The most in-demand jobs for the future

Innovation undoubtedly drives business growth — but it also powers new and exciting career opportunities. Artificial intelligence probably comes to mind as one example, especially in the wake of generative AI, but that's not the only story. From the electrification and infrastructure jobs that are fostered by legislation and concerns for the planet, to the creator and experience jobs that cater to a whole world of interests, there is a range of professional avenues to explore.

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The most in-demand jobs for the future
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    5 Trends to Bet Your Career On

    5 Trends to Bet Your Career On

    Business Insider is highlighting five fast-moving trends that are activating new professional opportunities for those just starting out, as well as those looking for something new.

    Creating an experience

    Millennials and Gen Z want to do things, not buy things. That's why it may be a great time to bet on the experience economy if you're looking to build a career over the next decade.

    The rise of AI

    Artificial intelligence may have experienced the rapid escalation that characterizes a bubble — but there are no signs that it's going to burst. More money in AI means more jobs in AI, and companies big and small are now on the hunt for AI talent.

    Becoming a creator

    From buzzy new brands like Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty, to established e-commerce giants like Amazon, many companies are using influencers to help drive sales. It's not just creators themselves who are cashing in either. There's also a range of professionals who work for creators, like agents, managers, assistants, or video editors.

    The demand for electricians

    There are signs everywhere that America is transitioning to a greener economy. To pick up the pace, the US needs thousands of new electricians to do much of the behind-the-scenes work, such as installing and maintaining charging stations, transmission lines, and electric appliances.

    working in infrastructure

    The US is in dire need of more housing and infrastructure like roads, bridges, and clean energy. President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law means job opportunities, including in infrastructure-repair investments, such as for bridges, and investments in public transportation and electric vehicle charging.

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