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POINT-OF-SALE TERMINALS: How evolving merchant demands are pushing POS terminal providers to up their game in an increasingly competitive environment

<i>BI IntelligenceThis is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.</i><p>The downfall of US brick-and-mortar commerce is overblown — despite sharp gains in e-commerce, which will nearly double between …


Inside the New York City offices of $45 billion hedge-fund firm Two Sigma

What do you picture when you imagine a hedge-fund office? A noisy trading floor full of hedge-fund guys in fleece vests?<p>Two Sigma, a $45 billion hedge-fund firm that uses advanced technologies to find investment opportunities, is a little different. The firm, which says it has seen head count grow …

The Workplace

Join us at IGNITION: Future of Media!

Hello, everyone!<p>Our 8th annual IGNITION: Future of Media conference is about 6 weeks away. We'll be at the Time Warner Center in New York City. We would love to see you there.<p>This year, we'll be joined by, among others:<p>Bharat N. Anand, Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration, <b>Harvard</b> …

Tucker Carlson

CHATBOTS EXPLAINED: Why businesses should be paying attention to the chatbot revolution

<i>This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.</i><p>Advancements in artificial intelligence, coupled with the proliferation of messaging apps, are fueling the development of chatbots — software …


The inside story of a bizarre Netflix documentary showing Jim Carrey in character as Andy Kaufman for 4 months, both on screen and off

• <b>The Netflix documentary "Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond" is a behind-the-scenes look at Jim Carrey's journey to become Andy Kaufman in the movie "Man on the Moon."</b>• <b><br>Carrey was in character as Kaufman for the entire four-month shoot both on screen and off.</b>• <b><br>"Jim & Andy" director Chris Smith spent eight</b> …

Jim Carrey

Black Friday workers confess 9 things they'd love to tell shoppers but can't

On Black Friday — the most hectic day in retail — there are plenty of things store associates would love to tell shoppers.<p>But, whether it's because there's just no time or for fear of repercussions, there are some things they can't tell you.<p>And some of these things, while perhaps controversial, …


Elon Musk says Tesla's new Roadster will be the fastest production car ever made — here's what it looks like

Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised everyone and unveiled a new Roadster on Thursday evening.<p>After unveiling the company's new big-rig, Tesla had its new Roadster driven out of the back of the semi-trailer.<p>The sports car will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, making it the fastest …

Elon Musk

This procedure could help treat severe asthma


Americans work less than ever before but still feel like there's no free time — and there's a simple explanation

The number of hours Americans work has gone down over the last several decades, according to data from the OECD, while leisure time has gone up. But that's hardly the perception for many working people.<p>How come?<p>The psychologist Adam Alter offered one reason in his 2017 TED talk "Why our screens …

The Workplace

A toy startup is using YouTube get kids to beg their millennial parents for its new Star Wars kit — and defying industry trends to do it

• <b>The educational toy company LittleBits is trying to roll out the hot new toy for the holidays.</b>• <b><br>It's 'Droid Inventor Kit' lets kids build their own versions of R2D2 from "Star Wars" while letting parents feel like their children are learning to code.</b>• <b><br>The company may be writing the new playbook for a</b> …


This $40 million robotic 'plantscraper' will feed over 5,000 people per year

By 2050, the world's population is expected to swell to 9.6 billion, with around 66% living in urban areas. This projection is leaving many cities wondering how they will feed all those people.<p>A Swedish food-tech company called Plantagon is proposing that cities consider building what it calls …


21 popular TV shows that critics hate, but normal people love

How much do critics matter?<p>For many TV shows, it seems like not that much. In fact, some of the most critically panned TV shows on the air are the most loved by audiences, and have big ratings.<p>We already collected a list of some new fall TV shows from 2017 that critics hate (but normal people …


Sean Astin describes one thing you probably never knew about 'The Goonies'

If you grew up in the '80s, you probably have watched Richard Donner's classic film "The Goonies" a number of times. But there's an infamous scene that was cut from the original theatrical release that you might not know about. We spoke with Sean Astin at the Sharper Image pop-up shop in Times …

Sean Astin

7 medical benefits of marijuana

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 23 states, including the District of Columbia and Guam. Researchers have shown many of its benefits, yet federal law still prohibits it as a medical treatment.<p><i>Original reporting by Kevin Loria. Jennifer Welsh contributed to an earlier version of this video.</i>


How drones will change the world in the next 5 years

<i>This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.</i><p>The fast-growing global drone industry has not sat back waiting for government policy to be hammered out before pouring investment and effort …


Roku has tripled since going public — and traders betting against the stock are getting crushed

• <b>Roku has tripled since going public in late September, spiking on Monday after reporting sales that beat Wall Street estimates.</b>• <b><br>Traders betting against Roku have lost more than $100 million since the company's initial public offering.</b><p>When it comes to television these days, it never pays to bet …


