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MY DAUGHTER ASLEEP Carrying a child, I carry a bundle of sleeping future appearances. I carry my daughter adrift on my shoulder, dreaming her slender dreams and I carry her beneath the window, watching her moon lit palm open and close like a tiny folded map, each line a path that leads where I can't go, so that I read her palm not knowing what I read and walk with her in moon light on the landing, not knowing with whom I walk, making invisible prayers to go on with her where I can't go, conversing with so many unknowns that must know her more intimately than I do. And so to these unspoken shadows and this broad night I make a quiet request to the great parental darkness to hold her when I cannot, to comfort her when I am gone, to help her learn to love the unknown for itself, to take it gladly like a lantern for the way before her, to help her see where ordinary light will not help her, where happiness has fled, where faith cannot reach. My prayer tonight for the great and hidden symmetries of life to reward this faith I have and twin her passages of loneliness with friendship, her exiles with home coming, her first awkward steps with promised onward leaps. May she find in all this, day or night, the beautiful centrality of pure opposites, may she discover before she grows old, not to choose so easily between past and present, may she find in one or the other her gifts acknowledged. And so as I helped to name her I help to name these powers, I bring to life what is needed, I invoke the help she'll want following those moonlit lines into a future uncradled by me but parented by all I call. As she grows away from me, may these life lines grow with her, keep her safe, so with my open palm whose lines have run before her to make a safer way, I hold her smooth cheek and bless her this night and beyond it and for every unknown night to come. MY DAUGHTER ASLEEP © David Whyte River Flow New & Selected Poems Many Rivers Press Photo © David Whyte August 2014 Rowing to Shore, Lone Lake. Washington State.

THE MIRACLE HAD COME… ...the miracle had come simply from allowing yourself to know that you had found it, that this time someone walking out into the clear air from far inside you had decided not to walk past it any more; the miracle had come at the roadside in the kneeling to drink and the prayer you said, and the tears you shed and the memory you held and the realization that in this silence you no longer had to keep your eyes and ears averted from the place that could save you, that you had been given the strength to let go of the thirsty dust laden pilgrim-self that brought you here, walking with her bent back, her bowed head and her careful explanations… Excerpt from “THE WELL” From Pilgrim: Poems by David Whyte ©2012 David Whyte PHOTO © David Whyte Pilgrim Walking. Cumbria July 2011

Protection Blessing Healing Session Length: 1 Hour Price: $49 Description: Protection Blessings are good for people who need that extra protection in their life from negative influences, protection issues, entity attachment, energy drains, psychic attacks, energetic imprints and debris and negative/stagnant energy issues.These are not the only reasons that you should have a protection healing blessing completed for your energy fields, but these are the top ones that many of our clients request for their customized protection sessions. We have all encountered some people throughout our life that literally will drain our energy either consciously or subconsciously. This protection healing blessing can help with this plus so much more! These types of people are psychic vampires, energetic leaches, and many other terms that are floating around out there. They all mean the same thing - they drain on your energy and you need protection from this. This is a wonderful protection healing that you can work with every day to enhance your life whenever you feel you need an extra boost of energy as well once the procedure has been completed through the initial healing session. All protections are not the same, as it all depends on who or what you are protecting yourself and your energy from. This is for a basic energetic protection of your energetic fields as a whole. When you work with this session, you are not just getting one protection session, but rather something that will continue to work for you every single day. This is a special energetic session that Nicole Lanning has designed herself with a creation of different energetic uses. This session can be customized if you wish to have this done, just please let us know ahead of time. This session will be with you for life and will continue to grow stronger and stronger the more you ask your higher self or spirit guides to do so once this is in place. This session takes 1 hour to complete. All of our healing sessions are designed to work on the appropriate areas of your energy fields for the releasement and healing of each session. Each healing session includes working with a combination of different energy formats to create this type of healing work based on the patterns that are being worked on. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any general healing questions as well, contact us at You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your healing session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!

