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Tricky albums are rarely what they seem on the surface. The decision to use his birth name as the title of this record suggests something confessional after years of cloudy rumination, hinting at a genuine departure. Tricky even refers to it as his "least introspective" work. The reality is … [14] [16] [16] [15] [17]

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Mexican hair restoration clinic saves Blockbuster TV show

Kate Upton for 'The MEN' Magazine

Kate Upton rocks some fancy lingerie in the photo editorial for the June 2014 issue of The Men Magazine. The shoot is accompanied by an in-depth …

Before It Returns, Check Out These Game of Thrones Character Paintings

Game of Thrones

Our thoughts go to every family who lost a loved one!

The Crazy Genius Behind Solar Roadways

Here’s an idea crazy enough that it just might work: Pave the streets with solar-powered panels that have their own built-in heat and LED lights. That’s what Scott and Julie Brusaw hope to accomplish with their ongoing Solar Roadways project, which they just funded through a hugely popular …

The people of Miami know about climate change. We're living it

Clear skies above but water below, a woman on a moped navigates a flooded street corner on Miami Beach, an all-too-familiar sign for residents of this iconic peninsula where the ocean seems more likely than ever to swamp Ocean Drive one day.<p>If there's an image that starkly illustrates the threats …

99 Interesting Quotes That Changed The World

1 of 101<p>Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. …