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Google’s Self-Driving AI Counts as a “Driver,” According to the Feds

The federal agency that regulates vehicle safety standards in the U.S. has told Google that it considers the computer systems controlling its …


Twitch streamers say transparency is clutch when gaming for the masses

Way too much time has been spent debating ethical practices in the gaming field, but the quickly growing field of livestreaming hasn’t been subjected to the same discussions — despite enjoying privileges like corporate sponsorships and early access to games. With so many gray areas, how is a …


Adblock Fast returns to Google Play a week after being pulled

A week ago, Google suddenly removed Adblock Fast from its Android app store. Today, the ad blocker has been reinstated, enabling Samsung users to download it once again from Google Play.

Late last month, the browser preinstalled on Samsung’s Android phones gained support for content-blocking …


Hacker compromises data of nearly 30,000 FBI and DHS employees with a simple phone call

In most cases, hacking is a much more laborious task than the one-button system we all experienced in Watch Dogs two years ago, but that’s not the …


Facebook has 3 months to stop tracking Web users in France without consent

France’s data protection authority has ordered Facebook to stop tracking Web users who aren’t members on the social network within the next three months or face fines.

In an order published on January 26 (PDF), the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) said that the company …


Google And Samsung At War Over Ads

Samsung launched an Ad Blocker for its phones on the Google Play store called Adblock Fast earlier this week. Google has since pulled the app, claiming that it’s in breach of the developer agreement. Specifically section 4.4, which prevents apps from messing with third-party services. It reads:

You …


HSBC confirms attack on online banking systems

HSBC online banking system remains offline as it continues to deal with an ongoing attack on its infrastructure.

In an update to customers the bank said it was still "defending its systems" from the attack and said anyone needing to make an urgent transaction should visit their local …

UK News

HSBC suffers online banking cyber-attack

HSBC customers were locked out of internet banking for several hours on Friday after the company was targeted by online criminals in a denial of service attack.

The bank, which has 17 million personal banking and business customers in the UK, said its website had been attacked, but it had …

Finance (UK)

Google Reportedly Paid Apple $1B In 2014 To Remain Default Search Engine On iOS

There’s always been plenty of speculation around how much Google pays Apple to include its search services inside iOS devices, and we finally have some clarity over that figure. Information raised as part of an ongoing legal case between Oracle and Google shows the search firm compensated Apple to …


China wants to launch its own digital currency

Hong Kong (CNN) — China's central bank is mulling plans to launch its own digital currency as soon as possible.

The People's Bank of China said it has been studying digital currencies since 2014 and reviewing what implementation would look like.

But in a statement posted on its website this week, the …


Bigger than Safe Harbor: Microsoft prez vows to take down US gov in data protection lawsuit

All your stuff is readable by Uncle Sam. WorldwideEuropeans should sit up and take more notice of Microsoft’s lawsuit against the US government over …


Top 10 operational impacts of the GDPR: Part 3 – consent

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), put forth by the European Commission in 2012 and finally generally agreed upon by the European …


From the Internet's founders, a warning

David Clark’s office on the MIT campus is at the top of a tower that looks like a twisted aluminum column. The name plate next to his office door reads “Albus Dumbledore.” And, like the leader of Harry Potter’s wizarding world, Clark knows the Internet’s secrets from the beginning.

“We clearly …

Public Broadcasters

Indian regulator to Facebook: Stop spamming us

New Delhi (CNN) — Facebook's campaign to offer free Internet access to hundreds of millions of people in India is at risk of backfiring.

The company urged its users to express their support for the stripped-down "Free Basics" web service by contacting the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Nearly …


Privacy, mobile broadband top tech priorities for FTC, FCC

The nation's top technology regulators provided a glimpse of the year to come this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, offering a …

Mobile Broadband

Time Warner Cable Says 320K Customer Data Leak Was Not Its Fault

Time Warner Cable is not taking the blame for hundreds of thousands of its customers’ data being compromised.

