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I Could Pass This Test In My Sleep - Funny Quotes & True Stories

"I Swear This Never Happens"

Enlighten Me on the Matter, Please

NVIDIA: Adam & Jamie draw a MONA LISA in 80 milliseconds!

Mona Lisa

Weather so Disastrous it Sends You Back in Time!

It's Nothing To Smile About - Funny Quotes & True Stories

Censorship of the Day: A Utah High School is in Hot Water After its Female Students Were Made More "Modest" Through the Magic of Photoshop

Several young women (and this only happened with young women, mind you), were surprised to find this week that their yearbook photos had been altered …

Two Rooms of Doom, Like That Old Motown Song

I Dream of Kibble

This is a horribly formatted question. The correct one is the bottom left answer, which comprises two other answers! Technically, an average is not a range, meaning that one of the other two answers, if not more correct, is at least more precise.

You Don't Want a Pizza This Headline

There's More Than One Way to Demolish a Silo, but This First Try isn't One of Them

No One Can Be That Dumb, Right?

sandwich monday : NPR

Funny picture

Most Terrifying Email Ever

How do I Tea?

Next it's Time to Look Up "Coat of Arms"

xkcd: xkcd Phone

[[Ad for a phone, with several factoids positioned around a picture of the device]] ((factoids listed here starting clockwise from the top)) -Runs …

And They Call Koopas the Bad Guys...

This Man With Special Needs Was on Wheel of Fortune Yesterday and Won Over Everyone's Hearts

Serious Value

Nyoom? Nyoom!

Can You Play a Little Slower Please?

Marc Summers Realizes Police Will Immediately Look For Body In Giant Pile Of Mashed Potatoes

PHILADELPHIA—In the midst of his frantic attempt to conceal a corpse early Wednesday morning, a panicked Marc Summers came to the realization that …

Karl's Complete Diary.