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15 Pasta Recipes You Should Have In Your Arsenal

We have more than 5,000 pasta recipes. Now, I’m no mathematician, but at the rate of one recipe a day, it would take someone almost fourteen <i></i>years to …


The Simple Trick to Turning Any Stew Into a Pie

This simple trick for turning stew into pie has us wondering what we've been doing all our lives.<p>Come winter there's nothing better than tucking into something warm: your bed, the deep chair by the fire, a familiar book, or best of all, a pie. And, no, we're not talking apple.<p>We're talking <b>savory</b> …

"Hey, look what I can do..."

CatDad Feeds His Kitties In Cat Mask Fail! (Original Video)

Ireland Is The Prettiest Country In Europe, Just FYI

For adventurous travelers, Ireland is the ultimate playground. This blazing-green country is home to not only historic castles, quaint cobblestone streets and charming medieval towns, but also a robust national park system that boasts -- among other things -- one heck of a road trip along the …

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10 'French Fry' Recipes That Aren't Super-Bad for You

Aside from maybe having a slumber party with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there is little in life that can compare with French fries. But before you run out to the nearest Mickey D's, consider these ten healthier alternatives.<p><b>Zucchini "Fries"</b><p>Crispy, salty and delicious. <b>Get the recipe</b>.<p><b>Baked Sweet</b> …


16 luxurious train trips that will make you not want to travel any other way

As Mark Smith, a British travel writer, told the Herald Sun, "A great train ride is that triple combination of the scenery outside the train, the experience inside the train and the people you meet and things that happen on that specific trip which make it memorable."<p>These 16 train journeys will …


Palawan named ‘best island in the world’ again

MANILA, Philippines - With an overall rating of 85.937, Palawan was named by Conde Nast Traveler as the world's best island for second straight …

How a 13-Month Trip Around the World Changed My Life

Anthony Bourdain and I think a like. We both believe that there is no better education than traveling the world. The world is the greatest classroom. Travel breeds tolerance and greater knowledge of life that can be brought to any job. I've stated, written, and spoken many times that I truly …

San Francisco

This Cat's Best Friend Is the Window Washer

When you are a cat living in a high-rise apartment, there’s not much action going on outside the windows—until the window washer comes by.<p>YouTube …


Forget Cobblers And Crisps, This Is The New Fruity Dessert That Has Me Hooked!

Apple Brownies<p>Save<p>While chocolate brownies will always reign supreme in our hearts, these apple brownies blew us away and really got us in the mood …

Thailand’s lesser known islands: readers’ tips

<b>Winning tip:</b> <b>Koh Bulon Lae</b><p>Far to the south, near the Malaysian border, lies gorgeous Koh Bulon Lae. Tiny, without roads, it takes 15 minutes to walk across. Each morning a local lady crosses the island with her basket of freshly baked cakes for travellers to buy. All the beaches are friendly and …

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One Bowl Apple Cake Recipe * My Stay At Home Adventures

Ingredients:<br>2 eggs<br>1 3/4 cups sugar<br>2 heaping teaspoons cinnamon<br>1/2 cup oil<br>6 medium Gala or Fuji or Honey Crisp apples (We added more apples)<br>2 cups …

The heart-warming moment a little lion cub practised his roar for tourists… only to give himself a fright with the tiny sound

• <b>The lion cub emerged from the long grass and attempted to roar</b> <b>loudly</b>• <b><br>It instead made a little squeak sound, which appeared to give it a fright</b>• <b><br>Cub</b> …

28 Cats Who Are Not Going To Move For You

And they don't really care how it affects you.

The Ultimate Amsterdam Backpacking Guide

Amsterdam is a tourist-trap. This is a city famed for its legal marijuana, plentiful hookers and bar crawls. The tourist centre is loud, it’s dirty, …

Miraculous Detox Drink To Kill Fat, Diabetes And Blood Pressure

Gladly, we present you a recipe for a miraculous drink to kill fat, diabetes and blood pressure.<p><b>This drink will:</b><p>clean your body from toxins<br>• regulate …

19 Reasons Cats Are The Original Boss Bitches

Meow is cat for boss.


16 Things Only People With Terrible Cats Understand

There's cats and then there's terrible cats.

24 Cats Who Think They're Liquids

It's raining cats, hallelujah!

Evasive Maneuver



10 Free Clean and Minimal Resumé Templates to Help You Get the Job

We talk a lot about the importance of portfolios here at Design Instruct but having a great resumé will get you the interview. Continue</b> …

The Interview

Hump Day relief: This kitten learning to groom himself all wrong

To help you get through your Hump Day, allow us to introduce you to Neo the kitten who, lucky for us, is really bad at doing things. Neo was sitting …