On Wednesday, the telecommunications giant said that approximately 320,000 customers’ emails and passwords may have been compromised. A company spokesperson said that TWC has not yet …

Time Warner

What we learned about agency transparency in 2015

Agency transparency has been a hot topic for a couple of years, but in 2015, the issue came to a head. Agencies were finally forced to be more open …


Steam finally explains why private data of 34,000 users was exposed on Christmas

The Great Steam Outage of Christmas 2015 is over, and Valve Software is ready to explain why the private data of nearly 34,000 users started appearing in other people's Steam Store searches.

The company's announcement directly addresses how much of your sensitive data was exposed, confirming that, …

Twitter changes its policy on violent posts

New York (CNN) — Twitter is taking steps to identify people who tweet hateful and violent speech and kick them off the social network.

It did not specifically name the attacks in Paris and San Bernadino in its post, but the statement comes amid growing outrage that terrorists use social media to …

Social Media

Why are self-driving cars getting in crashes? They're too good at following the law

The problem with perfection? Humans just aren’t. And apparently, that tension is manifesting itself in potential problems for the all too perfect …

Europe Stands Up To Amazon, Facebook Lobbyists -- And Privacy Will Never Be The Same Again

It’s been nearly four years since the European Commission announced fresh plans for a stricter privacy regime, one that would unify the various member states in how they crack down on businesses failing to protect people’s data. Despite lobbying from a large number of US companies – Amazon and …


Kids under 16 could be ‘banned from the internet’ by EU lawmakers

Parents could soon be made to approve their teenagers’ use of social media and chat apps if a last-minute change to data protection laws makes the cut in final discussions starting in the EU tomorrow.

The law would make it illegal for companies to handle data from anyone aged 15 or under without …

FBI director says companies should ditch encryption

In the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, FBI director James Comey has called on tech companies to stop "by defaut" end-to-end encryption -- so that the FBI can monitor communications again. Comey wants companies like Apple to be able to intercept private messages and hand them over …

VW admits emissions scandal was caused by 'whole chain' of failures

Volkswagen has admitted for the first time that the diesel emissions scandal was the result of a collection of failures within the company, rather than just the actions of rogue engineers.

Hans Dieter Pötsch, the VW chairman, said there had been a “whole chain” of errors at the German carmaker and …

Is Google tracking your kids’ data? Should it?

The use of children's data has struck a chord with privacy advocates as technology companies weigh consumer rights with benefits of data collection.


The 30 rich and powerful people Bill Gates signed on to save the Earth

New York (CNN) — Bill Gates has signed on a laundry list of the world's richest and most powerful people to head up his new climate change initiative.

The "Breakthrough Energy Coalition" has 30 bigwigs who will invest their money in technologies that will reduce our demand for fossil fuels. Their …

Bill Gates

Google 'right to be forgotten' requests keep piling up

Europe's "right to be forgotten" rules remain a growing issue for Google. Today, the company released its twice-yearly transparency report, detailing the requests it's received for copyright takedowns, user data, and the removal of search results that point to inadequate or irrelevant information …


There's a new Big Tobacco — and one industry is determined to silence its critics

Lawmakers and consumers are turning against big sugar, and soda companies are reeling.

In early November, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Americans should eat and drink no more than 50 grams of sugar — roughly the amount in a can and a half of Coke — each day.

The new proposal has …


Microsoft Seeks to Safeguard Business Data With Secure Islands Buy

The software giant's latest acquisition will complement its cloud-based technology for keeping sensitive data under wraps, Azure Rights Management …


This guy is making his browser history public to show you the effects of the UK’s anti-privacy bill

Security researcher Brett Lempereur has nothing to hide in his browsing activity. Or maybe he does. Regardless, anyone in the world can see which sites he’s visiting in real-time on this page.

UK-based Lempereur’s project, ICREACHAround, is “an attempt to show the amount of information that will be …

British History