Former Uber board member and VC Bill Gurley says it’s time for Silicon Valley’s unicorns to ‘grow up’ and get profitable

• <b>Tech venture capitalist Bill Gurley thinks Silicon Valley 'unicorns' are growing up and realizing they need to be profitable.</b>• <b><br>But he also said that recent tech IPOs like Snap Inc.'s will lead private unicorns to possibly delay going public out of fear.</b><p>Silicon Valley's most valuable startups are …

Venture Capital

The main differences between Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Aspirin summed up

Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Aspirin. These over-the-counter drugs are essential to our daily body pains. But are we really using the right one for a headache?<p><b>Follow Tech Insider:</b> On Facebook


The best low-cost airline in the world is taking on Amazon and international banking

• <b>AirAsia is the best low-cost airline in the world.</b>• <b><br>CEO Tony Fernandes wants to shift the airline's business towards e-commerce.</b>• <b><br>AirAsia has also launched a payments platform called BigPay.</b>• <b><br>Fernandes believes the first class cabin is going away within five years.</b><p>Sixteen years ago, Tony Fernandes, with …


Tesla is seemingly taking a big risk with the Semi and new Roadster — but it just might work

• <b>Tesla is once again in a period where it looks like it's doing too much.</b>• <b><br>This has coincided with a sliding stock price and questions about its focus.</b>• <b><br>But the company is guided by a vision that bigger than mere business success.</b><p>LOS ANGELES — Tesla is more than Tesla. Sure, the company has a factory in …

Elon Musk

Here's why AT&T's proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner is a bad deal for you and me

• <b>AT&T wants to buy Time Warner for $85 billion.</b>• <b><br>AT&T's past moves have shown that it will likely use its control over Time Warner's shows and movies to thwart rivals and charge customers more.</b>• <b><br>The company could limit access to Time Warner's content to its own subscribers or make that content cheaper</b> …

Net Neutrality

Tech stocks once again look completely unstoppable

• <b>Tech stocks have been an invaluable part of broader stock market strength in 2017, returning more than double the benchmark S&P 500.</b>• <b><br>Skeptics said for months that the air would have to come out of tech stocks, which they said had gotten overextended.</b>• <b><br>Tech companies have responded by reporting some of</b> …


I wanted to recommend Google's Pixel Buds, but I can't — they fall short on too many promises

When Google unveiled its Pixel Buds in October, they promised to be a futuristic take on wireless headphones.<p>But in real life, Pixel Buds fall short.<p>The buds, which cost $159, aren't terrible headphones by any means. They sound good, they look good, and they do most of the things Google promised …


Over 60,000 people open a trivia app twice a day for the chance to win hundreds of dollars in minutes — here's how you play

• <b>Vine's creators are behind HQ Trivia, a unique trivia-style app that around 60,000 people play twice a day.</b>• <b><br>HQ Trivia is run like a game show, with two live game sessions each day at 3pm ET and 6pm ET.</b> <b>Winners are allotted real cash prizes, and it's free to participate.</b><p>HQ Trivia is quickly becoming …

Board Games

Apple is struggling to make and meet promises about when it will ship new products — and the HomePod is only the latest example

• <b>Apple had shown a growing tendency to delay or make vague promises about when it will deliver new products.</b>• <b><br>The latest example is with its HomePod smart speaker, which it was supposed to release next month but now won't be available until next year.</b>• <b><br>The vague and broken promises could lead to</b> …

John Gruber

The 4-Hour Workweek' author Tim Ferriss reveals what he's learned after a difficult year of introspection, and how he built a passionate fanbase of millions

• <b>Tim Ferriss first found fame in 2007 with the massive bestseller "The 4-Hour Workweek."</b>• <b><br>His interview podcast, "The Tim Ferriss Show," has been downloaded nearly 200 million times.</b>• <b><br>His newest book, "Tribe of Mentors," is a collection of advice he gathered from some of the world's most successful</b> …


THE SELF-INSTALLED SMART HOME REPORT: Why current smart home device owners are appealing to tech companies

<i>This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.</i><p>Not that long ago, many home-appliance and consumer-electronics makers were gearing up for what they thought would soon be a rapidly growing …


MORGAN STANLEY: These 16 stocks are set for huge growth no matter what

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has made nearly $2 billion on its investment in Apple.<p>The conglomerate bought more in the third quarter just as the stock, with the rest of the tech sector, continued to hit new highs.<p>Many of his other investments aren't doing too badly either, to say the …


THE AI DISRUPTION BUNDLE: The guide to understanding how artificial intelligence is impacting the world

<i>This is a preview of a research report bundle from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.</i><p>Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't a part of the future of technology. AI <b>is</b> the future of technology.<p>Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have …