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Brighton Pride's 25th anniversary parade - in pictures

Not even a bomb scare could stop 160,000 people taking to the sunny streets of Brighton to celebrate all things LGBT in the city’s 25th annual Pride parade


Brighton Pride parade rerouted over 'suspect package' on seafront

Start of parade was delayed and explosives officers were called after object was discovered<p>A major gay pride event in Brighton has been rerouted following the discovery of a “suspect package”, Sussex police said on Saturday. Expert explosives officers were called to inspect the discovery on the …


Netflix boss explains why you're waiting forever for a new season of 'Arrested Development'

LOS ANGELES - Netflix boss Ted Sarandos knows you're waiting patiently for a new season of <i>Arrested Development</i>, and his message Tuesday afternoon was …

Your Cat Is Talking To You: "The Science of Us" Episode 4

20 First Photos from the History of Photography

Photography has been a medium of limitless possibilities since it was originally invented in the early 1800s. The use of cameras has allowed us to …

19 terrible LinkedIn mistakes you're making

Kim Brown is an assistant director for Syracuse University's Career Services department. She spends a good portion of her day looking over LinkedIn profiles for job seekers and students.<p>She makes sure candidates are putting their best foot forward on LinkedIn.<p>Here are the most common mistakes Brown …


This desktop app lets you search for GIFs without opening your browser

Finding the perfect GIF just got easier.<p>PopKey, the creators of GIF keyboard, released Send GIFs on Wednesday, a new desktop app for Mac and Windows …

Why Brighton is no longer a liberal playground

Soon residents of the hip south coast city will be able to see for miles: and it’s not just the tower and the smoking ban – even hardcore party-lovers are growing up<p>A gaggle of tourists huddle around the latest addition to the city known affectionately as “London on Sea”. At over 160 metres high, …

Bob Marley

21 things you probably shouldn’t say to someone who lives in Brighton

You’ve probably visited Brighton, you’ve probably got a friend who lives there, you might be thinking of a day trip or even a move to the famous …

Man runs from cheetah chasing him through a hallway

Let's hope the man didn't damage those janitorial supplies when he slid in to them.


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<b>UPDATE:</b> The source, via Drew Olanoff.


How to be more influential online

Mashable's latest #BizChat's Twitter chat was about influence: how to get it, and how not to stumble before you can wield it.<p>Over the course of an …

Best drone aerial photos of the year

Dronestagram and National Geographic posted the winners of their "2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest."<p>"This Is the Year’s Best Drone …


Why Final Fantasy VII matters

I’m <i>that person</i>, watching an E3 press conference and hoping for “<i>Final Fantasy VII</i> remake”, like every other old easily-bought, backward-facing …

Final Fantasy

UPDATED: Dolphins spotted off the coast of Brighton, Hove and Shoreham

A pod of dolphins was spotted off Brighton, Hove and Shoreham last night.<p>Rachael Sergeant was among those who spotted the pod of dolphins.<p>She said: …

TV shows

Clever Superhero Bookends "Save" Books from Falling

Everyone needs a hero in their life. For books, it's the <i>Book & Hero</i> and the <i>Supershelf</i>, a clever bookend and floating shelf that each makes it look like books are being “saved” by a superhero. These whimsical metal creations are the handiwork of Israel-based design studio Artori Design.<p>Each bookend …


Star Trek creator's perfect comment on casting a bald captain for ST: TNG

At a press conference about Star Trek: The Next Generation, a reporter asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry about casting Patrick Stewart, …

Star Trek

Apple 1987 predictions of what 1997 would be like

They got everything right! [via, via]

Advertising's representation of LGBT people is still behind the times

Advertising has always been about ideals. It sells the hope of better: a perfect life in a utopian world.<p>That’s why there is a strong – if not …

Mimi Imfurst And The Big Girls Of "RuPaul's Drag Race" Announce All-Plus-Size Show

Mimi Imfurst And The Big Girls Of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Announce All-Plus-Size Show<p>RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki is an itty-bitty thing, …

10 Great Performances from Game of Thrones Actors to Help You Fill the Void

Bide your time until Season 6.<p><i>Game of Thrones</i> has been a massive hit for long enough that there’s probably not much, at this point, we could tell you about the cast. I’m sure you know by now that the actor who plays Maester Pycelle was in both <i>Star Wars</i> and <i>Indiana Jones</i>. No doubt you’ve seen Tywin …

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No Sleeep

Janet Jackson

LEGO Glastonbury music festival, complete with Kanye, Kim, and Dave Grohl

A model-building team at Legoland Windsor, UK took 720 hours to build Lego Glastonbury. They used almost 10,000 bricks, including 5,400 used to …

Music Festivals

We'd be okay with this remodel of The Dukes of Hazzard car

The General Lee loses its Confederate Flag, and the truth about Bo and Luke comes out.<p>[ From @Justin_Hyde ]

Xeni Jardin

Nintendo's new Fire Emblem game will have same-sex marriage

When the Nintendo 3DS game <i>Tomodachi Life</i> came out last year, many players noted critically that the life simulation title only allowed opposite-sex …

Same-sex Marriage

12 Winning Brand Tweets That Followed the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

When the Supreme Court ruled this morning to legalize same-sex marriage in all states, many marketers expectedly took to Twitter to celebrate.<p>Brands …

Same-sex Marriage