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Enchant Your Desktop with These Starry Night Wallpapers

There's something invigorating and deeply moving about a clear night sky when you can see the stars and moon. No wonder starry nights make for such …

Updated map of Circles throughout Thedas

Updated map of Circles throughout Thedas.<p>Still accepting any changes in information.

Gwayn, Soris and the women make it back to the alienage

Gwayn, Soris and the women make it back to the alienage. Duncan and Valendrian are concerned by the news of Vaughan’s death. The guards show up almost on their heels, and Gwayn claims sole responsibility for what happened. Duncan conscripts him; a few brief minutes for good-byes, and then he leaves the alienage, worried about any potential repercussions but unable to stay.

Dragon Age Alistair’s funny quotes

Anders: night camp by lZeXl

CONFESSION: I found Ser Cauthrien’s hero worship of Loghain to be not only disturbing and fascinating to see but tragic as well

<b>CONFESSION:</b> I found Ser Cauthrien’s hero worship of Loghain to<br>be not only disturbing and fascinating to see but tragic as well

Simple Remedies

For minor <b>cuts, bug bites, and stings</b> - a poultice or salve of any of these herbs would work:<p><b>plantain</b>- draws out splinters from the skin• <b><br>lavender-</b> antimicrobial and eases pain• <b><br>yarrow</b>- stops bleeding• <b><br>mugwort -</b> heals wounds<p>For <b>colds and flus</b>- make teas of these herbs and drink throughout the day:<p><b>elderflower</b>- dries mucus, diaphoretic• <b><br>plantain</b>- moistens lungs, removes toxins, soothes scratchy throat• <b><br>sage</b>- soothes a sore throat• <b><br>ginger</b>- helps nausea and warms the core to expel fevers• <b><br>yarrow</b>- expels …

Food Headcanons

Ferelden - Heavy food, hot food, lots of calories for a miserable climate. Sausages, thick soups, venison and mutton, rabbit, potatoes, baked apples, savoury and not too sweet or spicy.<p>Orlais - rich, extravagant. Pastries and cheeses, boar, honeyed carrots, black cherries in cream. The sweetness is almost overwhelming in most of their dishes.<p>Rivain - simple in presentation and preparation, but filling and often spicy. Grains and dark bread. Exotic mushrooms and peppers.<p>Antiva - light, …


<i>Not anymore.</i>


Dragon Age #1 comic<p>Knight-Commander Greagoir beats a pregnant mage.


DA:O Heroes of the Fifth Blight: Wynne by *Darantha


<i>“We have been given the gift of freedom by our forbearers. Let us not squander it.”</i><p>The only child of the war hero Loghain Mac Tir, Anora has never been one to stay quietly in the background. It is common knowledge that in the five years Anora and Cailan held the throne together, she was the one wielding the power. She is held in much higher esteem than her husband by the people of Ferelden, nobility and commoners alike, and commands the respect even of foreign nations, having once inspired …


Fun loving? Fancy free? Was he now? I am not so sure.<p>Bah. DON’T MAKE ME PULL OUT THE AUDIO CLIPS AGAIN. But seriously, all OP really needs to do is to play through Awakenings with a mean!Warden. Tell Anders that mages deserve to be locked up and surprise! You’ll find DA2 Anders right there. You just don’t see that side of him if you agree with everything he says.<p>/sigh<p>Anders has always been bitter and angry.<p>Here’s the audio files, AGAIN.<p>Anders was betrayed by his faith- he went from being a …





This is literally painful to watch. How could anyone kill this guy??? </3<p>(Most of my guy friends had him executed. Jerks.)<p>As far as I am concerned, executing Alistair is a moral event horizon for the Warden. Any warden. At any time. It’s not a moral event horizon for the player because Alistair is pixels.<p>I have heard the argument that the Warden is not required to LIKE Alistair, and certainly the player is not. However, there is simply no argument in all of Dragon Age that I will accept that …


I’ll break you heart. And that might kill me as surely as the templars.


<b>story time</b> | <b>lady knights</b> bravery and courage cast in metal adorned with the protective woman as good - if not better than - a male companion.