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In Defense of The Bark Beetle

An ecologically healthy forest needs more than this one dead tree | Photo: Bob White/Flickr/Creative Commons License<p>We've all seen the sensational …


Election Law Ground Wars Underway in Federal Courts

Decisions on photo ID, polling locations and registration could affect turnout<p>With the conventions over and Republican Donald Trump and Democrat …

L.A. Is Now a Renters' Town

A new report from rental site Apartment List confirms that Los Angeles is now a renter-majority city.<p>Once the epicenter of postwar, single-family …

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Physicists Believe They've Discovered a Fifth Fundamental Force of the Universe

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New Snowden docs suggest Shadow Broker leak was real

On Monday, a group of hackers calling themselves the Shadow Broker put up a number of cyber-espionage tools reportedly stolen from NSA-associated hacking outfit, the Equation Group. Edward Snowden has already publicly speculated that the intrusion and theft was actually just another salvo in the …


Stone Brewing's Hotel Isn't the Only Way to Beer-Cation in California

Summer might be almost over, but if you’re looking for that one last vacation, may we suggest making it the most refreshing kind — a …


A Master of Umbral Moonshine Toys With String Theory

After the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in Iceland in 2010, flight cancellations left Miranda Cheng stranded in Paris. While waiting for the ash …


Coffee, Cardamom, and Honey: Tracing Food to Its Source in Guatemala

After three hours of bouncing up dirt roads, we reached the top of the mountain, opening the doors of our trucks as fireworks popped off. Soon, we were circled three times by women swinging incense. No common language was needed to understand the welcome ceremony this Q'eqchi Mayan community gave …


The Best Swedish Meatballs

<i>The Best Swedish Meatballs are smothered in the most amazing rich and creamy gravy. The meatballs are packed with such delicious flavor. You will</i> …

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Screw the Haters: GNR's Dodger Stadium Show Was Everything Fans Could Hope For

<b>Guns N' Roses<br>Dodger Stadium<br>Aug.</b> 18, 2016<p>For some of us, Axl Rose is the hard-rock Elvis. (Or, "They're like Led Zeppelin for you, huh?" as my Uber …

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Connecticut Supreme Court Reinstates State Employee Caught Smoking Pot On The Job

On the clock? No worries! (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)<p>Who says arbitration is stacked against the little guy? The Connecticut Supreme Court this week reversed a lower court and reinstated a state employee who’d been fired for smoking marijuana on the job, siding with his union and an arbitrator who …


Suns 'n Roses: A Fruity Punch That's Summer in a Cocktail

Hosting a barbecue is a juggling act: You're practicing your reverse sear and prepping side dishes, shucking corn and pulling cherry pie from the oven. You've got a cooler full of pilsner, IPA, and cheap wine—but you know the afternoon would be even more fun if there were fancy cocktails, too.<p>This …


How to Make the Crispiest Shredded Hash Browns

Like every red-blooded American, I love hash browns. I mean, what's not to adore about a heaping plate of golden brown and extra crispy potatoes? The answer is <i>nothing</i>. Seriously, I've yet to encounter anyone who truly hates hash browns, and if I ever run into such a person, I will let you all know …

San Francisco Bay's Lost World: The Saltmarsh

<i>An explanatory series focusing on one of the most complex issues facing California: water sharing. And at its core is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay</i> …

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Justice Ginsburg praises media and the role of free press

AP Radio AP Radio News:<p>Latest News<p>WASHINGTON (AP) -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is praising the media at a time when the Trump administration has accused reporters of being dishonest and delivering "fake news."<p>Ginsburg told the BBC's "Newsnight" program in an interview Thursday that …

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Why this time will be different for marijuana legalization

Californians first threatened to legalize recreational marijuana by ballot initiative in 1972. It failed 66% to 33%. We tried again in 2010. It was voted down 53% to 46%.<p>Now we’re back at it. This time, though Proposition 64 looks like a sure thing. Polls show support for legalization in general at …


The science of chocolate: What makes us like it so much?

For many of us, chocolate is a guilty pleasure, a tool we turn to during times of sadness or simply a random craving. But why exactly does chocolate …


Here's How Much the White House Would Cost if It Ever Went up for Sale

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not the average starter home.<p>President Barack Obama and his family will be moving out of the White House in a few months. …

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Southern California wildfire destroys iconic inn

(CNN)Cecil Stevens sadly looked over the charred remains of the Summit Inn. The Southern California restaurant, once visited by Elvis Presley, had fallen victim to the Blue Cut wildfire.<p>"It makes me sick in my stomach," said Stevens, who owned the place for decades. "It's awful, 'cause I know every …


Man who owes insurance to 'Obamacare' still voting for Trump

MIAMI (AP) — When Bruce Bradford was fired after nearly two decades as a federal police officer, he lost his income, his health insurance and eventually his wife and apartment as his medical problems mounted. He ended up being thrown a lifeline by the very politicians he can't stand.<p>Bradford, a …

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How to Get the Most out of Visiting World-Famous Sites

If you’re visiting Florence, Italy, you’ve got to see the world-famous Uffizi Gallery. But why? Because that’s what one does in Florence? Because you feel compelled to post a selfie in front of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”?<p>Those are obviously terrible reasons. We shouldn’t go to places because …


We Tried Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee So You Don't Have To (But Seriously, Don't)

In light of Dunkin Donuts' recent announcement that they've added cold brew coffee to their menu, it's only right that we put it head to head with …


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Some Common Colds May Have Come From Camels

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4 types of sushi that often aren't what you think they are — and what you're eating instead

What you see on the sushi menu isn't necessarily what you get.<p>A whopping 74% of fish sold at sushi venues in the US is mislabeled, meaning you're being served a completely different fish than what you ordered. That's according to a 2013 study by ocean conservation group Oceana.<p>So how do you know …


Panda Express Introduces Hybrid Utensil Called Chorks

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Portraits of L.A.'s Best Record Stores

March 8 at 3:52 p.m.<p>March 7 at 4:48 p.m.<p>February 27 at 4:59 p.m.<p>February 27 at 3:04 p.m.<p>February 27 at 6:08 a.m.<p>February 20 at 5:18 p.m.


Bolognese sauce is an originally Italian, meat-based sauce that is served with pasta. Here, our favorite Bolognese recipes including pappardelle with …

Researchers Discover a New Type of Fire Called "Blue Whirl"

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