Observing Earth

By Brian murphy | Science - the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Video: Humans Are Driving the Next Mass Extinction



Uruguay Boasts Nearly 95 Percent Electricity From Clean Energy

If countries are looking for a cost-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint and pump in more clean energy, they might want to look to Uruguay …

How land use change affects water quality, aquatic life

Using 20 years of data from federal and state agencies, a fisheries biologist and a scholar are tracking how land use changes have impacted the water …

Dino-Killing Asteroid May Have Punctured Earth's Crust

After analyzing the crater from the cosmic impact that ended the age of dinosaurs, scientists now say the object that smacked into the planet may …

How Wildlife May Fare Under Trump

From wildlife trafficking to endangered species protection and hunting, the Trump Administration could change much about how the U.S. protects wildlife at home and abroad.<p>What a president will do for wildlife has never been much of a campaign issue. Debates focus on national security, trade, …


A Frog That Freezes and Thaws, Plus More Ways Animals Cope With Cold

Wild creatures don't have the luxury of curling up under the covers—here's how they make it through winter.<p>Our winter survival skills often involve staying indoors with plenty of blankets, cocoa, and mindless TV at the ready.<p>But wild animals don't have that luxury—they have to tough it out in the …


Humanity's footprint is weighing down the planet with 30 trillion tons of junk

Everyone knows that humanity has an enormous footprint on the planet – but few of us have thought to ask just how much our collective impact <i>weighs</i>. A …

China to Shut Down Its Ivory Trade by the End of 2017

Advocates applaud the move by the world’s largest consumer of ivory, saying it could help save Africa’s remaining elephants.<p>China will shut down its domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017, according to an announcement made today by the Chinese government.<p>The announcement comes more than a year …


One of Earth's Most Dangerous Supervolcanoes Is Rumbling

Italy's Campi Flegrei may be awakening from a long slumber, scientists warn.<p>A long-quiet yet huge supervolcano that lies under 500,000 people in Italy may be waking up and approaching a "critical state," scientists report this week in the journal <i>Nature Communications</i>.<p>Based on physical measurements …


Rare Ocelot Kittens Caught on Camera

Biologists were overjoyed to find the healthy babies, including a “breathtaking” male cub in its den on a wildlife refuge.<p>Using GPS technology and camera traps, biologists were thrilled to find rare litters of ocelot kittens and a den site—the first found for the small wild cats in a South Texas …


Brrr! How Much Can Temperatures Drop During a Total Solar Eclipse?

During the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017, the moon will completely cover the disk of the sun from Oregon to South Carolina. During this period …

Total Solar Eclipse

Slowest sunsets around solstices

Here’s a natural phenomenon you might never have imagined. That is, the sun actually sets more slowly around the time of a solstice.<p>Here’s a natural …


New ‘Elfin Toad’ Discovered in Vietnam

• A team of Russian and Vietnamese researchers described Ophryophryne elfina, the Elfin mountain toad, in the journal ZooKeys last month.<br>• The toad, one of the smallest species of horned mountain toads ever described to science, was given the name Ophryophryne elfina, which roughly translates to …


Make Father’s Day a Forest Day

Surprise Dad this year with an eco-friendly outing to a well-managed forest near you.

Father's Day