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As I've said before, I'll minimize engaging in politics. It's a complete waste of time and brain cycles, unless you're in a position to make an impact, or if you're really passionate about it. For me, I never really like politics. If you think politics in the U.S. is corrupt, then you should travel more to other developing nations. I grew up in a developing nation that's why I loathe politics. But I understand that there is no escape from politics because everything is political, and humans are political animals. That's why I keep saying that "politics is necessary bullshit." But unless you're in politics or it's in within your sphere of influence, then it's psychologically healthier to tune out that damn thing and focus on issues which are within your sphere of influence. That's why I've switched my focus back to things that really matter to me, in my profession, intellectual interests, and passion. Having said all of that, I'm not ignoring politics altogether. I'm just relegating it to a vey low priority in my awareness bandwidth. That's why I'm collecting all the relevant information in this Flipboard magazine. After all, it's a necessary bullshit. So enjoy diving into this crappy rabbit hole :) P.S. You can rant your political views all you want. just remember this. George Carlin - It's a Big Club and You Ain't In It! The American Dream https://youtu.be/kXhZyAOuyhE