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The pitfalls of using Kickstarter

Here's what happens when campaigns go wrong<p>“No one ever talks about their bad experiences on Kickstarter,” says Joanna Montgomery, the 28-year-old boss of consumer technology start-up Little Riot. “It’s seen as the Holy Grail and you never hear the other side.”<p>Kickstarter, arguably the world’s most …

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10 Big Benefits Of Crowdfunding

At The Crowdfunding Formula, it’s our job to talk about the benefits of crowdfunding. If you dig in our site a lot, you will know by now it’s not all …


Crowdfunding services: Need crowdfunding marketing for your campaign?

ONE-PAGERS<br>FOR<br>CROWDFUNDING<br>MARKETING<p>With Apen Designs you can create one-pagers that help you build an engaging …

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Niche Crowdfunding may be more efficient!

I’ve been reading a lot lately about Niche Crowdfunding platforms and how thay may be more efficient for specific niches. I’m outlining some of the …

Crowd Funding Crowdfunding News Crowdfunding for the Arts is passionate about the importance of the Arts and their value to the economy and society. Our core values are the Arts are important …

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Our Youtube Channel - Crowdfunding Tips

article<p><p><p>Youtube Channel, Crowdfunding Tips


6 Compelling Ideas to Improve crowdfunding

1. Estimate the costs. Figure out the cost of running your campaign and the rewards. Shipping worldwide etc. Don’t forget the government, …

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Rewards-based vs equity crowdfunding -- what works better?

Major Internet crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter hand out a range of rewards to entice backers, but is offering equity more valuable?

CircleUp Raises $22M To Invest In Consumer Brands On Its Crowdfunding Platform

As crowdfunding sites like Tilt and GoFundMe and lending site Funding Circle raise large rounds to take their businesses to the next level, a startup that sits in the same area of web-based fundraising is trying a new approach. CircleUp, a crowdfunding platform for consumer brands to raise money …

A New Crowdfunding Platform Helps Human Trafficking Victims Come Home aims to close the gap between caring about human trafficking and doing something to help its victims.<p>Mira* was 14 when she was lured away from her impoverished Indonesian hometown with promises of lucrative restaurant work in nearby Singapore. Instead, she was given false documents that …

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Trudeau Promises $10M After Crowdfunding Effort Begins for First Nation's Access Road

The residents of Shoal Lake 40 have endured a boiled water advisory for almost 20 years.<p>If elected, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says his government would fund a desperately-needed access road for Shoal Lake 40 First Nation.<p>"Around Shoal Lake, simple answer: yes. A Liberal Party will step up and …


Greek Crowdfund: Failed bailout organiser Thom Feeney starts new fundraiser for Greece

Following a crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece that received overwhelming support but failed to reach its ambitious target, its organiser has …

New York is getting a crowdfunded, sunlit underground park

New York City has its share of famous parks, but they don't pepper the landscape like they do in other big cities. The non-profit group Lowline may have a technical solution to that lack of greenery, however. It just crowdfunded preliminary work on an underground Manhattan park whose solar …


Crowdfunding Industry Overtakes Venture Capital and Angel Investing

By 2016 the crowdfunding industry is on track to account for more funding than venture capital, according to research firm Massolution’s annual …

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Dance group turns to crowdfunding to stage new show

A long-established dance company has turned to crowdfunding for its latest show.<p>A Dying Swan will be the first work for the new artistic director of …


Max Keiser's Bitcoin Capital Raises $1.6m via Crowdfunding

Max Keiser's crypto investment fund Bitcoin Capital has closed a $1.6m equity crowdfunding round.<p>A financial journalist and the host of RT's <i>Keiser</i> …


The Equity Crowdfunding Dilemma: Public or Private Fundraising?

Startup investing and fundraising is moving from the boardroom to the deal room (online) as new laws for equity crowdfunding in the U.S. have come into effect over the last two years.<p>Prior to this, traditional fundraising has been a fractured process that takes place across hundreds of private …

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An Introduction to Tax Deductible Crowdfunding

How equity crowdfunding is accelerating start-ups in New Zealand

by Jo Burston<p>The New Zealand government is backing innovation and we in Australia seem to be watching on as our smaller neighbour becomes more agile …

New Zealand


Billion-dollar startups everywhere — but no billion-dollar entrepreneurs (yet)

Over the weekend Heidi Roizen wrote a post that was extensively shared across the tech industry: “How to Build a Unicorn From Scratch — and Walk Away with Nothing.” Go read it right now if you haven’t already, it’s well worth your time; I can wait for a moment… will make an espresso in the meantime.<p>…

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Are crowdfunding sites becoming too political?

Experts believe controversial, political crowdfunding campaigns show no signs of slowing down.<p>Moments after Oklahoma reserve deputy Robert Bates was charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a suspect, a $25,000 fund-raising campaign to pay for his legal bills kicked off on Indiegogo.<p>By …

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How will crowdsourcing and the sharing economy develop in the next five years?

<b>Crowdsourcing and the sharing economy are driving a huge amount of change and disruption in business at the moment.</b><p>Uber and Airbnb are two of the …

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