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A Juneteenth Dinner Party That Celebrates the Recipes of Freda DeKnight and Edna Lewis

On this holiday, which celebrates the emancipation of American slaves, photographer Oriana Koren reimagined what the recipes of two great chefs would look like today.<p>Los Angeles–based photographer Oriana Koren got an unexpected box in the mail. Inside, a friend had sent a copy of Freda DeKnight’s …

Food Preservation

How Freda DeKnight’s Cookbook, ‘A Date with a Dish’ Inspired Generations of Black Cooks

DeKnight was first food editor of Ebony magazine, and her recipes changed the course of black culinary history.<p>There’s a cookbook, long out of print, probably not stocked at your local Barnes & Noble or beloved indie bookseller. Even as the foods that fill its pages remain inarguably delicious, the …

Black History

This Easy Caesar Salad Recipe Makes Me Feel Like a Fancy, Old-School Chef

By Aliza Abarbanel<p>It's got everything I love about the restaurant version, but without the raw egg yolks and all that whisking.<p>I love a good salad. And yes, I cringed typing that sentence. My inordinate love of vegetables <i>might</i> be a side effect of working at Healthyish, but, really, it's just who I …


Lazy Caesar Salad

June 2018<p>4 servings<p>Making a traditional Caesar salad dressing—which requires you to whisk oil drop-by-drop into raw egg yolk to form an emulsion—isn't hard per se, but it's also nobody's idea of no-sweat cooking. Our weeknight hack? Using store-bought mayo as the base for the sauce. This …


Can We All Stop With This "Cheat Day" Eating Already?

Doing away with "cheat days" saved my sanity and improved my relationship with food.<p>Like many American women, I’ve spent much of my life trying various diets and methods of losing weight, some quick and painless, others slow and arduous, most of them including the ubiquitous “cheat day.” The …


The People's Kitchen Collective Is Bringing Activism to the Table

The Oakland-based group is serving food with a political message, and their meals are some of the hottest tickets in town.<p>“Restaurant spaces from their beginning were never meant to serve everyone,” says <b>Saqib Keval</b>, a chef, activist, and community organizer. “Restaurants are inherently colonial …

Black Panther Party

I Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Sparkling Switchel, But I Found It and I Love It

It’s spicy and gingery and not too sweet. This stuff is gooood.<p>Every once in a while, to confirm my suspicion that nothing in life matters, I go to the Whole Foods in TriBeCa near our office and check out what new beverages have been invented.<p>The other day I was studying inscrutably labeled bottles …


D.C.’s Food Scene Is Hot! Here’s All the Spots You Should Explore This Summer

You know we have a place in our hearts for the food scene in D.C.—we did, after all, name it our Restaurant City of the Year in 2016. But it continues to surprise us with an ever-changing list of new spots to try. Whether you want to enjoy the warm weather with cocktails and light bites at one of …

Thomas Jefferson

In the Wilting Summer Heat, Make These Wilted Greens in Tomato-Bacon Broth

It’s sweet. It’s sour. And it’s extremely delicious.<p>The bone broth diet was cool. But <i>puts marketing hat on</i> have you guys heard of the tomato-bacon broth diet? It’s easy. You make this wilted greens in tomato-bacon broth recipe, find every excuse to dip a spoon in to “make sure the broth is building …


Grilled Carrots with Avocado and Mint

4 servings<p>You actually don’t have to bother with peeling the carrots for this recipe—not only do the thin skins pack lots nutrients, but you’ll also get a better char with them on.<p>June 2018Print<p>Ingredients<p>1 tsp. cumin seeds<p>3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice<p>2 tsp. honey<p>¼ cup plus 2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive …


Sorry, Hot Dogs: These Grilled Carrots With Avocado Are My Perfect Summer Food

Hunks of avocado and fresh mint? I'm in love.<p>Each summer, I divide food into two categories: picnic food and everything else. If I can’t eat it outdoors, surrounded by friends with an Aperol spritz in hand, I’m not interested.<p>These grilled carrots with avocado are the epitome of picnic food: fresh …


38 Recipes for 4th of July Cocktails, Drinks, and Slushies (and Definitely Frosé)

Celebrate the 4th of July and your day off with these refreshing drinks.<p>Planning what to drink on the 4th of July is just as essential as planning the menu. You gotta keep cool during this iconic summer holiday, after all. And buzzed. So celebrate and sip to our independence in style with these …

Summer Vacation

25 Refreshing Slaw Recipes for Summer

A good slaw is a thing of beauty.<p>Whether you're a fan of creamy mayonnaise or bright, acidic vinegar, we can all agree that the best slaws are crunchy, refreshing, and light. These 25 slaw recipes fit the bill, making good use of cabbage, collard greens, kale, and more.


