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The Wing’s First-Ever D.C. Location Design Is Floor-to-Ceiling Girl Power

If you’re familiar with co-working/social spot The Wing, you know its mission is to empower women through “professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women.” But if you don’t live in New York, you haven’t been able to truly take advantage of the ultra-cool, mid-century-glam space for …


This Photographer’s Otherworldly Images Break Down How We Look at Different Bodies

<i>Every Body celebrates inclusivity and the representation of human beings in every shape and form.</i><p>If you’ve been on Instagram at all looking for body positive images, you’ve likely come across one of photographer Shoog McDaniel’s photos without even knowing it. Each image showcases bodies in all …

Mainstream Media

Why Kim Kardashian’s Remarks on Kanye’s Mental Health Are Spot On

In case you missed it, Kanye West recently returned to Twitter after a year-long silence, tweet-storming an abstract barrage of content — sometimes up to 20 tweets in one hour — about his Yeezy empire, plans for new music releases this summer, and, most recently, his political views. Things …

Mental Health

21 Pregnancy-Safe Beauty Products to Heal Hormonal Skin

Beyond swollen ankles and crazy cravings, pregnancy hormones can do a number on even the most luminous of complexions, resulting in breakouts, dullness, darkened hyper-pigmentation, and melasma. But when it comes to correcting skincare products, the pickings can be slim. “Because there are no …

Skin Care

I Took a Shot of Kraut Juice Every Day for a Week to Help My Tummy Troubles

If you really want to be hardcore about your gut health, it may be time to start chugging sauerkraut juice, like I recently did every day for a week. After giving up dairy, I needed a new way to add more good bacteria into my system to help with morning queasiness and semi-frequent heartburn. I …


5 Websites for Finding Unique (and Affordable) Places to Stay Around the World

Traveling is all about adventure, and if you’re really looking to explore a new city, try opting for something a little outside the norm — starting with not staying in a hotel! There are all kinds of unique options for booking a place to stay when you travel abroad (or even locally). Some sites are …

Home Ownership

y Celeb Stories in ‘Great Tastes’ Cookbook Are as Luscious as the Food

Sometimes a cookbook comes along that reads more like a novel, where you can’t help but get lost in the heroines’ story. You might pick up <i>Great Tastes</i> ($25) by sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann<i>,</i> for the recipes or the hunger-inducing images by Aubrie Pick. But the gem of this book is snappy …

Penguin Random House

From Tree-Sitters to Water Protectors: Meet the Women On the Front Lines of Eco-Activism

“Well, I’m currently based in a tree.”<p>That’s how one anonymous 22-year-old eco-activist with the group Appalachians Against Pipelines answered when we asked where she’s working. The activist is a member of a pipeline resistance group called Appalachians Against Pipelines, and she’s camped out high …


The Backstreet Boys Just Teased a New Song and Our Hearts Can’t Take It

Backstreet’s back! Beloved late-’90s boy band the Backstreet Boys took to social media on Wednesday to tease a new song that will be released in just a few weeks.<p>“We are less than a month away,” Kevin Richardson captioned a video on Instagram. In the criminally short clip, the 46-year-old can be …

New Music

6 Tips for Using Your Phone More Mindfully

If you had told most of us a decade ago that a piece of technology would hit the market that would soon have people around the world glued to its screen all hours of the day and night — sometimes even afraid to leave home without it — we probably wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here we are. Since …

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10 Unexpected Terrarium DIYs


17 Homemade Layer Cakes You’ll Want to Eye (and Eat) from Every Angle


John Cena Opens Up About His Split from Nikki Bella: ‘I Love Her and I Miss Her’

WWE superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella recently shocked fans with the news that they had called off their engagement, ending their six-year relationship. Now, Cena is speaking out about the split, saying in no uncertain terms that it has been a difficult breakup.<p>“It sucks,” the <i>Blockers</i> star told</i> …


Proof That Channing Tatum Is Total #DadGoals

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15 Luxurious K-Beauty Products You Can Score on Amazon Prime

Korean beauty products, or K-beauty for short, were once known in the US as hard to get and solely reserved for beauty insiders. In the past few years though, people all over the world have caught on to the wonders of K-beauty and the gorgeous, dewy skin that it delivers. Now, you can find K-beauty …

Skin Care

Lori Loughlin Sent New Dad John Stamos the Cutest Message About His Baby

Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse forever. John Stamos recently became a first-time dad when he and wife Caitlin McHugh welcomed a baby boy, Billy, and now his <i>Fuller House</i> costar Lori Loughlin has reached out with a congratulatory message that’s keeping our love for the on-screen duo strong.<p>“Hey, hey, Mr. …

