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What’s all this then? A @bikes_vs_cars screening in Tokyo? Stay tuned for more details…

New Years Ride with the Cycling Embassy of Japan in Tokyo

On January 4th the Cycling Embassy of Japan rang in the new year with a social ride on a relatively car free route to Lake Tama on the border of …


Lake Tama Ride

Somehow men in Lycra telling mothers on bikes how to cycle doesn’t work for me.

My goal for 2016 is to meet as many great and inspirational people as I can through cycling!

Cycling to the Boro-ichi Market in Setagaya, Tokyo.

On a cold day under crisp blue Tokyo winter skies myself and four others set out on a ride from Studio C in Sasazuka to visit Setagaya-ku's famous …


Seriously Tokyo what is this shit?

Seriously Tokyo what is this shit?<p>12/16/2015 Byron Kidd 1 Comments<p>So five of us were cycling to Setagaya-ku's famous Boro-ichi Market this morning …


Cycling Tokyo's Tamako Cycling Road

Cycling Tokyo's Tamako Cycling Road<p>12/15/2015 Byron Kidd 0 Comments<p>It was a spur of the moment decision at 7:10am to message partners in crime Chad …


What’s all this then? Keep the evening of December 23 free for the Night Pedal Cruising Christmas Ride! @NPC_TDF

Sticking it to the man. Inokashira Park, Tokyo.

My take on cycling in Tokyo in Metropolis magazine. I’d love to hear your comments.

Cycling the suburbs of Western Tokyo with @Freewheelingjp

From Rotterdam to Tokyo: the world's most hi-tech cycle parks

Businesses and cities are installing state of the art parking facilities for the swelling ranks of cyclists, but will they pay to park?<p>For all those cyclists who leave their bike at the station only to spend the rest of the day worrying it will be stolen or vandalised, there may be hope in the form …

UCI ready to agree to cycling venue switch for Tokyo Olympics

UCI president Brian Cookson says he is “optimistic” that he will receive the assurances he wants from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games organisers over a …

“都心発着”サイクルトレインの魅力 「Station Ride in 南房総」で味わった景色とグルメ 


Last weekends Night Pedal Cruising ride in Tokyo was a 50/50 split between male and female riders. Yay us! @NPC_TDF

Friday in Shibuya with @chadwickfeijen awaiting the arrival of @vaguelyspecific with @Treadlie mags for @BLUELUG

Big in Japan - The 2015 Single Speed World Championships


The Tweed Run Tokyo 2015

It’s Autumn in Tokyo which means it’s time for a the annual Tweed Run. Here I followed members of the fashion industry who dressed up in good ‘ol …


Night Pedal Cruising Halloween Ride in Tokyo!

Its on again everyone, the Night Pedal Cruising Halloween Ride in Tokyo!<br>Growing larger and larger every year this is Tokyo's one and only Halloween …


Fond Memories of Track Racing in Tasmania in the 70's and 80's

Recently an article I penned about the success of cycling in Tokyo despite the lack of cycling infrastructure was published in Treadlie Magazine, …

Santa Claus

Cycling isn’t dangerous, roads are.

Come join us on Tokyo’s one and only Night Pedal Cruising Halloween Ride. Costumes, movies, prizes & more!

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Mamachari Diet book & DVD with @KarenMichibata Reminds us everyday cycling is great for health & happiness.