeter Weighting - Explain This To Me

Callaway Big Bertha Family | Drivers, Irons, Woods, Sets

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Clubs | Specs, Reviews & Videos

Meet the alpha<br>Available 2.14.14<p>Everything we’ve learned about adjustable drivers (and that’s a lot) has led to this beauty before you, the Big Bertha …

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Alpha Driver

Explain This To Me: Forged Composite

What is Forged Composite and what are its key properties?<p>Forged Composite is an extremely strong, lightweight and precise composite material used …

Big Bertha Alpha Driver - Gravity Core - Explain This To Me

“Happy Thanksgiving, Callaway fans. Don't forget to tell your friends and family: #BerthasBack on Monday. (Click the link in our profile for…”

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FORGIVENESS MEETS FAST<p>Now Available!<p>Introducing The All New XR 16 Driver and Fairway<p>Callaway XR 16 Driver – Features & Benefits<p>2/1/2016<p>Tour Players …


Big Bertha Fairway Wood Product Video

Adjustable fairway woods just got Bertha Long. In the new Big Bertha Fairway Woods, we used the same forged face cup technology found in the hottest …