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Helen Levitt’s Street Dramas

Helen Levitt (1913-2009) was a photographer with an eye for life’s wonders and disillusionments, which she captured with spirit 
and humor in her …

Street Photography

Why You Should Delete Your Instagram

I recently stumbled upon an extremely thought-provoking talk by Jaron Lanier, describing social media as a ‘Behavior Modification Empire‘. This is …

Street Photography

20+ Rarely Seen Photos Of America In The 1950’s Show How Different Life Was Before

The 1950’s are often viewed as a golden era in U.S. history, a time of happiness and prosperity, despite the threat of nuclear annihilation, racial …

Abandoned Buildings

Behind the Scenes: The Tons of Craftwork That Went Into Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs"

240 sets, 70 artists, 27 animators, 1,000 puppets<p>The reason movies are shot in places like New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong is obvious: Our built-up …

Isle of Dogs

Taking a Walk and Taking Pictures in 1980s New York

Robert Herman’s Kodachromes of 1980s New York City form part of his series of street photography taken from 1978 to 2005. A film student at NYU, …

Street Photography

How to Conquer Hesitation in Street Photography

Downtown LA, 2011Dear friend,Have you ever seen a scene that you wanted to shoot, but hesitated and didn’t take the photo, and later regretted <i>not</i> …

Street Photography

A Human Science Teacher Who Is Passionate About Capturing The Human Condition In The Streets

Jeffrey De Keyser is a Street Photographer from the Belgian city of Ghent. As he says: “Street photography has the power to capture a small slice of …

Street Photography

Shocking Photos Of Salford Slums 1969-72

From 1969 to 1972, photographer Nick Hedges took pictures of life in Salford, Greater Manchester. Nick was hired by housing charity Shelter to travel …


Snapshots of British eccentricity – in pictures

David Levenson’s photographs capture the UK at leisure, from royal pageantry and party tricks to sudden rain showers and the odd spot of civil disobedience

Prince Charles

How Garry Winogrand captured the everyday drama of American life

Garry Winogrand (1928-84) started as a commercial photographer and found a mission observing life on the streets, leaving many thousands of film …

Street Photography

These street photos perfectly illustrate what the Decisive Moment is

Sometimes, a great photo is all about the Decisive Moment. In his work, Oslo-based photographer Pau Buscató illustrates exactly what it means. He …

Russian gangsters

American photographer Bruce Gilden spent two weeks with ordinary russians in a small provincial town near Yekaterinburg. According to Bruce, this …

#TokyoLife: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

The Imperial Palace<p>Step from Tokyo’s lively streets into the serene East Garden of the Imperial Palace, the residence of Japan’s Emperor. Lush, manicured gardens offer peace and tranquility, beautifully adorning a site that has withstood earthquakes, fire, and war. Stroll the elegant Seimon …


Unseen photos of East End London in glorious colour

<b>A recently discovered photo collection by the late photographer David Granick reveals London's East End in colour, including streets in Stepney, Whitechapel and Spitalfields.</b><p>Local photographer Chris Dorley-Brown found the pictures when he was invited to review thousands of Granick's colour slides …


What Happened When Newsrooms Abandoned Photojournalism

And the price we pay for devaluing photography<p>In the wake of Poynter’s… let’s call it <i>naive</i> piece on how writers can source cheap or free images for …

The bird market of Kabul – in pictures

A visit to the narrow lane of Ka Faroshi bird market brings comfort to war-weary Afghans


Night-time, neon and backstreet bars: an Instagram journey through Tokyo

In high-rise, hi-tech Tokyo, photographer RK finds pockets where the old-style city peeks through the neon-lit towers – and characters from galaxies far, far away



Here's how to get rid of all your stuff... and be happier.

Where are the world’s most creative fashion subcultures?

If you’re searching for innovation and creativity in fashion, don’t start at the catwalk – or in the wealthy West. “The street is the theatre of …

South Africa

Handwritten 19th-Century Color Guide Poetically Describes Where Shades Are Found in Nature

Today, many color-loving creatives aim to illustrate and identify tones found in the natural world. From landscape-based color palettes to real-world Pantone matches, these polychromatic pieces sort and specify the colors that surrounds us. While new technologies have made this task easier than …

Street Photos of Coincidences on NYC Sidewalks

Street photographer Jonathan Higbee is a master of spotting fleeting moments on the sidewalks of New York City in which things come together in …

Beautiful Lettering Artworks

Gemma O’Brien is an award-winning artist and designer based in Sydney, Australia. Over the past 10 years, Gemma O’Brien has taken her passion for …

This Instagram-famous pilot's photos of thunderstorms, blinding sunrises, and the Northern Lights show what it’s like to work from the cockpit at 37,000 feet

Van Heijst is also a travel blogger and photographer. He takes photos of the incredible views he enjoys from the cockpit via his Instagram account, then writes about them on his blog.<p>From blinding sunrises to the Northern Lights — or navigating his way through a violent front of thunderstorms — …

Northern Lights

An Intimate Interview With Street Photographer Raj Sarkar By Arek Rataj

Raj is a member of Instreet Collective, one of the curators of APF Magazine street photography FB group, the founder of World Photographic Forum and …

Street Photography

Street Photography Secrets Debunked

Contact sheet from Henri Cartier-Bresson in Seville, Spain, 1933. © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum PhotosThere are a lot of myths and secrets in …

Street Photography

28 Amazing Vintage Photographs That Capture Everyday Life of Immigrants Who Flooded Into Britain in the 1950s

After the British Nationality Act of 1948 was introduced hundreds of thousands of Commonwealth citizens were welcomed into the UK. These amazing …

West Indies

London in 1979: photographer captures the city on the cusp of a new decade

A bygone era captured through the lens of photographer George Kindbom, during a holiday to the capital in 1979


3D Crosswalk in Iceland is a Stunning Optical Illusion

The use of illusion in art is nothing new, but a small town in Iceland is using the effect to help with public safety and traffic issues. In the small fishing village of Ísafjörður, a 3D pedestrian crossing was painted last month in an effort to slow traffic on a narrow street. The eye-popping …

111 New Street Photography Discoveries

Flip through these photographs and you will see the world’s city streets through the eyes of more than 100 remarkable street photographers—photographers and images discovered by our editors in 2016.<p>The slideshow provides a bit of a kaleidoscope, jumping from one scene to another, from vibrant neon …

Forbidden City