This Cold Noodle Situation Is the Only Pasta Salad Any Picnic Actually Wants

By Emily Schultz<p>Catch me at every picnic with this silky, crunchy, zingy cold noodle salad (and my own folding chair).<p><i>Welcome to Never Fail, a weekly column where we wax poetic about the recipes that never, ever let us down.</i><p>In a recent <i>Bon Appétit</i> ideas meeting, we got on the subject of how lame …


After a Traumatic Knee Injury, Matt and Kim Drummer Kim Schifino Is Back on Her Feet

For the indie-pop musician, recovery was all about pilates, not painkillers.<p>It’s impossible to listen to Matt and Kim without at <i>least</i> tapping your toes to the strong drumbeats. Live, the indie pop-rock band gets everyone off their feet—if not on stage alongside them. But the duo had to stop …

Indie Pop

12 Gluten-Free Beers That Actually Taste Good

Gluten-free beer doesn’t have to be bland—it can even be good! Here are 12 brews, from coffee ales to golden ales to IPAs, that are tasty enough for anyone<p>Whether for diet or health concerns, giving up gluten used to mean missing out on the wildly flavorful new craft beers. The few gluten-free …


I Made This Garlicky Grand Aioli in 5 Minutes with My Trusty Immersion Blender

Then use it as a crudités dip, sandwich spread, or a sauce for crispy smashed potatoes.<p>I am a Hellmann’s loyalist and always have a jar of it in the door of my fridge for artichoke dip, Magic Crispy Chicken with honey mustard, and every sandwich (especially tuna). Mayonnaise is always there, and …


A Two-Zone Fire Is the Secret to Not Setting Grilled Food on...Fire

By Alex Delany<p>The secret to grilling everything perfectly all the time without burning off your eyebrows? It's called a two-zone fire, friends.<p>Do you boil water at the same temperature that you make an omelet? Do you sear a pork chop over the same heat that you caramelize onions? Well, maybe you …


Expensive Pasta Is Worth It—Here's Why

By Alex Delany<p>And by "expensive" we mean "a couple of dollars more than the cheap stuff"—money well spent, if you ask us.<p>Have you ever noticed that little sliver of your grocery store’s pasta section that just looks...nicer? The brands aren’t instantly recognizable. The logos seem like they were …


Heaven Is an Entire Lemon-Pepper Chicken Doused in Honey Butter

A new (easy!) recipe from pitmaster Bryan Furman will give you all kinds of ATL cred.<p>Once, I spent three days straight eating nothing but chicken wings.<p>Accompanied by four brave adult humans, I journeyed through the sweaty depths of an Atlanta July, armed with floss picks, wet naps, and handfuls of …


5 Ways a Menstrual Coach Could Help You Have Better Periods

Judy Blume never told us this.<p><b>Erica Chidi Cohen</b> wants to talk about your period. With, you of course. (It would be weird otherwise.)<p>And right now, there's a lot to discuss. Sex Ed is far from comprehensive, "cramp-busting" supplements are everywhere, and pad commercials are <i>still</i> using that weird …

Women's Health

The Mysterious World of Burrow, a Japanese Bakery Hiding In an Office Lobby

You’ll forget you’re in New York City once you step into Ayako Kurokawa’s bakery.<p><b>It’s easy to walk past 68 Jay Street in New York City. Don’t.</b> Beyond the blocky, metal 6-8 above the doorway, there are no signs indicating anything more than offices inside the Dumbo building. There is. Once you enter …

Alice In Wonderland

4th of July Finger Foods & Appetizers (Because Forks Inhibit Our American Freedoms)

The Founding Fathers envisioned a world where you’re free to eat these 56 appetizers with your hands.<p>The 4th of July is about feeling free. Free to eat as many hot dogs as you’d like, free to grill things over open flames (and try not to set things on fire), and definitely free from the …


12 Things We Loved About Healthyish Homecoming

Natural Beauty

90 Classic 4th of July Recipes to Celebrate Peak Summer in America

Ribs, burgers, slaw, and more of our favorite Independence Day recipes.<p>Unlike Thanksgiving, people don’t plan their 4th of July menus way in advance. It’s an on-the-fly thing that happens once you’ve already stocked up on 10 bottles of rosé. Except it <i>is</i> worth thinking about a plan of attack, so you …


From Novice to Pitmaster, the Best Grills for Every Home Cook

Budget gas grills, high-end charcoal smokers, and even a portable option.<p>Buying a grill is kind of like saving for retirement—you want to reap the benefits of both (burgers and ribs for the former, a life of leisure for the latter) but you’re not entirely sure how to do it. While we can’t give you …


How to Make Whipped Cream with a Mason Jar and Be Everyone's Hero

By Amiel Stanek<p>Because sometimes there are Whipped Cream Emergencies, and you need to be prepared.<p>Okay, okay: I acknowledge that the mere idea that there is such a thing as a “whipped cream emergency” is more than a little absurd—a First World Problem <i>par excellence</i>, about as silly as an “unripe …


Shikanji, aka Salty Limeade, Gets Me Through Scorching Dallas Summers

My dad calls it “Indian Gatorade” for a reason.<p>The first time I heard about putting salt and pepper in limeade, I was skeptical.<p>It was a scorching summer in Dallas, I was about 7, and my dad and I were doing our usual routine of going to the local library, and then picking up the famous homemade …

Ice Cream

'The Cranks Bible' Is the Only Vegetarian Cookbook I'll Ever Need

It has over-the-top Britishisms and disdain for green peppers, and it's the only Bible for me.<p>The year was 2002, and I had recently moved to Montreal to study writing, but both my program and the sleety darkness were eroding my soul much more than expected. I was trying to eat less meat, but my …

Vegetarian Food

Healthy 4th of July Recipes to Eat Outdoors (With Lots of SPF On)