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Did Trump’s UN ambassador vote in favor of killing LGBT people?

No. And the Obama administration voted against a similar resolution. So what gives?

Rights & Freedoms

Donald Trump ramped up his attacks on trans people this week & you need to fight back

The Trump administration launched a frontal assault on trans rights this week and it has repercussions for everyone.


In 1919, the first pro-gay movie was made. A year later, it was banned.

"Different from the Others" was a haunting film made 50 years before Stonewall.


There’s an online war of words over Netflix’s new Marsha P. Johnson movie

Trans filmmaker Reina Gossett has accused director David France of stealing her work to make his new film.


Kim Davis is touring Romania to encourage the government to ban gay rights

The county clerk who went to jail for refusing to treat gays and lesbian without discrimination, is trying to connect marriage equality with …


Mississippi’s Christians now have a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people

The nation’s most extreme anti-LGBTQ law is now in effect in Mississippi.


After Vegas Massacre, Fury Over Gay, Bi Blood Ban

A rule based in ignorance continues to stymie donations from gay and bisexual men.


Pope Blasts Gender-Confirmation Surgery

Pope Francis today denounced gender transition procedures, saying they make gender a choice.



The "religious freedom" order means federal agencies and contractors could turn away LGBT people and others without repercussions.

Rights & Freedoms

Trump Is Trying to 'Unperson' Trans People

This administration is trying to make an unpopular group die a slow death. It's a grand American tradition, writes Amanda Kerri.


Trump Kills Proposed Rule That Would Have Protected LGBT Seniors

The administration withdraws a proposed rule on equal treatment of same-sex spouses in long-term care, saying it's not needed.


5 ways to avoid burnout while resisting the Trump agenda

Anti-Trump protests have been numerous and far flung since he took office. Ben Alexander<p>The Donald Trump presidency has proved even more scandalous, …


Chechnya redux: Police detain up to 100 gay & trans people in Azerbaijan

Police reportedly shaved trans women's heads and forced detainees to give addresses of other LGBTQ people.


Judge: Business Turning Away Same-Sex Couples Is Like Saying 'Whites Only'

For a business to turn away same-sex couples is “conduct akin a “White Applicants Only” sign, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.<p>John Tunheim, chief …


Lesbian Leads Germany's Resurgent Anti-Immigrant Party

Though France and the Netherlands rejected right-wing candidates in their elections earlier this year, an anti-immigrant party made major headway at …


Randy Rainbow: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea (and Dotards)?

"How do solve a problem like Korea? How do you sleep when missiles start to fly? How do you not have constant diarrhea when all of our lives depend …


Trans Teen Brutally Murdered in Missouri; Four Charged

Three people have been charged with first-degree murder in the brutal slaying of a transgender teenager in Houston, Mo., and a fourth has been …


Fighting for LGBT Representation in Our History Books

California passed legislation in 2011 that paved the way for LGBT-inclusive education. Six years later, students still aren't learning about people …


U.N. Stands Up for LGBT Workers Around the Globe

The U.N. Human Rights Office advises businesses around the world on treatment of LGBT and intersex employees, suppliers, and customers.


Homophobe Roy Moore Is Alabama's Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate

As widely expected, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, well known for his anti-LGBT views, has clinched the Republican nomination …


Ellen Reveals The One Word She Was Told Not To Say On Air

"It felt horrible because I had worked so hard to be truthful."<p>Long after Ellen DeGeneres came out as gay in 1997, Hollywood still wasn’t sure about how audiences would respond to her sexuality.<p>DeGeneres is celebrating Season 15 of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which premiered back in September 2003. …

Ellen DeGeneres Show

Trump Nominates Lawyers from Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Group to be Texas Federal Judges

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appointed Jeff Mateer, former general counsel for an anti-LGBT “religious freedom” group, as his first assistant in …

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Trans entertainer Eddie Izzard will retire from comedy to run for political office

Comedian Eddie Izzard addresses a packed Parliament Square at the Rally For Europe in September 2016. Brian Minkoff / Shutterstock<p>It is beginning to …

Eddie Izzard

STUDY: PrEP Works for Gay and Bi Teens Too

People under 18 can also benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxsis (PrEP).<p>Research published in the journal <i>JAMA Pediatrics</i> found that the HIV prevention …

Justice Department Supports Antigay Baker in Supreme Court Case

Trump's Justice Department says the baker has a First Amendment right to turn away same-sex couples who want wedding cakes.


AI Can Tell If You're Gay From a Photo, and It's Terrifying

Artificial intelligence can read a person's sexual orientation with startling accuracy.<p>A new study from Stanford University found that a computer …


Bipartisan Senate Duo Seeks to Block Trans Military Ban

U.S. Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Susan Collins are trying to block Donald Trump’s ban on military service by transgender people.<p>Gillibrand, a …


'Gaydar' AI Researchers Accuse HRC, GLAAD of 'Smear Campaign'

A new Stanford University study has determined that artifical intelligence can, with high accuracy, determine sexual orientation. By analyzing one …


Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, the first out gay man to hold that post, announced his resignation today after a fifth man came forward with allegations …