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Trump’s Trade Tactic Might Work

Americans should not be too quick to sell their own side short.<p>A game of chicken can always end badly, but why is the U.S. press doing China’s work for it?<p>Right now a bargaining game is under way that could leave the world trading system better off, with China cheating less. Not the least benefit, …


Trump, Tariffs and the Protectionist Temptation

The trade balance doesn’t matter for U.S. prosperity. But America could benefit from updating and enforcing its trade deals, especially with China.<p>Any objective analysis of America’s economic history discredits the notion that the trade balance has a defined relationship with economic growth and …


How Russia and China Could Come Unhinged

Democratic triumphalism was wrong 20 years ago, but now authoritarianism may not be sustainable.<p>We have moved from a world of ideological struggles in the 20th century to a world of geopolitical struggles in the 21st—or so goes the conventional wisdom. But technology is moving so fast that this …


Congress Passes Mammoth Spending Bill, Averts Shutdown

The $1.3 trillion budget bill now goes to President Donald Trump for his signature<p>WASHINGTON—The Senate passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill early Friday, acting to avert a government shutdown with less than 24 hours to spare and bringing to a close a messy negotiating process over the sprawling …

Government Shutdown

What Went Wrong at the FBI

After 9/11, the bureau lost its law-enforcement ethos as it tried to become more of an intelligence agency.<p>By<p>Thomas J. Baker<p>Americans have grown increasingly skeptical since 2016 of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an institution they once regarded as the world’s greatest law-enforcement …


Deliverance From Hillary Clinton

If Democrats want to solve their Hillary Clinton problem, Conor Lamb has some good ideas.<p>It takes a long time for candidates to get over losing the American presidency. Some never do. It’s not just personal anger—“I will not be denied my destiny!”—it’s something more poignant. It’s that the …


Elizabeth Warren’s Boomerang

She designed the CFPB to be unaccountable. Now she’s upset about it.<p>Twitter is often the intellectual equivalent of a tavern at 2 a.m., but it has illuminating moments. An example came Friday when Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard populist, offered a hilarious commentary on her proudest …

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Civil War in the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders was a portent of the populist left’s rise. Now even Dianne Feinstein looks vulnerable.<p>The rise of Donald Trump has prompted endless analysis about the populist right, what it is and what it wants. Now it’s time to consider a neglected segment of the electorate—the populist …

Democratic Party

Three Career Paths for Educational Innovators—How to Get There and Where the Jobs Are

The seeds of innovation are planted at a young age, and technological advances now provide learners of all ages the opportunity to be creators, …

Education Technology

How Long It Takes English Speakers to Learn Nine Other Common Languages

Learning a new language takes time, and how long it takes, exactly, will vary depending on how similar the language is to the one you speak. This …

Language Learning

A Literary Road Trip Into the Heart of Russia

Russia is a land of stories. Stories of the czar and his people, of Lenin and the revolution, of the Great Patriotic War; of the transformation of a backward land into a mighty, modern industrial state; of Sputnik, of Laika, of Gagarin. Then the story of Stalin’s reign of terror, the story of a …

Russian History

Who Is Christopher Steele?

The man who revealed a vast international conspiracy but didn’t know his own client.<p>America has been inundated by the words dossier, memo, collusion, FISA, Carter Page. They all come back to the actions of one man: Christopher Steele. Which is why the only news that matters this week is that the …


The Powerteacher Daily

President Trump Hosts a Law Enforcement Roundtable on MS-13

One Way to Get Your Child to Listen

Children process words better in their right ears; information reaches the language-processing side of the brain faster<p>Say what?<p>When speech funnels into your right ear, the initial signal reaches the side of the brain that processes language in about 20 milliseconds.<p>But if the information is …


A Look Ahead at the Post-Trump GOP

It is possible that the party needed him to broaden its appeal and that he has to disappear for it to survive.<p>Barack Obama famously aspired to be transformative like Ronald Reagan rather than incremental like Bill Clinton. What about Donald Trump? His friends and foes alike seem to share only the …

Donald Trump

Officials Reject Idea for Government Takeover of 5G Wireless Build-Out

White House memo had floated idea of ‘moonshot’ federal government effort to develop a nationalized system<p>WASHINGTON—A number of regulators and elected officials on Monday rejected as overly expensive and unrealistic the idea of a “moonshot” effort by the government to build a nationwide, …


The Steele Dossier Fits the Kremlin Playbook

The likely objective was to undermine Republicans, Democrats—and American democracy.<p>When the “Steele dossier” was first published a year ago, it looked like a bombshell. The document, drawn up by the British ex-spy Christopher Steele, contained salacious allegations against President Trump and …


The Clamor over the Nunes ‘FISA Abuse’ Memo

Let’s see what he’s got.<p>There is a great deal of commentary, some of it hysterical, about a short memo authored by Republican staffers on the House …


Who’s Afraid of Jordan Peterson?

When a British interviewer tried to shut him up, I knew he had something interesting to say.<p>When I speak with young people beginning their careers I often tell them that in spite of the apparent formidableness of the adults around them—their mastery of office systems, their professional …

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

Jordan Peterson

NationalReview (@nationalreview)

The John Batchelor Show by John Batchelor on Apple Podcasts

James Comey’s Ethics Class

Some advice on questions to discuss and speakers to invite.<p>The College of William & Mary in Virginia announced last week that James Comey will teach a course on “ethical leadership” starting this autumn. The former FBI director would not have been our first choice for such an assignment, but upon …

James Comey

The Rule of Shutdown Politics

Democrats oppose a bill that reauthorizes children’s health care.<p>By<p>The Editorial Board<p>The Editorial Board<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p>Washington is going through one of its hoary melodramas with the threat of a partial government shutdown at 12:01 Saturday morning if Congress doesn’t pass a …

Government Shutdown

ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐ

John Lennon talks about the dark and evil powers that he believes really control the world.

Interstellar Ending Explained: Time Travel and the Real Science

Whether you love him or hate him, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has continued to find new ways to challenge his audience, and paradigms of filmmaking …

Black Holes

Morning Joe Michael Wolff Cold Open - SNL

Why Have We Let Actors Become Our Moral Guides?

Those in what was once a disreputable profession have come to be worshiped by the public at large.<p>There’s a great scene in the wonderful 1982 movie <i>My</i> …

Tom Hanks

Unions Won’t Solve Higher Education’s Problems

I know nothing about cars. As an adjunct professor of finance, I have to join the United Auto Workers.<p>I don’t know anything about cars, but I’m about to become a card-carrying member of the United Automobile Workers union. How did I accomplish this feat? By becoming an adjunct professor of …

Higher Education