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【Office 實用技能精選】12招 PowerPoint 超實用技巧 | T客邦

The triple-threat workout to attack your abs from every angle

<b>Duration</b> 45–60<p><b>Exercises</b> 9<p><b>Equipment</b> Yes<p>It’s 2017, and you’re determined to finally get the rock-hard abs you’ve always said you wanted. You’ve …


【健身知識】雞肉、牛肉、魚肉,到底哪一種對「健身」最有幫助? | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站

Rejoice! Madrid Fashion Show Features Naked Male Models And Women's Purses [NSFW]

How do you sell handbags to a female audience? With naked male models of course!<p>Just when we thought we had seen it all, we come across the following …

How to Dress Professionally When You're Office Is Way, Way, Way Dressed Down

For many men today, a suit is out of the question when it comes to [everyday office attire]( (whether we like to admit it or not). In many offices, particularly those of the creative or startup variety, even a button-down and chinos can feel too formal. So …

Build A Wrestler’s Core With The Sit-Out

Exercises Nail this test of balance and strength to rock your core • facebook <br>• twitter <br>• pinterest <br>Advertisement Core exercisesThe basic sit-out escape is …

長版大衣怎麼穿才「不顯矮」?5個穿搭Tips、3大選購指標一次報給你! | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站

寒冬必學懶人穿搭,多層次洋蔥式穿法 | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站

備份 YouTube 影片好簡單,4 個網站讓你不用軟體輕鬆下載

YouTube 方便歸方便,但如果想要離線觀看,或是備份一些影片的時候,總是讓我們傷透腦筋,這次就來介紹幾個方便好用的影音備份網站。<p>YouTubeTo 可以說是目前最方便快速的影音轉換下載網站,只要在你想要備份的 YouTube 影片網址裡加上「to」就會自動轉到 YouTubeTo 網站,接下來只 …

【型男換季】今年寒冬,型男的5種外套穿搭方式!快當課本背下來吧! | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站

【街頭觀察】別說尺寸不重要! | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站

尺寸不是數大便是美,合身才是關鍵!<p>直至今日,台灣成年男性在購物時,嘴巴上不說但打從心裡仍懷抱一種「尺寸」障礙。挑選各類上衣、褲款時,總不以穿上身的視覺感來當成購買的衡量判斷。相反地,他們選擇以年齡多寡,或心目中認為「自己應該穿什麼尺寸」來挑選之。<p>內心小劇場如下:「我今年 20 歲應該穿 L 號(其實 …

15 Gay Movies You Should Netflix-Stream


Ryan Reynolds & Conan O'Brien Recreate Iconic Soaking Wet 'Notebook' Kiss

<i>Deadpool</i> star and hot dad of the century Ryan Reynolds took to <i>Conan</i> on Wednesday to talk about meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his new …


完全重現真人手部運動,台幣六千元不到就可以擁有這個10組伺服馬達控制的機械手套件 | T客邦

聽王健林教好萊塢如何拍電影 - 紐約時報中文網

洛杉磯——整個好萊塢的記者團都到場了。總部位於北京的大連萬達集團也派來了數十名中國高層人員,其中一些被介紹為「特邀嘉賓」。電影公司高層?來了。美國電影藝術與科學學院(The Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences)的領導層?正在前排咧著嘴笑。<p>但為什麼還有四名穿著金色晚禮服的女子充當迎賓和司儀?為什麼在本週一這個為了宣傳萬達在青島投資50億美元興建的影城——好萊塢可以把它當作海外基地——的活動中採用《星球大戰》(Star Wars)的配樂呢?<p>答案似乎是:因為萬達就想要這樣。<p>好萊塢的一些高管熱切盼望著分享正在快速增長的中國票房,至少對他們來說,這個答案 …

旅居亞洲27年,我重新認識美國 - 紐約時報中文網

我在國外生活了27年,大半時間是以駐外記者的身份派駐亞洲,報導當地的社會動亂與貧困現象。舊金山是我的新家,我像個陶醉其中的遊客,在它的街頭漫步。<p>和我同在一條人行道上的路人一定很納悶,為何我會不時地笑出聲。我笑的是舊金山公車車身上的廣告在推銷可持續種植法栽種的大麻(「大麻:加州風味」);乘坐大眾運輸工具的安撫狗,還有參加復活節禮拜不忘帶上愛狗的女人;白得炫目的牙齒;大到拿不住的墨西哥卷餅;還有渾身刺青的警察。<p>我在雷根總統當政時離開美國,所以要重新適應這裡的生活,僅僅是忘掉公制單位、寫支票的時候記得先寫月再寫日,這些還不夠。<p>我開車在舊金山灣區轉悠,為我們常視為理所當然的這個美國感到驚奇。在我報導過 …

The Fab Life of 'Gay At Home Dad' Frank Lowe

”The first day of school outfit is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS for gays. They’ve had that shit picked out for like, months,” tweeted Frank Lowe this …

英国是如何成为“腐国”的 |好奇心人类学_娱乐_好奇心日报

How To Talk Fashion – And Sound Like You Understand It

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Paris, Milan or even London: the conversation at fashion week unfurls in a language impenetrable to the outsider. …

Vcool 協作影片應用 APP:朋友們,分鏡就交給你們拍了! - 癮科技

10+ Best City Views Of The World's Most Iconic Skylines

Take a look at the most sensational skylines across the globe.<p>From Hong Kong to New York, these major cities all have one thing in common: spectacular architecture. Here's a look at their jaw-dropping skylines.

The Proper Way to Wear a Polo

As the temperature starts to rise, and the "sun's out, guns out" practitioners emerge, we urge you to take a closer look at the T-shirt's more sturdy, well-dressed cousin: the polo. When done right, it's the most casual way of looking put together. When done wrong, however, it can make you look …

What to Wear Today: May Photos | GQ

Toggle Scroll<p>May 1, 2015<p>You might be aching for full on heat by now. And after April's fickle temps we don't blame you. But there's plenty to love about May. It's the last chance to make the most of your layering game and wear a suit without sweating. We've got you covered with top notch wedding …

Chris Pratt Goes Off the Reserve Photos | GQ

Toggle Scroll<p>May 18, 2015<p>The new thinking in rugged style is less about going full Hemingway and more about rediscovering the building blocks of menswear: no-frills pieces in colors like brown, khaki, navy, and black. Hollywood's newest action hero and <i>GQ</i> cover star, Chris Pratt, shows us how to do …

Ireland, that's a BIG yes! Check out the celebration:

春轉夏!型男白T完全穿搭攻略 | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站

解放你的雙腳!三款潮男最愛的百搭勃肯鞋(Birkenstock)搭配提案 | manfashion這樣變型男-最平易近人的男性時尚網站