John Stamos

These Bachelorette Destinations Are Perfect for Chill Brides

Some bachelorette parties are aaaallll about partying: club-hopping, bottle service, the works. But if you’re planning a getaway smack-dab in the middle of your hectic wedding planning, shouldn’t you and your ladies be able to just relax with spa treatments, wine tastings, and yes, even a bit of …


Prince Harry Has Asked Prince William to Be His Best Man at the Royal Wedding

The latest detail to be revealed about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19 royal wedding is a heartwarming one: Harry has officially asked his big brother (and new dad — again!), Prince William, to be his best man.<p>Kensington Palace announced the news on Thursday, and said that William was happy …

Royal Weddings

22 Eye Patches That Will Upgrade Your Post-Night-Out Skincare Game

Eye masks are the best beauty essential to preserve your selfie game. Beyond boosting your Insta-feed, the self-care gems are also a totally fab addition to your skincare routines. Whether it’s rejuvenation, hydration, or the anti-aging glow you seek, these eye patches have what it takes to keep …

Skin Care

Emily Blunt’s $28 Hair Accessory Is Your New Date Night Style Staple

We <i>love</i> when our favorite celebrities rock affordable looks on the red carpet, so we appropriately freaked out when Emily Blunt showed up at the Time 100 Gala rocking the perfect date night hair look as she posed with husband John Krasinski… and the good news is, her gorgeous hair accessory can be …

Emily Blunt

QVC Is Now Selling Your Favorite Beauty Brands for a Very Important Cause

If you’re looking to treat yourself, or simply need to stock up on some beauty goodies, look no further than QVC. Starting today, the home shopping mecca is partnering with Cancer and Careers, so when you shop your favorite beauty products, 80 percent of your purchase will go to help those battling …


5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Wellness Routine

Great news: Americans take wellness seriously these days. With much-needed talk about the importance of mental health days and an emphasis on exercise to feel good (rather than simply to look good) circulating the interwebs, it’s no surprise to see people resolving to form healthier habits. In …


10 Maternity Swimsuits You’d Want to Wear Even if You Weren’t Pregnant

Being preggo in the summer months can have its struggles (hi, swollen <i>everything</i>) but finding the best swimsuit to wear should not be one of them. Relax: Accommodating your ever-changing bod without sacrificing on style is more doable than ever. There are loads of fashionable maternity options out …


This Artist Painting Plates Will Immediately Put You At Ease

Most Pinned Bejeweled Brows Will Be EVERYWHERE This Festival Season Most Pinned The Best Houseplants for Every Room in Your Home Most Pinned 12 Boho DIYs to Help You Get Your May Day On Most Pinned You Will Have Heart Eyes for These Easy Salmon Recipes<p>See More From Brit + Co


4 Writing Prompts to Help You Process Your Emotions

Talking with a therapist, seeking the support of friends and family, or even exercising more regularly: There are many helpful tools out there for managing your mental health. If you’re a creative type — or even if you just find it helpful to spill your thoughts out into a journal — it may be time …


Priyanka Chopra Confirms She’s Going to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding

The guest list for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is mostly a mystery — we still don’t know for sure if the Spice Girls were invited — but you can definitely count on one familiar face to be among the crowd. Priyanka Chopra, one of Markle’s longtime friends, just confirmed that she’ll be …

Prince Harry

Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, and Christine Lakin Are a Dream Team on ‘Hollywood Darlings’

Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, and Christine Lakin were three of our favorite stars in the ’90s, and now they’re back on our TVs in Pop’s <i>Hollywood Darlings.</i> The unscripted comedy, which just started its second season, finds the real-life BFFs playing exaggerated versions of themselves as they …


12 Seriously Cute Outdoor Seating Options You Can DIY

Warmer weather is almost here! You’ve already got cute summer swimsuits in your closet and have spent some time pruning the yard, but how’s your outdoor seating game? That one beach chair you found on the side of the road last fall is going to look pretty shabby in the spring sunshine. But since …


What’s the Difference Between an Essence and a Toner?

Skincare is tricky. Keeping up with the laundry list of terms on product labels might make your head spin, and knowing the difference between product types is just as confusing. Case in point: essences versus toners. Is there even a difference? Well, it depends. Celebrity esthetician and skin care …

Skin Care

Get ‘Forked Up’ With Food Blog Thug Kitchen’s New Podcast

Thug Kitchen, the obscenity-laced vegan cooking series from Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, has grown from an anonymous food blog to one that amassed a large, dedicated following, three best-selling cookbooks, and a line of merch. Now, the LA-based, straight-talking duo has launched a podcast.</i> …

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