HELP is strangely, something we want to do without, as if the very idea disturbs and blurs the boundaries of our individual endeavors, as if we cannot face how much we need in order to go on. We are born with an absolute necessity for help, grow well only with a continuous succession of extended hands, and as adults depend upon others for our further successes and possibilities in life even as competent individuals. Even the most solitary writer needs a reader, the most Machiavellian mobster a trusted lieutenant, the most independent candidate, a voter. Not only does the need for help never leave us alone; we must apprentice ourselves to its different necessary forms, at each particular threshold of our lives. At every stage we are dependent on our ability to ask for specific forms of help at very specific times and in very specific ways. Even at the end, the dignity of our going depends on others’ willingness to help us die well; the sincerity of their help often commensurate to the help we extended to them in our own life. Every transformation has at its heart the need to ask for the right kind of generosity... ©2014 David Whyte Excerpted from ‘HELP’ From the upcoming book of essays: CONSOLATIONS: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. Photo © David Whyte New Family. Cotswolds. June 2013

START CLOSE IN Start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take. Start with the ground you know, the pale ground beneath your feet, your own way to begin the conversation. Start with your own question, give up on other people’s questions, don’t let them smother something simple. To hear another’s voice, follow your own voice, wait until that voice becomes an intimate private ear that can really listen to another. Start right now take a small step you can call your own don’t follow someone else’s heroics, be humble and focused, start close in, don’t mistake that other for your own. Start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take. START CLOSE IN River Flow New & Selected Poems Many Rivers Press © David Whyte Photo © David Whyte July 2011 The Descent to Troutbeck. Cumbria

ALONE is a word that stands by itself, carrying the austere, solitary beauty of its own meaning even as it is spoken to another. It is a word that can be felt both as an invitation to depth and as an imminent threat, as in ‘all alone’, with its returned echo of abandonment. ‘Alone’ is a word that rings with a strange finality, especially when contained in that haunting aggregate, ‘left all alone’, as if the state once experienced begins to define and engender its own inescapable world. The first step in spending time alone is to admit how afraid of it we are. Being alone is a difficult discipline: a beautiful and difficult sense of being solitary is always the ground from which we step into a contemplative intimacy with the unknown, but the first portal of aloneness is often experienced as a gateway to alienation, grief and abandonment. To find our selves alone or to be left alone is a deep, fearful and abiding human potentiality of which we are often unconsciously, deeply afraid. To be alone for any length of time is to shed an outer skin. The body is inhabited in a different way when we are alone than when we are with others. Alone, we live in our bodies as a question rather than a statement. The permeability of being alone asks us to re-imagine ourselves, to become impatient with ourselves, to tire of the same old story and then slowly hour by hour, to start to tell the story in a different way as other parallel ears, ones we were previously unaware of, begin to listen to us more carefully in the silence. For a solitary life to flourish, even if it is for only for a few precious hours, aloneness asks us to make a friend of silence, and just as importantly, to inhabit that silence in our own particular way, to find our very own way into our own particular and even virtuoso way of being alone. To inhabit silence in our aloneness is to stop telling the story altogether. To begin with, aloneness always leads to rawness and vulnerability, to a fearful simplicity, to not recognizing and to not knowing, to the wish to find any company other than that not knowing, unknown self, looking back at us in the silent mirror. One of the elemental dynamics of self-compassion is to understand our deep reluctance to be left to ourselves. Aloneness begins in puzzlement at our own reflection, transits through awkwardness and even ugliness at what we see, and culminates, one appointed hour or day, in a beautiful unlooked for surprise, at the new complexion beginning to form, the slow knitting together of an inner life, now exposed to air and light… ©2014 David Whyte Excerpted from ‘ALONE’ From the upcoming book of essays CONSOLATIONS: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. Photo © David Whyte July 2014 Artistic Direction: ...Charlotte Whyte Ascending Alone Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

NOT TAKEN …But you never turned to cross, and you never found a bridge, and you never took that other way, and you stayed on this path to the end, recalling the other way you did not take as you would a close and loving friend who had left you not to leave you but simply to go on with their life, so that you carried their memory through the years that passed as you would a beautiful and worthwhile burden, growing with them as they grew, walking with them as they walked, until one day it was just as if that someone you had come to love at a distance, and that someone who had walked with you always on the other side of the stream, had passed away, but in your mind you were still speaking to them and still walking with them and still carrying them onward, but now just a short way to a place you would lay them down, under the trees, and in a way in which memory and every day presence stop living in separate worlds, and the calm, death-still image of every disappearance, renews itself in some extraordinary beginning again, and you realize, sitting by their side, saying goodbye, that you took no separate path at all, neither this nor that, neither the one you loved nor the one you did not want, that you had after all, always held them generously together by not choosing this side of existence or the other. You were in the end, never just looking on, but always the river moving between and the song of the water, holding the flowing of ways together. Excerpt from “NOT TAKEN” From Pilgrim: Poems by David Whyte: (Special Edition) ©2013 David Whyte Photo © David Whyte July 2011 The Path to Ullswater. Cumbria.

