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Facebook Brings New Partners Into Its Ad Network of the Future

Facebook is opening its ad tech to more agencies and brands after making a round of new deals with big holding companies and advertising software …


How to Use Facebook Power Editor: A Complete Guide

Would you like more precise control of your Facebook ads? Want access to advanced Facebook features not available in the Facebook Ads Manager? Power …


Do you use Gmail and Dropbox? Get this free, new extension

Even though I’m a Chromebook user with 1 TB of free Google Drive storage, I have multiple cloud storage accounts. That’s mainly for redundancy, but of course it can add complexity: Sometimes I’m not sure which cloud provider has what files or I have to open multiple tabs to get at a file I want to …


Flipboard swims against the tide by launching a website

If there’s one word that sums up where most media entities are focused for the future, it’s “mobile” — almost every news service and website is looking to mobile because that’s where the younger users are, and therefore that’s where the growth is. In fact, NowThis just finished getting rid of its …


Microsoft's HoloLens explained: How it works and why it's different

Has Microsoft suddenly pushed us into the age of "Star Trek" and "Minority Report"? For those confused about what's actually going on with the …


What Do UK Millennials Think of Mobile Ads?

UK millennials open to interacting with mobile TV ads to get rewards

February 4, 2015 | Advertising & Marketing | Demographics | Media Buying | …


GoPro gets closer to becoming a media company with its new Roku channel

GoPro continued its march toward its goal of becoming a media company on Feb. 5, with the announcement of its new channel on the streaming media player Roku, which will launch in the spring.

The channel will host a combination of original GoPro-produced and user-submitted content. The content won’t …


Report: You will start seeing more tweets in your Google searches

Google and Twitter have rekindled their friendship, according to a new report out from Bloomberg. Twitter will grant access to its tweets to Google, which will start displaying them in search results. Bloomberg says we can expect to see this happen in the first half of 2015.

Previously, Google would …


Paid Online Advertising Beyond Google AdWords

When many people think of paid advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing they automatically think of Google AdWords, and for good reason. Google …


Twitter says its promoted tweets will now appear on third-party mobile apps, websites

The first partners under Twitter's new advertising distribution program are newsreader app Flipboard and Yahoo Japan.


5 Major Evolutions in Social Advertising from 2014

2014 was the year that organizations embraced social advertising as a significant marketing channel, alongside other major channels like TV and …


More Compelling Reasons to Use Facebook Ads

With 86% of adults using the internet and 77% of them on Facebook, Facebook is quickly becoming an important place to spend advertising dollars. Over …


Twitter launches new advertising tool for small businesses

Twitter is making it easier than ever for small businesses to advertise on its platform.

The company introduced quick promote Wednesday, a new advertising feature that allows businesses to promote tweets directly from their analytics dashboard.

Promoted tweets, which are normal tweets advertisers pay …


WhatsApp: the secret weapon for small businesses

Why WhatsApp could do more for your business than Facebook or Twitter

WhatsApp, the social messaging service acquired by Facebook for $19bn last year, is arguably the world’s fastest-growing communication app.

It has more than 700m monthly active users and carries 30bn messages per day, double …


Facebook May Be Getting Rid Of FBX, Social Media's First Ad Exchange

Facebook seems ready to kill off FBX, the ad exchange it launched back in 2012. In recent months it has become less and less of a priority for the company, and now it seems the market's shift to mobile is hammering the final nail in FBX’s coffin.

David Fischer, Facebook's vice president of …


Twitter Adds Mobile Video Capability, Private Group Messaging

Twitter users are now able to send messages to a select group of people, and create video content directly within the platform, moves that will …


Android Game Apps Are Becoming As Profitable As Those On The iPhone

The iPhone has always been, the consensus goes, the rich man's phone. iOS customers earn more than Android users. They spend more on apps and on in-app purchases. And advertising rates are higher.

But new figures show that this prevailing wisdom is no longer always the case: In some categories, …


Facebook’s mobile assault continues: 69% of ad revenue, 1.19 billion users in Q4 2014

Facebook announced its Q4 2014 earnings today, and its mobile assault continues. The company posted EPS of $0.54 on revenue of $3.85 billion USD, the …


While you weren’t looking, Facebook took mobile over

While you were away, Facebook took over mobile. Without you scorning them at every turn (I’m guilty, too), Facebook quietly moved the pieces on the …

Mobile Ads Propel Facebook To Another Record Quarter

The mobile era continues to be good for Facebook .

The company said Wednesday that its revenue for the fourth quarter rose 49% to $3.85 billion, from $2.59 billion in the same quarter a year earlier. Adjusted income rose to 54 cents a share, up from 32 cents a year earlier.

The results handily beat …


The evolution of online advertising

Since its inception in the early 90's, online advertising has exponentially increased in growth.

Does Your Agency Suck? Here’s How To Know for Sure.

Does Your Agency Suck? Here’s How To Know for Sure.

Are you confident your current ad agency or in-house marketing team is maximizing the efficiency …

Researchers can profile Facebook users to a 'T' with just their likes

Remember the time you liked a beer pong video on Facebook and thought nothing more of it? That may have said more about you than your friends and family ever knew, according to researchers at Cambridge and Stanford. They created a computer program that sifted through the Facebook likes of over …


Facebook and Twitter’s Native Video Plans Are About to Transform Content Marketing in a Big Way

Digital video is going native, and it’s important we all pay attention to the details.

While YouTube has long been king of the online video space, …


2015: The Rise of Ecommerce and Demise of Traditional Online Advertising

In 2015 software as a service (or SaaS) ecommerce platforms will increase the number of ecommerce shops online.This increase in merchants will lead …


Mobile marketing automation: 1.5% penetration now, could triple in 2015


Mobile marketing automation is poised to double in size in 2015 — or even triple — according to a new report on VB Insight.

Currently, MMA is only about 1.5 percent penetrated.

Big apps like Subway Surfer and Plants vs. Zombies use MMA to boost monetization, and major brands like …

Marketing Automation

Key Take-Aways From Salesforce's 2015 State Of Marketing Report

84% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their spending on marketing and technology in 2015. Mobile applications, marketing analytics and CRM tools are the three most critical technologies marketers are planning to invest in during 2015.

71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to …


Kate Upton’s Boobs Made An Insane Amount Of Money For ‘Game Of War: Fire Age’ And They Were Probably Worth Every Penny

It’s hard to miss the ads for Game of War: Fire Age. They’re on TV constantly, in video preroll (that’s the industry name for the commercials …

Mobile Marketing Truths That Marketers Won't Tell You

Anyone can create and market their own App – whether you are an indie developer or Domino's Pizza – the toolbox is up for grabs.

However there’s so many app fails out there, even some great ideas that just weren’t executed or marketed properly. Expert mobile marketers are full of secrets that could …