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Four Common Sense Tenets of Brain-Based Learning

Minds-On Learning
April 23, 2015 | Volume 10 | Issue 16
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Four Common Sense Tenets of Brain-Based Learning

Lisa Schopf

Our classrooms …


Blended Learning: 3 Stories of Success

Many educators and school leaders are ready to move from the “why” do blended learning to the “how” to do blended learning. While our blended …


Forget Harvard: Here's Where To Go To College If You Want A High-Paying Job

Prestige isn't everything.

Want a prestigious education? Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are the way to go. But if you're looking for a high-paying career after graduation, you may want to look elsewhere.

A new study from the the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program ranks two- and four-year colleges …


Smith College will accept transgender applicants who identify as women

Smith College's board on Saturday approved an admissions policy that explicitly welcomes applications from transgender people who identify as …


Outside the Skinner Box

​The phrase “technology and education” usually means inventing new gadgets to teach the same old stuff in a thinly disguised version of the same old


Do SAT Prep Courses Help Test Takers? - WSJ

By the end of this weekend, thousands of high-school students will have taken the SAT, that nerve-racking, four-hour exam used by colleges and universities to screen applicants.

The best preparation, of course, is to have paid attention in school, studied hard and learned the material. But many …


A new UC campus? California bill passes Assembly committee

A bill to make more space in the competitive UC system by opening a new campus has passed the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

Assembly Bill 1483 …


Russia’s Beloved Borscht Reveals Reality of Inflation - WSJ

MOSCOW—Every other month, retired teacher Natalya Atuchina cooks up a special pot of borscht in her home city of Omsk. A year ago, she bought the ingredients at local markets for 165 rubles ($3.20). In April, they cost nearly 247 rubles.

Ms. Atuchina’s soup is the benchmark for the “Borscht Index,” …


At Top Schools, a Spot on the Wait List May as Well Be a Rejection

College applicants who are put on a wait list—unable to rejoice at their success or fully wallow in rejection—may not know just how to feel about the …

Johns Hopkins

Passing The Teacher Boards

Want to be qualified to practice law in this country? Do the college coursework and pass the Bar Exam. Interested in working in the medical field as …


Hands-Off Teaching Cultivates Metacognition

As a teacher, you put a lot of thought into how to make your class and the material as accessible and engaging as possible. You think about what you …


Push, Don’t Crush, the Students

PALO ALTO, Calif. — PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOOL, one of the nation’s most prestigious public secondary schools, is sandwiched between two stark and illusory paths. Across the street to the west, Stanford University beckons as the platonic ideal, a symbol of the road to Google, the White House, the …


LSU drafting 'academic bankruptcy' plan in response to state budget crisis

LSU and many other public colleges in Louisiana might be forced to file for financial exigency, essentially academic bankruptcy, if state higher …


Admissions leaders question ethics of Common Application's new question

Common Application wants to let colleges ask applicants to name other places they are applying to. Some admissions leaders believe this violates …


Arizona State, edX team to offer freshman year online through MOOCs

Arizona State University, in partnership with edX, this fall will begin to offer credit-bearing massive open online courses at a fraction of the cost …


I Was Rejected by Harvard And Here is Why it Doesn’t Matter

On March 31st, at around 5:00 pm ET, myself and about 94% of my fellow applicants to Harvard’s Class of 2019 received cordially worded letters of …


A Veteran of the Financial Crisis Tells China to Be Wary

About 340 pages into Henry M. Paulson’s new book on China, a sentence comes almost out of nowhere that stops readers in their tracks.

“Frankly, it’s not a question of if, but when, China’s financial system” he writes, “will face a reckoning and have to contend with a wave of credit losses and debt …


Debt Piles Up in Asia, Threatening Growth - WSJ

SEOUL—Asian countries borrowed heavily to maintain growth during the financial crisis, but couldn’t break the habit even as the global economy healed. Now they are feeling the hangover.

Growth is slowing fast across the continent as consumers and businesses focus on repaying debt. Central banks have …


Am I an NBCT Fanatic? | NBPTS

Editor's Note: Joanna Schimizzi, NBCT, is a biology teacher in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District in North Carolina. The views expressed in

When a Friend Chooses a College, Be Happy or Be Quiet

Scott Anderson is a former college counselor and the director of outreach for the Common Application.

When two friends were expecting their first child, they were very private about the name they had chosen for the baby. “We want our daughter to be the first person to hear it,” they would tell …

College & University

Where you go to college doesn't really matter

During a conversation with a professor at an Ivy League college, a mother nudges her daughter to share how she's president of her school's "survivors-of-bulimia" group.

Hoping to impress the Yale admissions committee, a student writes an essay about the time she was so engrossed in a discussion with …

College & University

How to Play the College Financial-Aid Game

High-school seniors could be forgiven for thinking that comparing college financial-aid offers requires an advanced degree.

The letters have been pouring in over the past few weeks. But along with the excitement comes a challenge: sorting through offers that often differ in ways that can blur the …

College & University

First-Generation Students Unite

Ana Barros grew up in a two-family house built by Habitat for Humanity, hard by the boarded-up buildings and vacant lots of Newark. Neither parent attended college, but she was a star student. With a 2200 on her SATs, she expected to fit in at Harvard.

Yet here she was at a lecture for a sociology …


New York’s Complicated Teacher Evaluation Proposal Is The Exception, Not The Rule

This week, millions of students across New York will begin taking the state’s annual round of standardized tests, starting with the Common Core …


Tumbling Interest Rates in Europe Leaves Some Banks Owing Money on Loans to Borrowers

Tumbling interest rates in Europe have put some banks in an inconceivable position: owing money on loans to borrowers.

At least one Spanish bank, Bankinter SA, the country’s seventh-largest lender by market value, has been paying some customers interest on mortgages by deducting that amount from the …


The Real Reason Californians Can't Water Their Lawns

In response to the ongoing drought, California Governor Jerry Brown has set limits on urban water use—ordering cuts of as much as 25 percent. Cities …


​​​​Assessing Creative Thinking?! You've got to be CRAZY! - Independent Ideas Blog

At Andrews Osborne Academy, a PK-12 co-ed independent day school with a 7-12 boarding program in northeast Ohio, we have become keenly interested in …


Do Federal Taxes Reduce Income Inequality?

What’s the First Thing You Should Do When You Get into College?


If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re breathing a sigh of relief knowing the college application process is coming to a close. You’ve been accepted – congratulations!

But before you start buying decorations for your dorm room walls, consider for a moment following a road less traveled in …

Gap Year

2015-2016 Essay Prompts

We are pleased to share the 2015-2016 Essay Prompts with you. New language appears in italics:

Some students have a background, identity, interest, or