TOUCH is what we desire in one form or another, even if we find it through being alone, through the agency of silence or through the felt need to walk at a distance: the meeting with something or someone other than ourselves, the light brush of grass on the skin, the ruffling breeze, the actual touch of another’s hand; even the gentle first touch of an understanding which until now, we were formally afraid to hold. Whether we touch only what we see or the mystery of what lies beneath the veil of what we see, we are made for unending meeting and exchange, while having to hold a coherent mind and body, physically or imaginatively, which in turn can be found and touched itself. We are something for the world to run up against and rub up against: through the trials of love, through pain, through happiness, through our simple everyday movement through the world. And the world touches us in many ways, some of which are violations of the body or our hopes for safety: through natural disaster, through heartbreak, through illness, through death itself. In the ancient world the touch of a God was seen as both a blessing and a violation - at one and the same time. Being alive in the world means being found by the world and sometimes touched to the core in ways we would rather not experience. Growing with our bodies, all of us find ourselves at one time violated or wounded by this world in difficult ways, and still we live and breathe in this touchable, sensual world, and through trauma, through grief, through recovery, we heal in order to be touched again in the right way, as the physical consecration of a mutual, trusted invitation. Nothing stops the body’s arrival in each new present, except death itself, which is intuited in all cultures as another, ultimate, intimate form of meeting. Nothing stops our ageing nor our witness to time, asking us again and again to be present to each different present, to be touchable and findable, to be one who is living up to the very fierce consequences of being bodily present in the world. To forge an untouchable, invulnerable identity is actually a sign of retreat from this world; of weakness, a sign of fear rather than strength, and betrays a strange misunderstanding of an abiding, foundational and necessary reality: that untouched, we disappear. ©2014 David Whyte Excerpted from ‘TOUCH’ From the upcoming book of essays CONSOLATIONS: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words Photo © David Whyte July 2014: Evening Summer light through Branches: Arnecliffe Church Yard, Yorkshire.

GENIUS is something, strangely, we already possess and yet, is yet to be possessed; not to be found inside or outside, but in the untouchable, unspeakable place where we meet and are broken open by the world, an opening whose hallmark is an initially, unwanted, nourishing form of trauma … To live out our genius is to live out the very particular and very difficult conversation between our inherited body and the body of the world from which we seem to have been made. Genius is not a fixed platform where we can arrive solely through accomplishment, it is the meeting place where our physical body meets all other bodies, corporeal and elemental: a body breathed over by wind, shaken by interior tremors and washed away and rearranged by periodic floods; it has its own hard won language, its prose, its poetry, its music and its intellectual attempts to order the un-orderable but it is also a template of the seasons, of what lies beyond itself, of its own forms of happiness and especially its particular and necessary griefs; genius given form, intuits and then imagines a certain future for itself but finds that horizon only in conversation with all other futures. Genius is both a specific gift and a possibility that has not yet occurred; it is not a fixed internal commodity to be exploited and brought to the surface but a conversation to be followed, deepened, understood, celebrated and articulated in the presence of others. Genius is the meeting between inheritance and horizon, between what has been told, what can be told and what is yet to be told, between our practical abilities and our relationship to the gravitational mystery that pulls us on. To experience our genius we stand beneath the set of the stars present at our birth, but from that place, seek the hidden, single star, over the night horizon, we did not know we were following. ©2014 David Whyte Excerpted from ‘GENIUS’ From the upcoming book of essays CONSOLATIONS: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. Photo: © David Whyte July 2014 The Hand of Apollo: Holding a Broken Arrow Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Sempre me surpreende ver quanta gente fica feliz por ser infeliz.

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